Sunday, May 07, 2006

i've never been so proud to be german.

the other batch of records i scored at the giant community yard sale-o-rama was purchased from a really nice older german lady. she had a stack of 10 or so albums on a table full of other stuff. i started flipping through them and was, like, MESMERIZED by this guy on nearly every cover. i said to chris something along the lines of, "i have to have these!!" and she got all excited: "ahhh, you know heino?!" i said, "no, but i like the way he looks!" her son was standing there, and said, "please buy them!! i had to listen to that guy my whole life!!" and we all laughed. i asked her how much for the whole lot. "five dollars is fair price, no?" of course it was! so now they're all mine. she tried to get me to eat some german cookies, too. awwwww. anyway, apparently heino is a pretty big deal in germany (he even has an impersonator, ala elvis), and he has a weird bulgy-eye disease.

oh, and as if that wasn't satisfying enough, i found this rad glossy photo of some weird-ass band from who-knows-when in one of the heino albums. :)

also got some german beer drinking songs...

and would you just look at this guy! HE RULES.

and what the heck are these doing in the mix? ahhhh, so great. i think this was my best record day ever.


flatlander said...

I've never heard Hein, but I bet you could mix his albums nicely with some Kraftwerk.

mondo retro said...

...or rammstein.