Saturday, November 03, 2007

i wonder if jemaine put a wig on bret after this photo was taken?

he's already sleeping, and in the spooning position. okay, on with the links:

no more "red wine headache?" woo! p.s. they used the phrase "life on mars" in the article. i'm trying to think of a witty bowie comment right now, but i got nothin'. i've been a little out-of-sorts lately...i think my blog has been pretty crappy as a result. i'll try to do better. here's an idea: since i don't bother to track my web traffic anymore, why don't you good people post some crazy linkage in the comments section...? then i can see who is really reading this, and you will also be helping a sistah out. although i'll feel pretty pathetic if no one posts anything... ok, now i'm getting depressed again.

oh yeah, rachel and i are going to see rick springfield and eddie money! scandal's playing, too. i have an ex-boyfriend from many moons ago that told me that every time he had the flu and would puke, he heard "the warrior" in his head. i still think of that everytime i hear that song. funny. AND, my friend katharine saw eddie money back in the day, and when he finally stumbled out on stage, he sat down on a stool that was set up for him. he sang like 3 lines of some song, and fell off the stool because he was so drunk. he passed out cold and they canceled the show. also funny.

ANYWAY, back to business...

glamour (mug) shots. if i ever get arrested, i hope it look cute in my mugshot.

so hey, you can wear your folk clothing while watching flight of the conchords, which finally comes out on dvd on tuesday!!! ahhh, i miss my bret. i like lookin' at him. i stole that phrase from my dear margy (or "margence," as i like to call her). when she wants to hang out, she says, "let's get together so i can look at ya! i miss lookin' at ya." :) i also miss jemaine (whom i also like lookin' at)and murray and dave and mel and even mel's husband, doug. poor doug. "it IS terrible, doug! it's terrible!!!" now you people who read this and have no idea why i have been going on and on about "the guys" so much can see for yourselves (although with all those youtube links i just posted, you don't need the dvd, do you? meh). yis, yis, i am very excited for tuesday, although word around the campfire is that there are no extras on the DVD. boooo! i want some commentary, some easter eggs, some un-pixelated jemaine in "business time!" i want a blooper reel! i want to hear all two hours of coco's song (scroll down to "episode 4 - yoko" and click on "coco's song")! oh well.