Wednesday, May 31, 2006

this just in!!!

pour some sugar on me

i spilled almost the entire contents of my sugar bowl this morning. all over 2 of the kitchen chairs, the table, and the floor. i cleaned up what i could, but i had to leave for work, so i left some of the floor sugar. chris and i mused that i would get home and find gertie stuck to the ceiling in a crazy sugar-induced freakout.

in other news...

this is the best picture of sean connery EVER.

batwoman is a lesbian.

arthur lee became one of the first people to receive a bone marrow transplant using stem cells from an umbilical cord to treat his leukemia.

mutual of omaha's wild kingdom! aww yeah! (when i was little, i always wondered what "mutual of omaha" was, and what it meant. i think i still do...)

i find it odd that prince charles would like anything remotely cool.

kim gordon - queen of the scene. damn right she is!!!

how to beat videogames record from 1982. with mp3s! (via boing boing)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"don't mess with the bull, young man. you'll get the horns."

ahhhh, it feel good to be back to work after 3 days of fun in the sun. :/

"i got a question...does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe?"

how to blow smoke rings.


tv in japan.

all these years later, still a dirty, dirty, DIRTY song.

about 12 years ago, some guy i knew told me this guy was the anitchrist. i just thought of it the other day, for some reason. i never forgot the guy's name, so i looked him up. hmmmm.

actors in character.

blah, there's nothing on the internets this morning. more later...

Friday, May 26, 2006

things that make you go...hmmm.

hmmm. arsenio is molesting the olsen twins!! what a photo!

hmmm. frightening.

hmmm. who cares?

hmmm. keep dreaming, diamond dave.

hmmm. nothing better to do, eh?

hmmm. conservative?

hmmm. richard hell interview? sure!!

hmmm. wayne coyne gives advice to high school grads. like, "the key to success after high school is to take lots of acid and wear furry suits! wheeee!"

hmmm. a robotic giraffe.

hmmm. necessary?

hmmm. this weekend me and the mans are going to ohio to hang out with his family. great excuse to take the new car on a mini-trip! so, i may not be bloggin' for a few days. yup.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

jumbo mystery post of fun

tawny kitaen: crazy bitch.

holy wow, what a fat mouse!

guerrilla gardening.

chris got me the archie mcphee jumbo mystery box of fun for my birthday. and let me tell you, people: i highly recommend it. it is SO FUN! you wouldn't believe all the cool stuff they throw in there! like, an apron (pictured). like, a giant squeaking salmon, a pink poodle nodder, punching devil puppet, 2 lunchboxes, a red shower curtain with dice on it, a box of chalk from the 70's, a set of old-timey metal cars, swizzle sticks, beatnik napkins, cowboy charms, cowboy napkins, crazy halloween decorations, crazy chinese placemats, cheesy plastic wallets, tiny little dogs, japanese candy...and ahhhh, yes. the internet urinal. i could go on, there was so much stuff in that box, it was AMAZING! i really love mcphee. desperately.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Watch a movie that relates to your situation like 'Cruel Intentions'..."

the tao of willie.

rocket science 101.

this may be a source of inspiration for decorating the new house...i purchased it yesterday via an amazon gc from cms woman! yay!

crispin glover's soundtrack for the undead.


how to write screenplays, badly.

william burroughs' cut-up films. please take note of the "language is a virus" section of this very blog for more burroughs-inspired things.

and speaking of burroughs...

related: glorious jack kerouac.

this is the copy of "on the road" that i had. then it disappeared...i think my ex-boyfriend, whom i lent it to when we were going out, is the culprit. anyway, later on i got this one.

this is a photo of jack kerouac's typewriter.

how to know the difference between love, infatuation and lust.

Monday, May 22, 2006

sooooo funny

i didn't get a chance to put these up over the weekend, but one of these pics is sooooo funny. a bunch of us went out for food and drinkin' on friday night, and i snapped a picture of the whole table. the best part of the picture is the look on the face of the waitress. bwah-hahahah!!

the rest of my weekend consisted of pigging out and driving my new car around all over the place.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"gonna finger bang, bang you into my life..."

um, they're not magic show accessories. they're illusion accessories.

millions of mr. moustaches.

these are cute. especially the vomiting one.

hey, it's that guy!!

remember bands on the run?!? i never thought i'd utter the word "flickerstick" ever again... (thanks, yuppie punk!), for biker singles! make sure you read the "success stories," like the one titled Pathological Lier,Womenizer.

ohhhh...i really wanna go to this... these festival line-ups are just getting out of control. how does one possibly decide which one to go to? i've alwyas wanted to go to austin, and this has a bunch of my favorites playing...shins, raconteurs, kings of leon, flaming lips, willie, tom petty, VAN FREAKING MORRISON, etc. WOW.

first we had brangelina...then we had we have DWANGELA!!! (why should jim and pam get all the glory?)

the velvet underground and toothpaste

lou reed and john cale doing heroin...the song, not the narcotic. but they possibly could have done heroin before they played the song...and ok, here's some nico, too. (via boing boing)

quick, call geraldo!

ewwww. or, if you're british, mmmmmmm!!

you can use some of these toothpaste varieties after your beany pop tart.

i am still holding out for the day that yusef does a tour of all cat songs. i would simply die...

...and then i may be listed in this "unusual death" entry on wikipedia.

as much as i am looking forward to my delicious wings and loaded fries and insane amounts of beer tomorow night with my awesome friends, i totally wish i could be here. i was always really really happy that i share my b-day with joey.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hey, look what i just got

the lease on my trusty corolla is up, so i got one of those big 'ol crazy boxy scion xB's! i'll have it in a few days. the color is shadow mica (of course they can't call it what it really is--dark grey), and i got the upgraded sound system w/ ipod capability. it's got tinted windows and lots of room. this is by far the most ginormous vehicle i've ever had (on the inside, anyway). oh, and of course they threw in some floormats, too. wheeee! i tell ya, house, new car...things are comin' up mondo!

(and it's about flippin' time.)

Monday, May 15, 2006

greetings from swinging new hope, pa!

chris, kenny, john and i spent saturday in new hope and shopped, ate, got rained on, talked with a really drunk guy in a neil young shirt doing air guitar at the bar to every song that played, and had a spiffy time all around. most of the photos are of my beloved love saves the day, where i got a neat-o cashmere sweater with someone's monogram on it ("LFD" -- we decided the sweater once belonged to Laverne F. DeFazio, before she switched over to just the "L" on her sweaters), and an awesome bracelet.

oh yeah, some of us got pierced:

Friday, May 12, 2006

OMG, "the office" last night!

i haven't been that into a tv show moment in a long, long time (except for when we witnessed jim's mind control powers). when jim told pam he was in love with her, i gasped and put my hand up to my mouth. my heart started beating faster and everything. then when he came into the room where she was talking to her mom...awwww. adorable. i totally teared up. wonderful show all around. i just hope they don't screw it up now...remember "moonlighting?" that was a great show once too, you know...

p.s. i so desperately need this.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i found this picture...

...of mary louise parker (whom i enjoy in general), and i really, really, REALLY want my living room in the new house to look just like this. complete with flying shoe. no, really. it'''s just perfect. and i already have the shag rug. and i had a lava lamp (same one that i had since 11th grade) but i knocked it over a while back and it finally broke forever. it had red goo and yellow...whatever the other goo is that lava lamps are filled with. it lasted me, like, nearly 15 years. who knew they were that durable?

maybe i should make my own...?

also: how to make a wallet out of batman undies (via boing boing)

even if he did have brain damage, would we be able to tell?

film found in old cameras.

we gotta get these mutha-effin snakes off this mutha-effen elevator!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

did you know that...

... i totally dig wolfmother?

...this is a great movie?

...once, i screwed time life out of an assload of muppet show videos (that i ordered in the middle of the night in an altered state) by telling them i wanted to return them for a full refund, but they stupidly credited my card back before i actually sent them back, so i kept them?

...i like to sing all types of songs like ethel merman? "i melt with you" by modern english is a fine choice; you really should try it sometime.

...these cats are amazingly fat? still cute, though. i guess.

...judas priest has a conceptual album coming out based on the life of nostradamus? (scroll down a bit)

...the facts of life girls are reuniting today, for some reason? no clooney, i'm assuming.

...pcl linkdump always has the best stuff for download?

Monday, May 08, 2006

it's not easy being green.

so, i re-dyed my hair purple on saturday night, and i don't know WHAT the heck happened, but my hair turned green! eeeeeek! i did use a different shade of purple that i normally do, but i have used different manic panic colors on top of each other many times before, and i never turned green. oh well. so, i ran down to rite-aid the second they opened on sunday morning and had to go black to cover up the ick. but i'm diggin' it. there's a slight residue of purple mixed in with the blue/black, and chris said i looked like Superman's mom or something. ha.

emo haiku generator:

My final goodbye
But the joke was on me see.
I have always known.

related? the saddest thing i own.

bet on what's gonna happen to gay vito.

how to levitate. ugh, i hate this guy.

dig the awesome stryper merchandise!!! i can't believe they're still around.

strangers with candy music!

nyc album art.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

i've never been so proud to be german.

the other batch of records i scored at the giant community yard sale-o-rama was purchased from a really nice older german lady. she had a stack of 10 or so albums on a table full of other stuff. i started flipping through them and was, like, MESMERIZED by this guy on nearly every cover. i said to chris something along the lines of, "i have to have these!!" and she got all excited: "ahhh, you know heino?!" i said, "no, but i like the way he looks!" her son was standing there, and said, "please buy them!! i had to listen to that guy my whole life!!" and we all laughed. i asked her how much for the whole lot. "five dollars is fair price, no?" of course it was! so now they're all mine. she tried to get me to eat some german cookies, too. awwwww. anyway, apparently heino is a pretty big deal in germany (he even has an impersonator, ala elvis), and he has a weird bulgy-eye disease.

oh, and as if that wasn't satisfying enough, i found this rad glossy photo of some weird-ass band from who-knows-when in one of the heino albums. :)

also got some german beer drinking songs...

and would you just look at this guy! HE RULES.

and what the heck are these doing in the mix? ahhhh, so great. i think this was my best record day ever.