Saturday, September 30, 2006

and don't forget the joker

sock monkey wearables. i want to get married in this dress.

what? it's not real? *sigh* yet another myth shattered.

harry hamlin was kind of hot in "clash of the titans." i'm just sayin'.

ha! this is SO what i need.

top 10 singalong pop hits of all time. i think it's a pretty dumb list, but i can't find any decent links today. :/

i always have the song featured below on my iPod. it just rocks so hard. i was listening to it yesterday and i remembered that the first time i ever heard it was on "the young ones." so here ya go:

Friday, September 29, 2006

"my thoughts all seem to stray, to places far away/i need a change of scenery."

so, it's friday night and i am really looking forward to just snuggling on the sofa with my coffee and pepperidge farm sausalito cookies and watching some movies. after the week i've had, i really don't need anything more than this. i've hardly eaten anything all week due to being sick, and today i finally felt pretty good, so kenny and i split a small stromboli for lunch. i got so sick from it that i declared that it must've been made by the devil himself; there really was no better explanation that i could come up with.

anyway, movies. i am planning on "dig!" and "fast times at ridgemont high." i've seen both of these films multiple times, but i am especially amped for "fast times" because it's on a movie channel, not "regular tv," and therefore will be unedited. no longer will i have to hear spicoli refer to someone as a "fuzzy nerd." no longer will we have to wonder, "well, what the hell was brad doing when linda barged in on him in the bathroom?! i thought he just said he had some 'work' to do inside..." ;) i may just record it, because i am often in the mood to watch that movie. it's just so great.

speaking of recording movies, we just got DVR recently, (it's about time, eh?) and i've recorded nothing but movies so far. they are all movies i've seen before, but don't own. right now i've got "blow up," "motel hell," "sin city," "the last waltz," and "the life aquatic." this is a movie i saw the day it came out in the theater, and i was really disappointed. but, after hearing from friends whose taste in films i totally respect, i've decided to give it another viewing or two before i write it off forever. i just love all the other wes movies so much that this one just left me kind of BLAH.

this is completely unrelated, but i discovered today that "the monkees" is back on tv on some local channel. WOOOO! i was so excited! and it is also kind of crazy because i watched "head" the other day when i was home sick, and i got all wistful for the show. and *BAM* there it was for me today! and it really is a pretty good show. funny for a lot of the wrong reasons, but enough of the right ones to make it not totally awful.

i can't believe i'm admitting to this, but i was ALL ABOUT THE MONKEES in when i was 13, after mtv had that huge monkees marathon. i remember on the first day of school this chick tricia told me she saw them LIVE over the summer and met them. and i was kinda jealous. her favorite monkee was mickey, i think. mine was always and shall forever be mike. (who wasn't part of the pathetic reunion tour.) even watching him tonight he was still just so totally cute to me. i think it's the hat. plus, he produced "repo man." i mean, come on.

p.s. i just saw that "the big lebowski" is on at 1 a.m., and i think i can make it if i drink enough coffee.

According to the "Which Big Lebowski character are you?" quiz:

Why don't you check it out? Or we cut off your Johnson!

i'm gonna live forever

kenny just said, "we should pretend that we go to that 'fame' school, and dance around all day."

so we danced for a minute...i did a flying leap, and then we both did "jazz hands" at the exact same time, and then we laughed hysterically.

ahhhhh, sometimes i love this job.

creed in a biskit

this person really hates chicken in a biskit.

this person really loves chicken in a biskit.

is this guy making chicken in a biskit?

this is also chemically-altered-chicken-related.

also, what is up with creed on "the office?!" even drunk meredith was like, "WTF is up with you?" ha. i love the creed moments. i hope we see a lot more of creed this season. i also think toby is kinda cute in some weird way. not jim or ryan cute, but he's definitely got his own thing going on. maybe pam should have a friendly fling with toby before she starts her life-long passionate love affair with jim. because, you know, that just needs to happen.

below is last week's creed:

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


so...i don't think it was the power of rock that took me down, but the power of an icky virus. boooo.

eeeeewwwwww!!! eww eww eww eww eww. i never, EVER want to see this. ever. never ever.

ny times review of the raconteurs show that nearly killed me.

michael showalter's blog. the tom green story is quite good.

related: download episodes of "the state" on itunes, and if enough people do it they will release it on DVD! and you'll want to dip your balls in it!

how to act crazy. heck, i could've written this one.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

jack white rocked me so hard that i passed out...twice.

yes, i am totally serious. read on:

the raconteurs show was great, wonderful, i had a blast. the triple-threat of "store bought bones"/"bang bang (my baby shot me down)"/"broken boy soldier" was some of the most unbelievable live stuff ever. i was totally in another place. all i could say was, "WOW!" so so so so great. jack white is just so out of control. i loved it. he was wearing a nice vest and tie combo as well. chris was a little underwhelmed, but i was so into it. woo!
so, the show is over, we are all outside talking, smoking cigarettes, discussing where we should head off to next...everything was fine...then all of a sudden, i felt kind of faint. so i walked over to chris and put my hand on his shoulder for support. i remember saying to him, "i don't feel very well..." and the next thing i knew i was FLAT ON MY BACK outside roseland ballroom, and chris was talking to me, saying "honey? hon?? are you okay?" and i heard his voice but i had NO IDEA what was going on. he said my eyes rolled back in my head and everything. so bizarre! please keeep in mind that i drank a mere 4 1/2 beers over the course of like 3 hours or more, so i wasn't drunk. not at all. also, we didn't even get to the show until after 8, so i wasn't standing in the crowd for hours or anything like that. maybe i was hungry? nooooo, i had JUST EATEN 1/2 of a chick parm sammich on foccacia bread and a few bites of a cheesecake brownie.

anyway, people were just stepping over me as i lay there in the middle of the sidewalk, as if all this was no big deal. my friend matt, whom i have known for 12 years or so, was like, "oh, she does this all the time." which may have been true when i was in my early 20's, but not at the ripe old age of 33. at 33, i am concerned when i pass out for no good reason.

anyway. as soon as i realized what happened, i shot up and was like, "i'm fine!!! i'm fine!!!" and chris was all like, "wow, you are SO not fine." i was *so mortified* that this happened to me that i just wanted to stand up and pretend like it never happened. so i tried to stand up, and that didn't work out so well. i walked over to the bulding and sat up against the wall, and I PASSED OUT AGAIN. !!!!!! so bizarre! but when i came to from that one i was really and truly fine, i totally knew what was going on, i didn't feel sick or anything. we even went out for another drink after the show! (i had diet coke) man...just so WEIRD!!

today i feel like complete and total crap. and i mean CRAP. i feel all weird and hungover-ish, my eyes are all red, i'm a trifle shakey...maybe i am getting the flu? maybe my blood pressure is low? who knows. all i do know is, i am so glad that i don't have to go to work today.

so that is the story of how jack white rocked me so hard that i passed out twice. there's no other real explanation for it, other than i was just ROCKED SO HARD.

(image lifted from 'sup mag, whom was also there and got a lot of great pictures. no word if they passed out from the rock...)

Monday, September 25, 2006

today is raconteurs day!

i'm working a 1/2 day and then hot-footin' it up to new yawk city for the show. it's going to be a beautiful day; sunny and a high of 70. huzzah! i will post a full recap tomorrow, as i took the whole day off work. ahhhh, life rules! are the last statements of people that were executed in texas from 1982 - 2006. i wonder if the other states that allow the death penalty have such a loooooong list...?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

sunday morning post a-go-go

good morning! so. last night we went to little steven's underground rock show a-go-go, and it was SUCH a blast! the zombies were the headliners, and the main reason i got the tickets, but honestly they were the low point of the evening for me. the inside of the TLA looked like a circus tent/electric psychedelic pussycat swingers club, complete with b/w films showing on the walls (some spaceman movie, clips from "hullabaloo," etc.) and there were four 60's-looking go-go girls that danced all night long. it was great. local philly band jukebox zeros played first, and i really liked them. next were the woggles, whom my internet friend shankey told me were incredible---and they were. they were SO MUCH FUN! i totally loved them. next was the fleshtones, who were a pleasant surprise; i didn't realize they were on the bill. at one point there were about 50 people on stage with them. part of me wanted to jump up there, but i just stayed put, for some reason. after that we had the mooney suzuki, whom i was indifferent about until i saw them. they totally won me over. they were loud and rockin' and fun and just really great. and i had no idea they sang that one song that is in some car commercial. i was like, "why do i suddenly have the urge to run out and buy a suzuki??" every band that played jumped out into the crowd and just ROCKED was really one of the most fun shows i've been to in a looooong time. people were jusst dancing, drinking, loving it...the venue wasn't super-crowded, so there were NO LINES for beer or the bathroom. insane!!!

anyway, the zombies came out last and were...okay. yeah, just okay. i don't know what was wrong with their performance...i think the songs were just a teeny bit too aggressive. the zombies are indeed garage rock, i guess...but they are more subdued than, say, the kinks or whomever. they have a spooky, mellow, trippy sound. and last night it just seemed like they were trying to keep up with all the youngin's on this tour and kick it up a notch. and it just didn't work for me. the drums were too aggressive or something. but, i'm not gonna sit here and say that i wasn't psyched to see songs like "care of cell 44," "time of the season," "tell her no," and "she's not there" live. i mean, that's pretty cool.

after shaking my boo-tay all night long, i think today is going to be a lazy day. we may hit up the farmer's market later, and stop by this thing called riverfest and check it out and get something horribly bad for us to eat...i must also conserve my energy because...tomorrow night is the raconteurs! i am SO EXCITED!!! i need me some jack white. and it will be nice to see my matty boombalatty, who is meeting us at the show.

oh, i almost the end of the workday on friday, i was informed that i got a promotion of sorts! a marketing position opened up, and i went for it, and i got it! yay me! i am really, really happy about this. it's a little bit more money, but more importantly it's just a better job than what i've got now. i like the company i work for, so i am glad to be able to advance internally instead of having to get another job somewhere else. well, ideally i would not be working for anyone else at my fantasy dream land, i would have my own store, where i sell my jewelry, along with vintage clothes, records, kitsch, crazy art, etc. but hey. that's not happening right now, so i am lucky to have a job that i can deal with. the only thing that makes me sad is i will not me working side by side with my beloved kenny anymore...i'll be all the way in the NEXT ROOM!!!! *gasp* i don't know if we will be able to survive the split.

p.s. i just got these shoes, and they are so cool that i just had to share.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006


orchestra seats, baby! 8th row!! (i am weak. WEAK, I TELL YOU!)

see? work can be FUN!

coudal partners has a fun contest going...a "six degrees of separation" thing with bob dylan. the grand prize is every bob album that there ever was. sid vicious was an easy one for me, but condoleezza rice required some research.

and speaking of bob (as i am so inclined to do), here's his book tarantula, an impossible book that is displayed in an impossible format for you to read.

"the office" premiere is tonight! (that's what she said!!)

so, beck tickets go on sale this morning. will mondo be responsible and (*gasp*) NOT GO because of all these new responsibilities with the new house, and because i am going to 4 shows in the next month? or will she not be able to stand the notion that beck will be within an hour of her and SHE WON'T BE THERE?? stay tuned to find out...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

time for a quickie

i have been so super-busy today, but i wanted to quickly post this. the pop candy blog wants to know if you have a good "meeting a celebrity" story to share for a podcast. so, i sent an email with my beck story. i couldn't decide if i wanted to tell the beck story or the jack white story. i chose beck because, well, beck totally rules. and i didn't actually MEET jack white, he just poured champagne on me from a window. below is my submission.

the best celebrity encounter i have ever had was with beck, after a really small acoustic show in philly in the summer of 2002. i waited outside near his bus with a whole bunch of other people to catch a glimpse and maybe say hi after the show. when he finally came out, everyone swarmed around him and shoved things for him to sign in front of his face. beck was VERY nice to everyone, if a bit rushed. he finally was standing next to me, and when it was my turn he seemed to pivot on one foot and spin towards me (in that smooth funky way that beck moves), and he just stared at me and smiled (those eyes!!!). i nervously blurted out, "hi, i don't have anything for you to sign, i just wanted to say hi." beck blinked and, in a really sexy way, said hi back. then i said, "...but could i have a hug?" he rolled his eyes, grinned, and gave me a hug. my boyfriend at the time was with me, and he was snapping pictures the whole time. after the hug, i turned bright red/started shaking/got completely flustered. i started wandering through the crowd, bumping into people...i was totally out of my mind. i couldn't find the guy i was with, so i said, "ummm, where's my...uhhhh..." and i hear this clearly annoyed voice coming from the crowd: "UM, your BOYFRIEND?! i'm over here." and everyone around me, including beck, chuckled. :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

i like eating. nicole richie doesn't, but i do!

i'm going out for my favorite meal in the whole wide world tonight: spicy honey BBQ wings (only 25 cents each!) and a pile of Pike Fries. (fries with fried onions, salsa, and melted cheese.) and of course a few frosty beers. it's probably the worst meal one could ever eat, health-wise. but do i care? hell to the no!

you gotta check out these celebrity recipes. the pictures with the recipes are priceless! especially batman and robin, tom cruise, and paul lynde. i love paul lynde.

i don't talk about him very much, but cat stevens is one of my favorite people that has ever walked this earth. and here are his nasty recipes.

do real men eat quiche? well, alfred hitchcock did!

i don't know why, but something tells me that tony danza is probably a good cook. hold me closer, tony danza!!

and here is what jack white has to say about the poetry of the chocolate malt:

one thing that concerns me however is the dying art of making a chocolate malt. i have to admit it is one of my favorite vices. but it seems that the days of the soda jerk being able to make a proper one in his sleep are long gone. so i will now list all of the known techniques to making a proper malt for anyone who is in a post ion to make it for others. the proper chocolate malt is as follows: VANILLA ice cream that's right VANILLA , you do not use chocolate ice cream for a chocolate malt. now if you can get past that very important step you are fifty percent there my friend. next you add chocolate syrup, fresh milk, and finally malt powder, lots of it. because if you don't add lots of it, it tastes like a shake, and that is not what i ordered! you have to have enough to give the malt it's "malt personality" if you will. and most importantly you do not mix it up until it's as watery as milk ( something they don't seem to understand in australia where i purchased three different malts at three different places only to be served something along the lines of chocolate milk, and it seemed they never heard of malt powder) you only mix the malt enough to get it through a straw, there should be a thick muddy feel to the malt, and a second helping should be served in a tin mixing cup along with the original malt in the glass. whip cream doesn't bother me, i can take it or leave it, but it is the dying art form of the malt maker/soda jerk that does bother me, i think we should all be aware of this and help to continue this dying, beautiful, comforting aspect of life, for our children if not for us ourselves.

see? she eats.

man, this has got to be the most pathetic attempt i have ever seen of someone with an eating disorder trying to look normal while eating.

live raconteurs for ye. i will be seeing them next monday. wheeee!

"i can't keep up with that feller!"

how to make a hollow book to hide stuff in.

for all you computer-savvy tree-huggers.


vintage supermarket photos. (via neatorama)

fifty word fiction.

loretta lynn talks about jack white, among other things. (edit: i stupidly didn't realize that you can't read this interview unless you are friends with loretta. so, make friends with her, and then you can read it!)

and speaking of jack...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

and to think i saw it on mulberry street

so, tonight at the bertoia opening, (i'm a trifle looped---too much red wine!) i was talking to some people and i went off about how i want to beat ashlee simpson down, seriously. the only topics of conversation i was more passionate about were bob dylan and project runway.

unrelated: mmmmmm.

this is a crazy video my college football-lovin' man found. this school, wilson school district, is only a few minutes from where i live. actually, my first real boyfriend went to this very high school. but he was the exact opposite of a football player---he had robert smith hair) all i have to say is...DAMN!!! and, nice implementation of a crushed video tape in your tirade...way to get the guys motivated!!!

what's on in the background right now, as i blog. ahhhhhhh. :) and this is on next! DAMN, i'm loving this crazy expensive cable with 50 million movie channels! "i want you to hold it between your knees!"

Friday, September 15, 2006

i live my life on the edge, baby!

so, it's friday night, and i am already in my jammies (tonight being a smiths shirt and a pair of chris' boxers), drinking good coffee, and watching david lynch short films on turner classic movies. my man and my cat are snuggled up together on the other sofa. it just doesn't get much better than this...actually, the cat just came over and plopped down on my chest. so hey, it did get better! awww, she's a happy girl. she's purring like crazy...i think she likes blogging. she even picked out these links for you:

LSD videos. (via boing boing. gertie likes boing boing.)

retrocrush archive. WELL worth the time spent.

we're doing this harry bertoia exhibit opening tomorrow night. should be cool. i met his son val once, years ago. the post secret thing is still at our local museum as well, which is pretty spiffy. word around the campfire is that because of linking to post secret on my old site forever ago, someone i know at the museum got the exhibit to come here. woot!

team jeffrey!

nothing really happening on the internets this morning...except i just discovered that the project runway designers show their collections at ny fashion week t 9 a.m.! i wonder who's gonna win...i wonder who the final 3 are? it will be michael and jeffrey, for far as the 3rd one, it could be laura or uli; it could go either way. it doesn't even matter. although i am team jeffrey all the way, i feel that michael will win. which is fine; he's really good. but it's so obvious that all the judges loooooooooove him. i think michael kors is in love with him, actually. "ooooh, he's just sooooo SMART! wheeee!" :) UPDATE: i don't think michael's collection is all that hot. go jeffrey! don't listen to all the haters! you rule! i would totally wear the below dress:

related: jay mccarroll's fashion week debut is tonight. love him!

not related: ahhhhhhhh!

UPDATE: blogging project runway is THERE, and promises to give us the skinny. yippee!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

this picture makes me want to cut my hair like hers...

i can't believe we had to endure ANOTHER episode with creepy "everything gets me off" vincent! i thought we were finally rid of him! aaarrrrggghhhh...and don't even get me started on angela. can't stand angela.

ew. not only kinda NSFW, but also kinda NSFA. (not safe for anywhere!)

brooklyn vegan interviews pete yorn. i've seen him a few times; that first album was really good.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

this is the first and last time i will ever post about barbies.

pics of bob (junior brown, too!) in reading last month. these pics are great; they are from the exact angle from where were were standing. ahhhh...bob.

and now a blast from mondo's past:

i totally had this ken doll. he was my favorite. he came with a brown marker that you were supposed to use to draw stubble on his manly chin, and then you had a little shaver to "shave" the stubble off. i used my marker to color ken's face to make him look all deformed. his 'fro got pretty crazy pretty quick, too. so, basically he was a hot mess.

and this was his girlfriend. i freakin' loved that yellow dress!! i didn't deface this barbie unitl much later in life.

my mom still has the skateboard that came with this in the "treasure box" at her house, which is for all her grandkids. basically it's the odds and ends of toys from me and my sisters that got thrown into this crazy 60's hippie purse. awesome.

beet freak out

that is the title of my favorite crazy spammy email of the day. the beginning of the email was some information on buying some stupid stock, and it says that if you buy this certain stock, you can "ride the stairway to heaven." hmmm. please enjoy the rest of the email:

To-morrow I must turn about and makefor home. You see, he went on, when I was a small boy I was rather a hardycitizen. The milestones in his journey had been the wines.
This was hislast hour with Alison for months, and the light had suddenly goneout of his landscape. Also I greatly disliked Mastrovin and hiscrowd. At least it has brought me infiniteamusement.
Mr Glynde was regarding him with steady eyes, which even in the dimlight seemed very bright.
But youth and the sun and wide spaces played their old healingpart.
Well hop it into eastern Europe or some other fruityplace. Each was associated with some vision of sun-drenched landscape.
Not a word in English, but I have written some rather charmingthings in mediæval Latin. This was hislast hour with Alison for months, and the light had suddenly goneout of his landscape.
Therewas an impish propulsive power about my little gold stater. But youth and the sun and wide spaces played their old healingpart.
I wish I thought that, said Jaikie, brightening a little.
I wish Iwere going to the Canonry, for theres a lot of things I want tohave out with you. Have you any strong interest in Evallonian affairs? But I know that Ivecome to the end of my money. Hehad been a month on the tramp, but he seemed to have walked throughcontinents.
I carry with me a Greekstater which has made most of my decisions for me.
He craned his head out of the window, andlooked back along the way he had come the night before. But characteristically he neverthought of that probability.
Have you any very clear notion where you have got to?

link about a hipster. (not the bad kind of hipsters.)

oft unseen: the art of secret societies.

top 100 wiki searches. i guess most of the people that use wiki are horny men...

(today's photo brought to you by some model tripping on the runway at fashion week. heh.)

Monday, September 11, 2006

dumpster-diving is not beneath me.

i had a nice weekend...saturday we got up bright and early and went to a yard sale and a huge flea market. mark and margy went with us, and we had a grand time and made grand purchases. some of my best stuff was actually found in the dumpster outside the yard sale, which was at flashback's pop shop. so, even the trash was pretty good. i got a "battlestar galactica" book and a bunch of 70's craft-project books. a vogue pattern book from the 70's also.

as we were leaving the flea market, we stopped at one of the last vendors, and mark was looking through the cassette tapes the little old lady had for sale. one of the tapes was his old band's demo! we were like, "NO WAY!!!" the lady said, "oh, you should buy it!" and mark was like, "no, i've got a case of these at home." hahahaha!

yesterday kenny, john and i went to see "little miss sunshine" (finally!! i loved it.) and then we went shopping. i got a cool little fatigue jacket-thingie, and a sweater that i hate and will return immediately. oh yeah, they told me that they got me a ticket to see kathy griffin with them in october! huzzah!

and now, some links.

why the iPod is losing its cool. mine is definitely losing its cool; it goes all crazy all the time, not showing up in my itunes, or scrolling through all my songs at an alarming rate for no good reason...*sigh*

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

random stuff for your thursday afternoon.

some guy went to the raconteurs video shoot for "level" in greenpoint in brooklyn. my friend matt lives in greenpoint...yep. he sure does.

heartless bitches international.

i just may get this for the could be right up there with my "christmas with the rat pack" and "a charlie brown christmas." oh, and my ultimate favorite, "the sounds of christmas" by johnny mathis. i totally grew up on that one.

article about the trannies of yesteryear.

how to stop swearing.

squirrels hate america!!!

i got the pork chops, she got the pie

go bob! now that i've had a week to dig on "modern times," i can safely say that my favorites thus far are "thunder on the mountain," "spirit on the water," "rollin' and tumblin'," "someday baby," and "beyond the horizon." it's also fun to sing along with the way he says "MEEEEEEE" in "someday baby."

yes, i love this album and have been listening to it pretty much exclusively for the past week-plus. i can't wait to see these songs live in november!

in other news...

the killers sent me a myspace friend request. i find that SO ODD. famous people don't usually try to friend stupid schmoes like me, do they? hmm. maybe they are blown away by how totally cool i am...? no, i'm quite sure that's not it.

another one of my myspace friends, jeffrey from project runway, is totally rockin' the house, man! i am really pulling for this guy. most everybody thinks he's a total a-hole, but i don't. he's just real and honest and doesn't give a crap what those other saps think. and he's hot. his yellow plaid couture dress last night was really cool. i can't wait for next week, because Ice Queen Laura apparently has a breakdown and cries. but, she's pregnant, so that probably explains it.

the trailer mash. fun!

why oh why can't we have game shows like this in the U.S.?!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Worker bees can leave/Even drones can fly away/The queen is their slave.

oh, WOW!!! i am SO THERE!!!

for some weird reason, last night as i was falling asleep i thought about art linkletter's daughter, who killed herself while freaking out on acid. and now i find out it's all a lie. boooo! (the photo i used is from john waters' movie about the incident. which is one of the only john waters films i have never seen.)

although this is interesting, i bet there are a lot of really crazy things revealed at AA meetings. maybe i should start going to know, so i can cry.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

elevator music.

(not literally.)

Monday, September 04, 2006

and the crocodiles are weeping.

i don't know why i feel so shocked that this guy is dead. i mean, really. the guy was a total nut!

you, too, can be a collage artist. i used one of my collages to make my collage. aren't i clever. (via presurfer)

here's a little blurb about robbie rist. i am myspace friends with him, and he usually sends out decent bulletins. seems like a pretty cool guy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

music from big frank

more woodstock

i see my light come shining/from the west unto the east.

who designed this highway, the artist formerly known as prince?!?

this ginormous candle has been burning in candlestock every day it's been open since 1969.

here's chris, hanging out.

here we are in front of the building where bob dylan once lived (59 tinker st. now it's a photography studio, but once upon a time it was the tinker street cafe, which was really great. before that it was the cafe expresso, and bob knew the owners and they let him crash on the top floor. he wrote "to ramona" in the cafe, in a table in the corner, as the legend goes. they had the handwritten lyrics hanging on the wall, so i guess it must be true because bob obviously gave it to them. i have pictures somewhere of those lyrics on the wall, and me sitting at the alleged "to ramona" table, and shots of the bulding from every angle...) bob also supposedly wrote "mr. tambourine man" while living here, so woodstock definitely had a nice effect on him.

woo, big pink! this is not the first time i've seen it, but it was just as great the 2nd time around. chris also grabbed a big piece of slate from the road, so we have big pink slate in our yard now.

the obligatory album shot.

there's me!

by the time we got to woodstock

normally i would be snuggled up on the couch watching a movie right about now. but, this is day 7 without cable for me, and i already made a necklace with my woodstock beads, did a load of laundry, talked to my mom and kenny on the phone, and now i'm posting stuff. maybe i should give up tv forever...? oh, who am i kidding. we all KNOW that as soon as the cable's hooked up on tuesday i will not leave the house for days, except maybe to go to work. ANYWAY...

last night's bob show was awesome. we were right down front, it didn't rain, the temperature was cool, and the band sounded great. bob did "visions of johanna" and "i'll be your baby tonight" right in a row, and i was the happiest girl in the whole world.

i talked to a lot of people at the show...mostly this guy who plays blues harp in a touring band...he brought his 16-year old son to the show, his first. (i got this kid's life story, about how he "borrowed" some car owned by these "people" he was "housesitting" for, and when he brought the car back they called the cops and he got arrested. so he's on probation. plus he's in rehab. dang!) the dad, mike, told me that bob seems to play "visions of johanna" at a lot of the shows he sees, for some reason. i took that as a good sign, and sure enough bob freakin' played it. mike tapped me on the shoulder and said, "see?!! i told ya!!"

i also chatted with a nice couple about levon helm and woodstock and the whole area up there; how pennsylvania is really beautiful, but nothing can hold a candle to upstate new york. it's just so...GREAT up there. *sigh* we also talked to a guy that has been to a whole bunch of shows on this tour, and he took a LOT of great pictures. i took some crappy camera-phone pictures, but those aren't even worth showing anyone.

last night we stayed at a super 8 motel, and it was the stankiest and skankiest place i've stayed in for a loooooong time. but we didn't actually want to spend a crapload of money, either, sooo...i shouldn't complain.

it was slightly drizzling all day, but we had a lovely time in woodstock. we started off with a nice brunch at oriole 9, and then hit up candlestock, the golden notebook, the thrift stores, etc. then we said hello to big pink and headed on down the road. a very pleasant 2 days that were desperately needed. :)