Wednesday, October 31, 2007


for good measure, here is chris in his gorilla suit. the head and hands are on the sofa next to him. he had a fez, too. oh well. even in a monkey suit he's a hottie.

and the winner is...

wyatt! the real wyatt, not me. and to show what a good guy he is, he's taking us out for beers with his winnings. WOO!

here is me being sad. but not about losing. i'm sad that sheila's boobs are SO much bigger than mine.

dave and wyatt dressed up as... 80's metal guy (dave) and a 70's basketball player (wyatt). BRAVO, guys!!!

as you may know, we are INSANELY competitive with each other when it comes to work-related holiday contests, so i will let you know later who won.

happy halloween!

rachel and i came as our friends (and co-workers) dave and wyatt.

Monday, October 29, 2007

i've been a bad, bad blogger

i'll be back eventually. for now, please enjoy this crazy story that i discovered via the new forum, which is my new obsession. (thanks, rachel!!!) anyway, it's all about people on sesame street that have died. first, you can read all about the original gordon, then mr. hooper, which they actually addressed on the show.

but the most amazing story is about the guy who played david. ahhhh, northern calloway. for one special evening, you were bat-shit crazy. it's amazing that this story isn't more well-known.

and now i have to continue to watch this bitchin' 4-hour tom petty documentary on sundance.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

"honey, your reputation is sh!t in this town."

naked mughsots. awwwwww yeah.

i was telling dave about bad news the other day. so now i'm telling you.

"a couple of girls made me kiss them after our last show. they made me." (note to self: it's not that hard to get them to kiss you. as long as you remember that a kiss is not a contract.)

last night when i was reading that, i discovered that adam horovitz is married to kathleen hanna. i had no idea!!! i loved bikini kill.

that wiki entry led me to read about "over the edge," which is one of the greatest 70's teen movies ever. i first saw it on tv when i was in high school, and then it was on again so i taped it, and then i found it at a used record store on vhs for $5. it has good music, matt dillon, and the kids blow up the school at the end. but not in a campy "rock n' roll high school" kind of way. then i read (and remembered) that kurt cobain loved this movie. coincidentally, i rocked out in my car to nirvana the other day for the first time in years and years. it was fun, but made me feel old. i remembered how i was obsessed i was (much like the rest of the universe) with "nevermind" when it came out, not long after i graduated high school. in 1991. which was 16 years ago. when did i get old?!?!? that was a good time for music, though. i wasn't into "grunge" bands so much as i was into the riot grrrl bands. i loved hole (yes, i am admitting that. i was all about "pretty on the inside" and every b-side and 7" and demo and what have you. "live through this" was good, i guess, but i turned on courtney soon after it came out. i turned on her for many reasons, but i really didn't like the slicker versions of those older songs. especially "doll parts." once upon a time i *loved* that song. i hated the way is sounded on "live through this." HATED IT. but the timing of the album's release made it important, i guess. courtney just started totally sucking as a human being, and continues to do so. so, f her.

(later: in honor of this post, i am wearing my sonic youth "dirty" shirt and a white plastic little girl's barrette in my hair. viva la 1992!)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


yes indeed, things are crazy. but i promise you that the photos that i will post from dave's party friday night will definitely make up for the lack of updates. there has never been a drunker, sloppier party than dave's party, and there were about 200 pictures taken. good one, dave! ooooh, you're a legend, dave! there was drinking, hot dog-eating, smores-making, beer pong-ing, singing, guitar-ing, hugging, tackling, wrestling, fire-peeing, accidental nipple-licking, falling down, camping out, and lots and lots of laughter. i have the best friends ever.

and if you live in san antonio, texas, go see the mighty ELECTRIC HORSEMEN, which happens to be my friend wyatt's band play on sunday (who, incidentally, just got a record deal! WOOOOOOOOOO!!). yes, they're going on tour!!! crammed in a toyota corolla, driving from pennsylvania to texas and trying to make it in 2 days. eek. but it will be worth it. rumor has it they are even better than dethklok!