Wednesday, August 09, 2006

1. collect underpants. 2. ??? 3. profit!

how to make your own dunderball.

what is dunderball, you may ask?

good night...sleep tight...don't let the bedbugs bite...BECAUSE THEY'RE REAL!

and don't let the underpants gnomes get ya! this must be their favorite day of the year.

tall, slim, and erect. site not as saucy as it sounds.

at least it's not going to be pink or zellwegger. or lindsay blow-han. i think zooey could pull off being janis.

and beloved kenny is in england for a week, and he took frank along (check out the "frank" section in my links to the left to see his previous adventures). i hear frank is going to stonehenge, so i am super-excited for that picture!!!


Clive said...

I was doubled up in laughter when I heard about Frank.

It's alright for Kenny, he doesn't have to live here.... Ohhhh the embarrassment! LOL

American guy? I don't know an American guy... especially that one over there taking pictures of Frank ;)

mondo retro said...

kenny emailed me a picture of you posing with frank! i thought it was so great!! anyone who can appreciate frank is ok by me! :)

i'm so glad kenny (and frank) got to visit you! he said the both of them had a smashing time. :)

Clive said...

Thanks :)
He was a really cool guy.

... Kenny was OK too LOL (Just joking!)

Well I'm glad they both had a really nice time.

I tried to buy Kenny a sweater that Frank would have approved of on a couple of occasions - but Kenny wasn't having any of it.

Some people just don't know what fashion is!

mondo retro said...

ha! well, not just ANYONE can rock the "frank sweater" and get away with it!