Thursday, August 31, 2006

be back soon!

upon my return from the far-reaches of upstate new york, i will share the details of the bob show and of kickin' around woodstock. hopefully the weather isn't too's not supposed to rain tomorrow night, which is good. but saturday could be a little soggy. but that's okay, because i'd much rather walk around woodstock in the rain than stand in a ballpark with thousands of other people for 6 hours in the rain. it looks like it will be a bit chilly as well...i wonder where i packed my sweaters?!?!?

anyway, i'm hoping that bob does some "modern times" stuff soon, but he hasn't played any of the tunes live all week, so maybe he's waiting for the fall tour to whip those out. and by the way, i cannot say ENOUGH about "modern times." man oh MAN, it's wonderful. the only indication as to what decade it was recorded is the alicia keys reference. otherwise, it sounds like something from my 91-year-old grandma's turntable. which suits me just fine. my first favorite song is "spirit on the water." and this song is good too, with a nice video. i desperately have to hook up the record player soon so i can see what it sounds like on vinyl. i am such a geek.

anyway, see ya in a coupla days.

(photo via big happy funhouse)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the living room.

now, please bear in mind that we have only been in the house for 3 days, so try to look beyond the lamp with no shade, the lack of curtains, unfinished trim, etc.

man, i wish my blog had Smell-o-vision so you can get the full effect on these "before" pictures...



the dining room


uhhh, nice carpet. >:(


i'm waiting on a new glass tabletop; the one we got had 2 chips in it, and they had to order us a new one. :/ i also got these really cool curtians, that we will hang up soon.

the guest room.



this room is going to be painted yellow soon. don't think the bedspread will stay; i want to put something else on this bed.

greetings from day 3 in the new house.

i took the day off from work today so i can make this place look like someone actually lives here, and find things we need (like pots and pans and junk.) i was up until 1 am this morning putting curtains up, finding the 2 guitars, 2 ukes, and accordian proper homes, getting the pictures out and about so i am motivated to hang them...etc. i'm enjoying my morning coffee right now, waiting for 10 am so i can get my dylan tickets. *le sigh*

i am also slightly bummed out that we won't have cable until tuesday...the raconteurs are playing all over the VMAs tomorrow or whenever it is. i assume i guess i can watch it online, but still. i am missing all kinds of good tv lately.

so, here are some links from other people's blogs. i can't seem to find anything good on my own this morning. :/

that murray wilson...oh boy. (via boing boing)

awesome beck interview. (via pop candy) i love beck. he is one of the few musicians out there that really tries to be creative and innovative with his music. he truly sees music as art. and in beck's case, it really is art.

at around 1:38 into this interview, paula abdul can no longer keep it together. i love it. (via a socialite's life)

POST TICKET-PURCHASE UPDATE: well, i'm not as close to the stage as i'd like to be (and usually am). i got row 1 in section 106. basically, if i am not at least 20 feet from bob dylan, i'm disappointed with my seats. i guess you could call me a "bob snob." oh well, maybe i can get better seats when the next presale goes down. but these seats are pretty sweet. and hey. at least they're on the floor.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i have a half-eaten piece of mushroom pizza in the fridge...anybody wanna buy that?

make your own concert ticket stub. notice the watermark says says "ticketbastard." (via stereogum)

some of these cars freak me out. i don't think i like the future.

the crazy week of bob continues!

so, not only did i get "modern times" on vinyl yesterday (complete with bonus cd of one of bob's theme time radio hour shows--this one was "baseball") but i got the new rolling stone with bob on the cover, and this morning i downloaded the new album on iTunes and got my ticketmaster pre-sale password code thing. it is ALL ABOUT THE BOB THIS WEEK. so, dear readers, i apologize to all of you that are tired of hearing about bob. but, what are ya gonna do. he's totally ruling my life right now.

here's another thing i can talk about: nightmares. i have been having the craziest nightmares for the past few weeks now. i am chalking it up to being stressed out about the house and the move and stuff (i don't do well with "big life changes"--i'm a worrier), but i really wish they would go away. i mean, these are the kind that you spring up in bed, screaming and not knowing what is going on.

last night my nightmare was that someone cut up my cat's face, squished her insides, choked her with a ribbon, and she died in my arms. i mean, ?!?!?!? it was HORRIBLE! i woke up, crying, and gertie was sleeping at my feet like she always does. i picked her up and put her on my chest, and she purred and purred and stayed there for a long time. ugh, just horrible.

we are very glad to be in the house, though! we still have some painting to do, but it looks nice. i am really antsy to get stuff up on the walls and put my silly knick-knacks everywhere and give it some personality. curtains would be nice, too. neither of us feel like doing anything this week, after busting our butts for the past 6 weeks. so, we will just kind of chill out and slowly unpack this week, then friday go to upstate new york to see bob and hang out in woodstock. because, you know, this is the crazy week of bob.

Monday, August 28, 2006

"anthropology is very instructive in that way."

i keep getting these spammy emails from someone named Beck Smart and they all say the same thing:

Sammile was saying softly: Perhaps shes asleep; I dontwant to wake her. Pauline said, as she stood up, Itd be too wonderful, and then, Arent you rather tired, grandmother? They were not restless, as she had thought.
I thought we might have had asong or speech or something with all the names in it. Anstruther said; andYoud turn them into a cosy corner of trees, Myrtle, Pauline interjected. Then it would be betterfor you to be there, she said.
She leant toward Pauline and went on: There are all sorts of ways of changing dreams.
But I dont seewhy you dont enjoy yourselves.
Anthropology is very instructive in that way. It was exactly what Wentworth wanted to know.
Pauline said: Can you change dreams, Mrs.
Anthropology is very instructive in that way. I was saying to Hugh as we came along thatall it needs is force. Would you forgive meif I deserted you too? But I dont seewhy you dont enjoy yourselves.
Pauline said, as she stood up, Itd be too wonderful, andthen, Arent you rather tired, grandmother? Not dreams, Pauline said, meeting themselves

kind of makes you long for the days of "free penis pump!"


stream "modern times" here.

related (yay!): nice raconteurs article.

UPDATE: Looks like we may have to hook up the record player tonight…I just got my MODERN TIMES, double-LP gatefold sleeve on 180-gram vinyl!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

i'm bound to pack it up, i'm bound to pack it up today

so, i'm taking a teensy internet break from packing all of our insane amounts of crap up for the move tomorrow. coming soon: pictures of the new house! we are not finished with the house yet, ohhhh no. not by any by any means. but, as things reach their final stages, i can share all of the hard work we've been doing for the past month or so...

here are some links i've been holding onto for the past few days:

beat generation & counterculture links. (courtesy of the marvelous pcl linkdump)

how can you not love this man? i mean, come on.

syd barrett's possessions auctioned off.

ruined music. this is a great site. i'm already working on one to send in (working on it in my head, that is. there are so many songs that have been ruined for me by various people that it will be hard to pick just one!)

this chick has two vaginas. yep. calling her blog "box set" is pretty clever, though; i'll give her that.

they eat horses, don't they?

there's a kurt cobain movie coming out. i actually have read the book that michael azerrad wrote; it's pretty good. although i read it in 1993, so maybe if i re-read it now i wouldn't be as into it. meh. it's probably still good.

and finally, a great picture of keith richards, just because.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

holy wow!

i just saw my friend mark on the local news, talking about pluto not being a planet anymore. and why was he talking about it? because he is the planetarium director at the museum! go mark!!

so, last night was the dylan show, and it rocked. we got right down front, (chris' parents were total troopers!) the set list was great ("lenny bruce"!!! what?!?!? i love you, bob.) and "not dark yet" brought tears to my eyes. i've cried at many a dylan show for many a different reason...lots of times, with bob, a song you have heard a million times takes on a really different and personal meaning if heard at the right time. and i don't know, that's what happened. i was just totally moved. and bob was in a GREAT mood, be-boppin' around that keyboard and smiling and making silly faces. AWESOME.

by the way, everyone needs to check out junior brown. that man is out of control in a really great way. LOVED HIM. i am really looking forward to seeing him again next week in upstate ny. i totally dug him.

in other "bob dylan is awesome" news, guess who's opening for him in philly in november?

THE FREAKING RACONTEURS. i love this man. seriously. i love him. ironically, after the show last night, chris and i went out for a few drinks and we started talking about our "lists," meaning 3 famous people we are totally allowed to bang if we ever got the chance. my top two? bob dylan and jack white. seriously, if quentin tarantino shows up at this philly gig, chris is SERIOUSLY IN TROUBLE.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


bob bob bob!





bob bob bob!

(p.s. tonight is my 14th bob show. next week is my 15th. wheeeee!)

i just noticed that kings of leon are opening for bob in san francisco in october! i wish they could've opened for him for my shows; i love them!

not bob.

also not bob.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

back in the summer of '85

this link spotlights some hits from the summer of 1985. i remember that summer very clearly. i was 12 years old, and i was really, REALLY starting to get obsessed with music. my best friend was this girl named alison that lived across the street from my grandmother, so we saw each other practically every single day that summer. we taped millions of songs off the radio. we bought every 45 that ever came out, it seemed. we bought magazines that had nothing but song lyrics in it. we watched videos like crazy. we would crank up these records and sing at the top of our lungs. my parents also FINALLY bought a VCR that summer, so i rented every music-related video out there.

alison and i laughed and laughed about everything. we really had fun. we also were into boys and "general hospital" and all that other pre-teen crap, but the music is what i remember the most. i was REALLY REALLY into madonna. TOTALLY. i loved the police and was sad that they broke up. i was still very much into prince. and i loved wham! LOVED LOVED LOVED wham! alison's favorite bands were culture club and duran duran. i also know she had every hall and oates album ever released, but by '85 she may have moved on. i had yet to discover the likes of the cure, the psychedelic furs, etc. that came a few short years later. i think i started to get a clue in maybe late '86 or early '87.

my favorite song on that entertainment weekly guy's list? "shout" by tears for fears. i flippin' LOVE that song. man, i still love tears for fears.

refresh your memory with wikipedia's entry for the music of 1985. i love wikipedia!

here's the top 100 songs of 1985. my favorites?

"Careless Whisper".....Wham!
"I Want To Know What Love Is".....Foreigner
"Money For Nothing".....Dire Straits
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World".....Tears for Fears
"Can't Fight This Feeling".....REO Speedwagon (YEAH, I SAID IT! I'M NOT ASHAMED!)
"Crazy For You".....Madonna
"Everytime You Go Away".....Paul Young
"Don't You (Forget About Me):.....Simple Minds
"Everything She Wants".....Wham!
"Shout".....Tears for Fears
"Alive and Kicking".....Simple Minds
"Sea Of Love".....Honeydrippers
"A View To A Kill".....Duran Duran
"Raspberry Beret".....Prince & The Revolution
"If You Love Somebody Set Them Free".....Sting
"Things Can Only Get Better".....Howard Jones
"The Boys Of Summer".....Don Henley
"All I Need".....Jack Wagner (this was my first concert EVER-which happened in 1985! i loved him.)
"One Night In Bangkok".....Murray Head (GREAT SONG)
"Never Surrender".....Corey Hart
"Head Over Heels".....The Go-Gos
"The Search Is Over".....Survivor (i remember singing this with alison in her backyard, listening to the 45 on her portable record player)
"Glory Days".....Bruce Springsteen
"Some Like It Hot".....Power Station
"Valotte".....Julian Lennon
"Material Girl".....Madonna
"Too Late For Goodbyes".....Julian Lennon
"Lay Your Hands On Me".....Thompson Twins
"I'm On Fire".....Bruce Springsteen
"Would I Lie To You?".....Eurythmics
"Voices Carry".....'Til Tuesday
"Walking On Sunshine".....Katrina & The Waves
"Pop Life".....Prince & The Revolution
"Get It On (Bang A Gong)".....Power Station

one question: where is "west end girls" by the pet shop boys?!?

i don't really know why i remember that particular summer so vividly...but i do. every morning i would watch an hour of "gidget" reruns, then some game shows. later i'd ride my bike over to alison's, and we'd hang out. then we'd faithfully watch "gh" at 3, and "dancin' on air" at 4. (that was a local dance show that got syndicated as "dance party usa" the next year. we were totally obsessed with that, too...)

and, in case you were wondering, we had some big falling out when i was a freshman in high school over the fact that i met some new friends, and she never talked to me again. typical. :/

completely unrelated: how to make a bra purse. you can put your duct tape wallet in it!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

awesome new house purchase of the day

i can't wait to make my first big meal and eat at this BITCHIN' TABLE!!! i think i also may want to replace the chandelier with this one, in light of this new development (no pun intended).

i probably won't be bloggin' much this week...chris' parents are coming from ohio tonight and staying for a week to help us do some house stuff and get ready for the big move next week...wednesday we are going to see bob dylan (woo!), and then thursday my family and chris' parents are going to meet for the first time...ack! then on sunday we are doing the big move. could i have any MORE happening right now?!? i can't take it. i'm a hot mess.

in other news, i gave myself itty-bitty bangs yesterday when i really should have been packing:

meanwhile, gertie is still the prettiest kitty in all the land:

finally, let us take a moment to bid farewell to the 2nd pair of chucks that went to shoe heaven during this whole house experience:

goodbye, old friends. you've served me well.


top 5 drug-fueled tv appearances.

jack white's awesome house up for sale.

how does your surname rank?

Friday, August 18, 2006

at lassssssssssssst!!

so, lassssssst night i went to a late-night viewing of snakes on a plane. and...


it really was. i had a blast. there were pretty many people there, considering it was a late showing on a thursday (some wearing SoaP t-shirts, and exclaiming "snakes on a plane!!!!" in the lobby). when the movie started, everyone was laughing and into it immediately. there was laughter from just about everyone as soon as the title appeared on the screen. :) and, of course, when samuel l. jackson said his famous line, everybody woooed and cheered like mad. ahhhhh, so fun! there were cheers and yells for sam the first time he appears on screen, as well as at the end of the movie. and many times in between. i love it!

i won't spoil anything for those of you who are going to see it, but i will say that they don't mess around with plot or character developement too much, which was good. they were all on that plane pretty quickly. there were some really great ways that people got killed by the snakes, especially involving being in the bathroom. some of the snakes themselves were pretty cool, especially the great big huge gigantic one. oh, and guess who played the co-pilot?

champ kind! everybody laughed as soon as they saw him, too, so that's cool.

my review: i'll give it an 8 out of 10, factoring in the hype and the fun. it's definitely better quality than one of those sci-fi channel movies (like mansquito or whatever), AND it's got freaking samuel l. jackson. some of the stuff was actually pretty icky (like how people got all bloated and oozing venom from the snake bites and stuff like that). if you want to see this film, you should definitely see it in the theater because it will be a bitchin' time. i think this is the first cult film of all time that became a cult film before it was even released, so it really had that vibe about it. when we walked out of the theater, they must've been preparing for the real opening day (today), because there were snakes hanging all over the place. :)

so, go see this movie while the momentum for it is high. do as i say, and you live. :)

related: ewww, snake poo.

as of right now, it's got a 72% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes! that i did not expect.

good ssssssssam jackson interview.

snakes on a cake!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

"she looks like a fat minnie mouse." (ouch!!)

design*sponge. it's a good design blog, but actually the most recent post is about what a crime it was to send alison home last night on "project runway." i couldn't agree more!!! i mean, this outfit wasn't her best work, but she has a good track record. plus, VINCENT IS TOTALLY INSANE, HIS CLOTHES SUCK, AND HE JUST NEEDS TO GO! and may i say that jeffrey was totally robbed. his dress was AWESOME. he has every right to be pissed. i mean, just look at this dress. he made it out of NEWSPAPER, and it kicks @$$.

it was so much better than michael's boring piece of poo. :/

i am going to decorate every room in the house just like this. (actually we DO have a white owl lamp that we bought at goodwill, so we are not that far off)

artist trading cards.

indiana jones vs. brian jones.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my cat's breath smells like cat food.

actually, my apartment smells like cat food. i spilled an ENTIRE BAG of purina cat chow all over the place this morning. i was putting the bag back in the cupboard and it fell over and the entire contents spilled out onto the floor. *heavy sigh* not a good way to start the morning.

also, i am a complete emotional mess with this house renovation and moving and everything. i. just. cannot. DEAL!!!! somebody help me! i think i need to be sedated. ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba, i wanna be sedated.

if you eat hot dogs, you will become horribly mutilated.

you're better off eating this.

these people sure live on the edge!

how to lose a guy in 6 years.

related: i spent kate and chris' anniversary with them last year. really, i did.

here's some zappa links for ya, courtesy of growabrain.

america: we're a bunch of idiots.

Monday, August 14, 2006

everybody is down with frank

justin theroux:

the hoff:

mark ruffalo:

wes craven:

jermaine jackson:

carson daly:

even kenny's u.k. friend clive!

viva la frank!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

"the people it kills get up and kill!!"

dawn of the knitted dead. SO AWESOME!

why can't this ever happen to me?

ohhhhh crap. i am SO getting cancer.

probably only those who lived in the NE area of the country will appreciate this. or, if you ever heard that beastie boys song, now you know what it is. also, listeners of howard stern from about 15 years ago will remember that fred (eric) norris got one of these for his mom for mother's day. and apparently i enjoy talking about fred and the cookie puss, becasue i found a link to my own blog in my google search. so here's that.

"BUY THIS PHOTO: Click the above link to purchase this photo framed, unframed, on mugs, puzzles, tiles, greeting cards, mousepads or t-shirts." um, what?!?!?

all your snakes are belong to us. ya gotta admit, the marketing for this movie has been pretty great so far.

well, i'm covered in paint and ick, so i'm off to shower and then crash out. this weekend is going to be big as far as house stuff goes---finishing sanding the floors, painting as many rooms as possible, the unmeasurable amount of weeding that needs to be done outside...*sigh* plus, every time we go over to the house we load up the scion to the brim (i am SO GLAD i got that roomy scion!), just to make the actual moving day a little easier. which reminds me...any of my friends that want all the beer and pizza they can handle, along with our undying love, respect, and gratitude: we are moving the weekend of the 25th. so...ya know. feel free to swing by. :)

The White House reception committee greeted the Prime Ribroast Minister and... I do the cha-cha like a sissy girl.

not musical, and definitely not one of my favorite movies, but this is so, so funny. the first time i saw this, i was literally crying, in pain, hyperventilating all over the place, falling off the sofa. i was sent into total hysterics. words cannot express how much i love steve carell. i can't wait to see little miss sunshine. oh, did i mention i am friends with frank? (not to be confused with frank.)

oh, what the hell; here's more carell:

i want you around

16 reasons why i love you

jaan pehechaan ho

i am going to post musical interludes from some of my favorite movies today. first up:

(featured in ghost world)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

You're On Notice!!

make your own here.

dolphin stress test. wow, i'm really really stressed...

wait. peter tork is still alive??

abandoned mall art.


double mmmmm...

how to undress in 2 seconds. i swear, japan has the best shows.

screw you, sudoku!!! i'm a crossword girl all the way, and unfortunately i'm secretly very snobby about it when people ask me if i'm into sudoku.

the whole world is going insane.

yay, now i can blame all of my bad behavior on my cat.

john krasinksi is in the new elle.

worst onstage meltdowns.

uhhh, this looks like a fun place to stay...?

found clothing.

so, my beloved kenny is in the UK right now, and was supposed to fly home tomorrow. i feel so bad for him; he hadn't flown in like 17 years, and he finally does it (with trepidation), and there's a huge terror plot to blow everyone flying to the US from the UK to bits. *sigh* hang in there, kenny! everything will be fine. love, Schmeddy. :)

p.s. the other big breaking news: 5 big fat girls stole some guy's milk.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

1. collect underpants. 2. ??? 3. profit!

how to make your own dunderball.

what is dunderball, you may ask?

good night...sleep tight...don't let the bedbugs bite...BECAUSE THEY'RE REAL!

and don't let the underpants gnomes get ya! this must be their favorite day of the year.

tall, slim, and erect. site not as saucy as it sounds.

at least it's not going to be pink or zellwegger. or lindsay blow-han. i think zooey could pull off being janis.

and beloved kenny is in england for a week, and he took frank along (check out the "frank" section in my links to the left to see his previous adventures). i hear frank is going to stonehenge, so i am super-excited for that picture!!!