Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

no direction home, part 2

wow. part 2 wildly exceeded my expectations. i was totally blown away by most of the footage, and things that bob had to say. i have to own this film now. i am just in awe. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

joan baez said something to the effect that if you aren't interested in bob dylan, that's it, he's not for you. you just ignore him and that's fine. but if you are interested, he touches you so deep; he really gets inside you. and that is so true. this man really changed my life in some way that i can't quite pinpoint, but it doesn't make it any less true. and if you're reading this and you're into bob, then you know exactly what i'm talking about. and it's something that's impossible to explain.

and finally...

the cyclone



...and after.

random images of coney island

Monday, September 26, 2005

something is happening here, but you don't know what it is

just a few points about part 1 of "no direction home," the scorsese documentary about bob that just aired on PBS. i must hurry before my nyquil-induced coma kicks in.

1. i haven't heard bob speak so succinctly or with such ease since, well, ever. instead of coming off bitchy, annoyed, intentionally cryptic, or unintentionally incoherent, he just seemed like a nice, laid-back, cool guy, telling his story. he somehow continues to look better and healthier all the time. must be all that clean livin'.

2. i can't believe they got suze rotolo for the film. wow!

3. the scene from the 1966 tour when there was a threat that someone was going to shoot him was interesting, because i don't think i've read about that before. and i've read a LOT of bob books. as if constantly booing someone and calling him "judas" for evolving musically and playing electric (which he had been doing on 2 previous albums and his about-to-be-released "blonde on blonde," so why was it such a shock?!) isn't enough. someone wanted to kill him for rockin' out. fools. i hope those people who were interviewed after those shows in england were watching it tonight and feel horribly embarrassed for being so obviously misinformed.

4. i love seeing him and joan baez together. i also like seeing her talk about him. you can tell part of her still loves him, even now... she always has that far-away look in her eye...even though he treated her like total crap. he spoke well of her in the film, as he did in "chronicles." but only musically, not so much personally. hmmm. oh well, like he's the type to talk about his relationships anyway. not quite. and she looked great, by the way.

5. the little snippet of johnny cash at the newport folk festival. i love johnny almost as much as i love bob. when i see or hear him anywhere, i am hypnotized. i even got a tattoo for the man when he died. i love him so.

i can't wait until tomorrow night for part 2, when the fame gets crazy (and he gets crazy). i mean, i love "folk" bob, don't get me wrong...but my favorite bob is 1964-1966, when his lyrics just got out of control ...along with his hair. i wonder what will be said about albert grossman turning him into an overworked machine intended to crank out product, thus driving him to fake serious injury in that motorcycle accident and barely show his face outside of woodstock, ny for years? i can't wait!

it's hard to believe there are 4 full hours dedicated to him, and yet there are 40 more years to cover after 1966, where the film ends. amazing. and i'm proud to have been able to be in the same room with that man 14 times (and counting).


when i was in 5th & 6th grade, 2 of my friends and i were obsessed with "general hospital," and we would act out scenes from the show with the way we wanted the plotlines to go. (this was around or just after rick springfield, "the ice princess" & luke and laura's heyday. we would play music on the boom box that were appropriate to the scene we were doing, and try to dress more "adult" and everything. eventually jack "frisco" wagner rolled into town to play in that band with john"blackie" stamos, and i fell so in love. i played "all i need" constantly. that was the first thing i ever owned on both lp and cassette. jack was also my first concert ever, in 7th grade. *sigh, swoon, laugh*)

ANYWAY, the point of this post is that i also loved "the merv griffin show," which aired immediately after "gh." so we started doing that show, too. i always got to be merv, and my friend kristel was always the glamorous guest (i think because she had a pink feather boa) and alison was the director and "sound man" (she would tape-record the monologue and interviews, and yell "action" and stuff).

holy crap, i would kill to hear those tapes!! we were so silly.

original illustrated catalog...

...of acme products.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

i heart coney island!

wow, what a good time! coney island was great fun and the weather was beautiful. we saw the circus sideshow, went on the cyclone, ate a nathan's hot dog or two, walked on the beach, played a few games...everything you're supposed to do when you go to coney island. i loved it! pics of our shenanigans will be posted later on. they're on my boyfriend's laptop and he's sleeping i don't feel like dealing with it right now. my only real peeve of the day is that i lost my favorite sunglasses on the cyclone. they flew off my shirt where they were tucked and right into chris' eye. boooooo! :(

the show rawked; good, mellow-ish crowd for the most part. and by mellow-ish, i mean there was no crazy mosh pit, just jumping and dancing. THANK GOODNESS. my 32-year old ass can't take that crap anymore. i was pretty close to the stage, so i was happy. the drunk assholes surfaced for the stripes, as they always do these days, but oh well. there was this one big huge douchebag (he was kind of like the blonde mean guy from "karate kid," we decided) that kept elbowing everyone and flailing around like a moron practically burning everyone's eyes out with his cigarette, totally not giving a shit that everyone in his general vicinity wanted him dead by the end of the night. but meh.

i really dug brendan benson. a LOT. and the shins were pretty good, too. chris likes them a whole lot, so he was pleased. and the white stripes, of course, were totally intense and amazing, as they always are. great energy, great set list, great band. i think they may just be the best live band of our day. really. highlights for me were "black math," "hardest button to button," "the union forever," "i'm lonely (but i ain't that lonely yet)," "little ghost," "boll weevil." and more. this was my 4th stripes show, and it was a tad less frenetic than some of the shows i've seen (radio city, union square, atlanta). i did get kinda looped by the time jack and meg hit the stage...i was jacked up on dayquil and cold tablets all day, and then the 2 shitty beers i drank and the big swig of rum out of some dude's flask got me feelin' all toasty. i like flasks.

oooh, oooh, and there were a coupla strokes in attendance! i didn't see 'em, though.

so, i have this MASSIVE INSANE headcold-flu thing, and today i feel like total poop. ick. i hardly was even able to sleep last night. but that's okay. i'm watching "repo man" on the telly and drinkin' coffee, gertie's hangin' out with me (see below for photo taken just moments ago!), and it's a chilly, cloudy, rainy sunday morning. very nice indeed. plenty of time for nappin' all day. too bad i can't breathe.

Friday, September 23, 2005

coney island, baby

tomorrow i will be making my first trip to coney island ever, to see the white stripes w/ the shins and brendan benson at the ballpark there. i am so stoked to ride the cyclone and eat a nathan's hot dog. i read that this is the last weekend of the year that the rides are running, so i hope that is indeed the case. of all the times i have been to new yawk, i've never managed to make it to coney island. so, you know, yay.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

only 40 days 'til halloween!

to celebrate, the mighty retrocrush is listing the 100 greatest horror performances of all time. keep checking with 'em for more every day.

i love halloween, if only for the fact that there are countless horror flicks on tv all month long!!! wheeeeeeeeeee! and i also love dressing up, of course. last year i was a crazy retro zombie, and i won $25 at my job for the best costume.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

imdb's bottom 100 films

#1 is just insane. don't people understand the concept of "so bad, it's good??" fools.

i also like # 26, # 37, and # 55.

on the other side of the coin, upon looking at the top 250 films on imdb, my beloved "eternal sunshine" is #32. so i guess i'll forvige the manos thing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


remember all those stupid ads for the consumer information catalog? you remember: "just write: catalog. pueblo, colorado. 81009."

i always wondered how your letter would even get to the right place with no street address. and what was in that catalog, anyway?! ugh, now i totally have to order one and put this mystery to rest once and for all...

hear that?

it's michael hutchence turning in his grave.

best $3.36 i've ever spent

so, i ordered this groovy iron-on today. only 2 bucks before shipping. wheeeeeee! i joined the strokes fan club eons ago, and never really pored over the "members only" section of their site before today. they got mad cheap swag, yo. i got a lot of the stuff they're offering with the membership (strokes shoelaces, "wyckyd sceptre" tour laminate, pin, magnet, et al...oh, and the amazing autographed poster--ahhhhh, i'm such a geek. i also got AMAZING seats for a show like 2 years ago. 4th row or something). but no iron-on! yippee! i do so enjoy those strokes. i even have a carrot from their backstage foodie tray at radio city music hall in my freezer. it's been in there for three years. i'm not even kidding you.

in high school i got the lemon from joey's drink at my first ramones show. i immediately sucked it, took it home, and put it in a ziplock bag and wrote the date on it (april 12, 1990). then it turned black. booooo.

this made me laugh for like 5 minutes

from "mildly interesing 80's print ads." i totally used to eat these, and i totally used to watch wrestling with my pappy when i was young. or, as he called it, "rassling." he watched it his whole life, and would sit and laugh and laugh...he was so happy when i got into it. in my day, the big wrestlers were greg "the hammer" valentine, nikolai volkoff, "ravishing" rick rude, "hacksaw" jim duggan, jake "the snake" roberts...erm...ummmm, i'll stop now. i'm ashamed of myself. but i did and still do think after seeing that reality show that hulk hogan was a freaky douchebag.

looking up all those images of the wrestlers just now made me laugh for another 5 minutes. yay!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

mad lib poem #2

from language is a virus:

smarmy hot plate's smarmy hot plate

"I strut my postcards and all the crust shines snarky;
I pop my whiskers and all is drooly again.
(I bite I strut you up inside my pepper.)

The candlestick go sewing out in lanky and fried,
And knackered postcard shines in:
"I strut my crusts and all the whisker shines snarky;

I popped that you drooled me into pepper
And bite me full, struted me quite snarky.
(I bite I strut you up inside my pepper.)

Bernadette Peters shines from the candlestick, postcard's crusts pop:
Exit whisker and Scott Baio's pepper:
"I strut my crusts and all the whisker shines snarky;

I drooled you'd bite the way you said,
But I strut old and I shine your name.
(I bite I strut you up inside my pepper.)

I should have crusted a whisker instead;
At least when pepper pops they drool back again.
"I strut my crusts and all the whisker shines snarky;

(I bite I strut you up inside my pepper.)

- mondo & Sylvia Plath

not only can he create a working telephone system out of colored vines...

...but he makes a smashing potato salad. THE potato salad, in fact.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

bob haircut worship

"The Bob Haircut Worship Page is dedicated to showing respect through picture, word, and deed to this greatest of all hairstyles, the 'Bob'. "

she loved him...

...but her family said...

Friday, September 16, 2005

crying while eating

i like laughing at the crying and the eating.

Rock Stars and Extraterrestrials



Thursday, September 15, 2005

free streaming zombie action!

head on over to count gore's lab, and stream "children should play with dead things" for free!
it's a decent bad movie, in my opinion, so i'm sure y'all will enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

bead me a shimmering dance

whoa, this is one happy lady! must be those spiffy gold lame' pants!

my favorite sweater names:

Dimond Dollar Day

Goblit From Bethlahem

Poisen Garden

Confettee Spindul

Dizzeling Dreams

Blood Lite Rythem

Catipilar Cry

Spanish Menu (?!?!?)

Sprinkle Specktacaler

Trapezze Lay' Tease


looks like the "strangers with candy" movie may not get released now. booooooooooo!!! this guy has a five-point plan to get it out there. free jerri blank! now who wants cake?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

coloring fun...

...with those adorable "law and order" folks. print out and go nuts!