Wednesday, December 13, 2006

oh, it's ON, b*tches!

our company is having a decorating contest for the holidays. it's pretty much a vicious battle between me and rachel (the "metalz" team--we design products that are made with either metal components or wood, so we be "metals.") and dave and wyatt (the art guys). rachel and i started decorating yesterday, and dave and wyatt got ALL THREATENED (yeah, i said it!) and went out at lunch today and bought a crapload of butt-ugly stuff at goodwill and the dollar store. behold, the OBVIOUS WINNERS of this competition:

AND NOW...THE LOSERS! (actually, their room looks pretty awesome. but it smells like burning and kinda like an old lady.)

what's really frightening is, we still have a week to go in the competition. oh, it is SO on.

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