Saturday, December 29, 2007

welly welly well well well...

i don't know why i don't blog anymore...well, that's a lie. i totally know why. a) i am too lazy to look around for cool links in my free time, b) i don't have that much free time, and c) i'm totally over it. i think, if i'm going to blog again, i need some kind of schtick, some kind of theme, some kind of funny angle to make it more interesting. meh.

but, i have had a bunch of people admonish me for not updating the blog, so here's the update! first what's going on with me, and then some links. maybe the LAST LINKS EVER!!! *gasp*!!

so, the holidays are winding down. thank goodness. i am so partied-and-fooded out. i got some groovy gifts, though. chris got me not one but TWO new ukes!!! one is a good one, and the other is a "crap" one. but it's pink!!!! a cute pink girlie uke, wheeeeee! it's just screaming out for a glittery hello kitty sticker or something. the good uke is awesome, it's an ohana and sounds infinitely better than the busted old johnson uke. i also got a million felt picks. chris also got me a new digital camera and pulp fiction action figures! awww, my mans. he's nifty. oh yeah, he also got me a set of miniature furniture from hong kong...a bed, 2 dressers (with working drawers) a table, 4 chairs, and a rocking chair. they are all painted with a cool asian design...oh, did i mention that they are all butane lighters?!?!? uh-huh. they are awesome! right now the wolf and jimmie from pulp fiction are at the table, drinking coffee (lotsa cream, lotsa sugar) and bloody vincent is on the bed, pointing a gun at bloody jules, who is standing on top of a dresser pointing a gun at vincent. yes, i am 34 years old and still play with action figures. i used the bed to light my cigarette earlier. cue "beds are burning" by midnight oil!!! ha.

i got a lot of other fun things, too. i have the greatest fam and friends ever! i cooked Christmas Dinner this year for mark and margaret and margy's brother harris. it was delicious. i made turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, green bean casserole, corn, rolls...oh, and we had wine. DID WE EVER! then lori came over, then rachel came over, then wyatt and his friend katie came over. did i mention i drank a lot of wine that day? margaret tells me she has many "terrific (and incriminating) photos and movies" coming my way. i just may have to crawl in a hole and die. but it was fun. damn red wine. red red wine makes me feel so fine...until the next day. that was one wicked hangover. ugh.

last night i got all dolled up and went to a ra-sha-sha cocktail party. i had more red wine, but i kept everything under control. for once.

i will be spending new years with friends in the basement they converted into a kickass mini-irish pub, and in their hot tub. WOO! but that means i think i might have to buy a new bathing suit, since mine is now too big. DOUBLE-WOO!

i always intend on sticking to the new year's resolutions i half-heartedly make, but i never do. this year my big ones are drink less, eat healthier, find an exercise regimen that i actually can deal with and stick to, and swear less. if i end up doing any of those things it will be a miracle.

ok, here's a coupla links:

did beck drive these people to suicide?!? this story is so crazy. if you read this, make sure you follow all the links that are provided. just so nutty.

*sigh* see? i can't even find more than 3 links. i'm pathetic.

i think i am going to dye my hair blonde today, maybe give myself some itty-bitty bangs. new year, new hair. yep.

so, yeah. i'll be back someday, when i actually have something interesting to say. peace out, boy scouts!