Wednesday, November 15, 2006

that's the way it crumbles...cookie-wise.

so, it's wednesday night. and that means drinking at McStan's. a friend of ours built an irish pub in his basement, and wednesdays are the night that people usually show up there. let me clarify what i mean by an "irish pub." i mean, this guy's basement looks like a REAL BAR,; just smaller. 6 or so stools around a really nice bar, glasses hanging above the bar, tap handles that match the keg of the moment, a big sign that says "McStan's," a little black board stating what's on tap and what's available regarding mixed drinks, a guinness neon sign, a little bistro table and chairs, good munchie food...i mean, it's like a real bar, but smaller and only with people you know. it's friggin' AWESOME. they also have 2 cute dogs that hang out. tonight we discussed such things as: if you kinda maybe sorta thought you were capable of murder, and you thought you may just murder someone one day, you should just dig a grave now, pre-emptively, because in the heat of the moment, you'll just end up digging a shallow grave for the body because you are in a hurry and all freaked out, and you'll just end up getting caught. don't ask me how this conversation came up...oh, i know. we were talking about one of chris' crazy relatives, which somehow led me to discuss this biography i saw last night about richard speck (and what a sick mother f-er THAT guy was), which led us to discuss that this guy jamie (who was there tonight) went to high school with and totally knew the people involved in the laurie show murder (subject of an "american justice" episode and a really sub-par lifetime movie), which then led up to a story about some guy that ryan (who was also there tonight) went to high school with that killed some chick that worked at a convenience store and buried her in a shallow grave. ahhh, yes. that's how we came to discuss the Pre-Emptive-Deep-Grave-Digging-Plan, in case you ever decided to murder someone.

so, today at work kenny and i were out smoking cigarettes, and we noticed a big pile of dog poop in the parking lot. at lunch, we were out there again, and the poop was still there. also out front (near the poop) was a big white duck feather lying on the ground. so, kenny stuck the feather in the poop, and his little genius work of art was still there when i left work this evening. i really hope it's still there tomorrow...we laughed and laughed and laughed at that feathery poop masterpiece. i put my camera in my bag, in case it's still intact tomorrow. i sure hope so. you guys better prepare youselves for a picture of poop with a duck feather in it tomorrow! hahahahahaah! bwah-hahahahah!!

right now i am watching "the apartment" for the millionth time. what a great movie this is. i mean, just really, really great. if you haven't seen it, please...i implore you. see it. buy it, or rent it, or periodically check your cable schedule and make sure you see it in your lifetime. it is so wonderful. and you will be shocked at how totally hip and cute shirley maclaine was once upon a time. and that jack lemmon...well, there's simply no one better than jack lemmon. period. he is hilarious yet vulnerable and sweet and sad and pensive in this movie...just great.

p.s. the mighty eli roth is directing a remake of another one of my all-time fave movies, "the bad seed." wooo! i hope he keeps in the part about "the pilings." i will see anything eli roth is involed in. i feel confident that he will do something cool with the flick...although, much of the original's appeal is the overdramatic, campy aspect of it. that chick that played rhoda's mother...she was just classic. so overdramatic and insane. and freakin' leroy..."the shoes!!!!" hahahaha...okay, i am a bit tipsy and realize that if you have never seen "the bad seed" you have absolutely *no* idea what i am babbling about right i will just creep away to bed now. nighty-night!


anubis44 said...

Alas, the poop/feather masterpiece was gone this morning. How sad.

Weenil said...

"Give me those shoes!!!" "You're goin' to the electric chair! They got a li'l blue one for boys and a li'l pink one for girls!!"