Thursday, November 30, 2006

we live to rock, we rock to live...

this one's for mark and margy: the mighty jon-mikl thor!!! we love jon-mikl thor.

okay, Trashy McTrailer-Slut. we are all SICK AND TIRED of seeing your hoo-ha every single day. go home to your kids, you pathetic hosebag. and get a decent stylist. p.s. nice boob.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what i'm thankful for.

i'm thankful for chris, who totally rocks and makes me laugh and is still the cutest thing ever to me. he's very good to me and somehow remains pretty mellow throughout all of my moods and freak-outs.

i'm thankful for gertie, my sweet little pussycat. she's lovey-dovey and pretty and healthy and loves to play and sleeps with me every night.

i'm thankful for my awesome family. i'm thankful that my parents totally accepted me through all of my crazy teenage phases (mohawk phase, depressed and reading bleak german philosophy phase, wearing skirts that were no bigger than a headband phase, going out and getting drunk practically every night phase, etc). i'm thankful that my 2 sisters had three amazing kids each (ages range from 3 to 17), and that they think i'm cool and fun and they fight over who gets to sit next to me at dinner. :) i'm thankful that my mom is taking me, my 2 sisters, and my 17-year old niece to nyc next week for a day of traditional holiday hoopla (radio city show, seeing the tree, shopping, etc). we women don't get together like that often enough, so it will be pretty cool. i'm also thankful for my gramma, who is still kickin' at 91 and is just such a sweet, amazing person. i spent a LOT of time with her when i was growing up, and i get my love of yard sales and flea markets from her. i am also thankful that chris has an amazing family as well, and that i have somehow fooled his parents into thinking i am a nice, respectable girl who is worthy of their eldest son. :)

i'm thankful for my awesome friends. you know who you are! i'm glad i've reached the point that i've filtered out all the crappy people in my life and am left with nothing but sweet, kind, intelligent, hilarious, and extraordinary people.

i'm thankful for our awesome new house. it's shaping up to be quite the swanky retro pad. wheeee!

i'm thankful for my new job, because i'm really happy and not stressed out (yet) and i really, really like all the people i'm working with now (because i've known them for almost 3 years since they were literally in the next room). i am *not* so thankful that i am no longer working side-by-side with kenny anymore. it's weird only seeing him here and there throughout the day. i feel so out of touch with him! :( it kinda sucks.

and finally, i'm thankful for good coffee, bob dylan, jack white, turner classic movies, good books, funky hair dye, comfy sweaters, really worn-in jeans, singing along to super-cheesy songs at the top of my lungs...and about a bazillion other things. i am a very lucky girl.

happy thanksgiving!

after you pig out tomorrow (or drink yourself silly tonight), you can watch some "arrested development."

...or the "strangers with candy" movie, which is finally out on DVD. that's what i will be doing with kenny and john after my family turkey pig-out session and game-playing (and crashing out on the sofa). woo!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

i think i had a raconteur-gasm

i have just returned from one of the most fun shows i have been to in a loooooong time. (please forgive any typos, i have had *several* beers this evening). i went to see bob dylan (for the 17th time, literally) and the raconteurs (for the 2nd time) at the spectrum tonight with chris, lori, and margy. it was the last night of the tour, and we had pretty decent seats, and we had just the most AWESOME time! we were dancing in the aisles, spinning each other around and was just great. the raconteurs ROCKED, and the bob set list was out of, i forgot how exciting it is to see brand-new bob songs from new albums. it's just so...ahhhhhhhhhhh! this was margy's very first dylan show, and at one point she had tears streaming down her face, and lori and i were so proud!!! :) she totally got it. awesome. lori and i have known each other for like 10 years...we met at some crappy job we worked at many moons ago, and the reason we met was because of the fact that we were both going to bob shows (one day apart) and someone told me i should talk to this girl that loved bob dylan, too. well, here we are 10 years later, still going to bob shows together. she then started working at the local museum, where margy worked...and she just knew we needed to be introduced...that was around 5 years ago or so. they are such great friends. i heart them. oh, and i have a very classic story about lori and i, involving a bob show in atlantic city, a limo, and peeing in a cooler...but i won't share that one just now. :)
regarding the raconteurs...well, they are just so amazing, i can't even begin to describe it. i was very happy that they did "bang bang," and even MORE excited that they did love's "a house is not a motel." that ruled. also, "store bought bones" was somewhat reworked and had a very slow, blusey beginning, which i loved. then it got all rockin' and insane. that jack white... *sigh* i just can't stand it! at one point he was dancing around on stage for what seemed like a really long time; hopping up and down and bobbing his head. yes, it was just a really great night all the pre-show photos should reflect. we all look very happy, no?

margaret had a really great description of the raconteurs...she said they were like a full, hearty got your meat, your potatoes, your vegetable, your roll with butter, something good to drink, linen napkin on your lap...and i added, "and the cigarette afterwards." meaning, they give you everything you need, and everything you want. they've got it all, and it's so satisfying and makes you feel great. also, when we dropped lori off, the last thing she said to me was, "make sure you email me some pictures of jack white!" we had floor seats, but weren't close enough to really see his face. she was completely won over by the genius of jack. she always was a sucker for the guitar gods...

p.s. i was wearing my trusty flying burrito brothers shirt tonight, and some dude saw it when i was making my way to the bathroom and yelled out, "dude!!! flying burrito brothers!!!" at me, and i gave him the heavy metal sign (which is dumb because they are just about the least metal band in the whole wide world) and a giant smile and yelled, "woooo!" it was literally the first time anyone has seen this shirt and clearly knew what it meant. everyone else sees it and says, "flying burrito brothers?!? what the hell does that mean?" so, right on to that dude who knew who they are.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

that's the way it crumbles...cookie-wise.

so, it's wednesday night. and that means drinking at McStan's. a friend of ours built an irish pub in his basement, and wednesdays are the night that people usually show up there. let me clarify what i mean by an "irish pub." i mean, this guy's basement looks like a REAL BAR,; just smaller. 6 or so stools around a really nice bar, glasses hanging above the bar, tap handles that match the keg of the moment, a big sign that says "McStan's," a little black board stating what's on tap and what's available regarding mixed drinks, a guinness neon sign, a little bistro table and chairs, good munchie food...i mean, it's like a real bar, but smaller and only with people you know. it's friggin' AWESOME. they also have 2 cute dogs that hang out. tonight we discussed such things as: if you kinda maybe sorta thought you were capable of murder, and you thought you may just murder someone one day, you should just dig a grave now, pre-emptively, because in the heat of the moment, you'll just end up digging a shallow grave for the body because you are in a hurry and all freaked out, and you'll just end up getting caught. don't ask me how this conversation came up...oh, i know. we were talking about one of chris' crazy relatives, which somehow led me to discuss this biography i saw last night about richard speck (and what a sick mother f-er THAT guy was), which led us to discuss that this guy jamie (who was there tonight) went to high school with and totally knew the people involved in the laurie show murder (subject of an "american justice" episode and a really sub-par lifetime movie), which then led up to a story about some guy that ryan (who was also there tonight) went to high school with that killed some chick that worked at a convenience store and buried her in a shallow grave. ahhh, yes. that's how we came to discuss the Pre-Emptive-Deep-Grave-Digging-Plan, in case you ever decided to murder someone.

so, today at work kenny and i were out smoking cigarettes, and we noticed a big pile of dog poop in the parking lot. at lunch, we were out there again, and the poop was still there. also out front (near the poop) was a big white duck feather lying on the ground. so, kenny stuck the feather in the poop, and his little genius work of art was still there when i left work this evening. i really hope it's still there tomorrow...we laughed and laughed and laughed at that feathery poop masterpiece. i put my camera in my bag, in case it's still intact tomorrow. i sure hope so. you guys better prepare youselves for a picture of poop with a duck feather in it tomorrow! hahahahahaah! bwah-hahahahah!!

right now i am watching "the apartment" for the millionth time. what a great movie this is. i mean, just really, really great. if you haven't seen it, please...i implore you. see it. buy it, or rent it, or periodically check your cable schedule and make sure you see it in your lifetime. it is so wonderful. and you will be shocked at how totally hip and cute shirley maclaine was once upon a time. and that jack lemmon...well, there's simply no one better than jack lemmon. period. he is hilarious yet vulnerable and sweet and sad and pensive in this movie...just great.

p.s. the mighty eli roth is directing a remake of another one of my all-time fave movies, "the bad seed." wooo! i hope he keeps in the part about "the pilings." i will see anything eli roth is involed in. i feel confident that he will do something cool with the flick...although, much of the original's appeal is the overdramatic, campy aspect of it. that chick that played rhoda's mother...she was just classic. so overdramatic and insane. and freakin' leroy..."the shoes!!!!" hahahaha...okay, i am a bit tipsy and realize that if you have never seen "the bad seed" you have absolutely *no* idea what i am babbling about right i will just creep away to bed now. nighty-night!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

leaves + us = fun.

chris and i realized when we woke up this morning that the red japanese maple in our front yard suddenly looks incredible. and, that my hair is almost the exact same color as the leaves. :) this prompted us to frolic in the backyard as well, and play with gertie from the other side of the window (she's a psychotic window-licker). enjoy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

"...that can win what's never been won..."

as i've mentioned before on this here blog, for the past few months the spiffy coudal partners has been having a contest based on the always fun "six degrees of separation" (or "kevin bacon") game. every few days, they would pick a person, and our task was to link that person to bob dylan in either one move, or up to six moves, but in the most creative way possible. some of the people were condoleeza rice, mary-kate and ashley olsen, bugs bunny, derek jeter, robert deniro...all kinds of people. it was actually really fun. if you were chosen, you won a copy of bob's latest, the mighty "modern times." all the entrants were also eligible to win the grand prize, which is bob's entire catalog on cd. that's 47 cd's. yes, that's right. 47. and some of those cd's are 2-and 3-disc sets.

they picked 3 grand prize winners at random.

and i totally won. :) i just can't believe it! this is HUGE! much of my bob music is on vinyl, and a lot of my cd's (which include just about everything except some 80's bob and a few other ones) are very old with broken cases and scratches and whatnot (my bob cd-buying began the summer after i graduated high school, in 1991). i am beyond thrilled! this is putting me in the perfect mood to see bob show #16 next saturday! wooooo! with the raconteurs! double wooooo!

if you're bored, check out the winners in the archive of the site (coudal is a great site in general, by the way). it will give you a good idea how insane bob fans are with knowing obscure facts about him. i mean, of course anything can be found on the internets, but you really needed to have a good bob background to make a worthwhile attempt. i am pretty sure my entry that won was condi rice, but it may have been mary-kate and ashley. with condi, i found that she served under the george bush sr. administration, who was vice-prez to ronald regan, who in a speech referenced "born in the u.s.a." by springsteen, who inducted bob into the rock n' roll hall of fame. if it was mary-kate and ashley, i'm pretty sure i got to bob by way of eugene levy and just rolled with that. who cares, I WON!!!

thanks, coudal partners!!!!!!


these robots are stupid. (or really freakin' funny, i can't decide which.)

unfortunately, these people procreated: the 10 most disappointing rock n' roll offspring.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

this day totally sucks.

i got in a fight with my boyfriend this morning over something really stupid, then someone (accidentally) threw my lunch away (i had to dig it out of the trash and there was some sort of weird goo stuck to the box. um, ewww!), AND i just checked my bank account online and realized that i bounced a check.

AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! what next?!? i'm going to my nieces' 3rd birthday party tonight...i hope i don't pass the bad karma on to my little sweet innocent elise and cause her to fall head-first into her birthday cake or something!!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

nope, i'm not dead.

just a bizzy bee. i started a new job in the marketing department here at work, and i didn't have a computer until the end of yesterday. i've also been a bit busy after-hours...going out to eat, reading a new book i just got, etc. this job is already infinitely cooler than the other one i had here (sorry, kenny!), and it's going to be challenging and fun. so, yay me, i guess. :)

halloween totally passed me by this year. we didn't get any trick-or-treaters at the new house, but that's a good thing because we didn't buy any candy. that saved us from the effort of keeping the lights off and pretending like there was nobody home. i didn't even watch any horror movies last night! *gasp* however, as i was reading last night, chris was watching this crazy movie called "andre the butcher" starring ron jeremy (as a crazy cannibal guy that made milkshakes out of body parts, and picked off his own rotting flesh and ate it. and it wasn't even that gross, just stupid. it wasn't a porno, either, but it was just as bad, quality-wise. it involved a lot of slutty cheerleaders and a few escaped convicts, that's all i know.)

ok, regular crazy linkage and whatnot coming soon, i promise! i'm going to just sort of ease into the blogging until i get comfy here. i have to look like a dilligent worker for now. HA!