Thursday, August 30, 2007

hot slut of the day

also, dunder-mifflin finally has a corporate website. i think i will apply for a job there, perhaps assistant (to the) regional manager. dwight can just go on back to the beet farm.

tomorrow i'm going to see this. woo! i hope it's good. i've seen the original like a million times. i am extremely happy this scene is featured!!!

oh, and below you will find another hot slut. this one's for my boyfriend. he recently admitted to me that he is a little bit attracted to mel. in fact, at the punk rock flea market, we were both just sitting there, silent...then he started laughing to himself. i said, "what?" and he goes, "oh, nothing. i was just thinking about mel breaking into the bathroom with a screwdriver when bret was trying to pee."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

best bret shirt yet

well, maybe this one was better:

of course, this is the needlepoint of sally that bret did to impress her for her birthday, but never gave her. so i guess he made a shirt out of it. tee hee. he's also been wearing that black leather jacket constantly ever since they bought those leather suits on tour.

but then again, this one has a monkey on it. bret's shirts are flippin' awesome.

oh hell, here's a sixy pic of jemaine for margaret:

(all images nabbed from here.)

Monday, August 27, 2007

what an idiot

chris and i were watching the miss teen usa pageant on friday night, because we are cool like that. we actually had fun making fun of all those stupid, spray-tanned, overly made-up girls. none of them looked like teenagers, they all looked at least 25 with all that hideous makeup and pageant hair. they all had to do these awkward dance moves every 5 minutes as well, which we were mimicking as we watched.

then this happened. it was the best thing i've seen in a long time. chris fell asleep on the couch earlier, and i actually woke him up and rewound it for him because it was SO AMAZING.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

punk rockers don't like jewelry.

ugh, i hardly sold anything at the punk rock flea market. but that's okay, it was pretty cool. good tunes, cool vendors, beer, and you could smoke in there. plus several of my wunnerful friends stopped by to hang out with me for a bit. :) i probably made around $50, plus i traded stuff with other vendors...i now have a new handmade purse and wallet made with vintage fabric, a book about haight-ashbury and a new patch for my army jacket. i also got a free punk rock coloring book and comic. the whole thing would have been better if i wasn't INSANELY HUNGOVER from the day before. waaaaaah...i was doing okay at the beginning, even had a few beers. but then about halfway through the day i got an intensely nauseating, pounding headache. so i packed up at 5, came home, took a nap, and made myself some eggs. i am feeling much, much better. but the hangover was worth it; rachel's party ruled! so so so so fun. there's a pretty decent chunk of the night that i don't really remember at all...but i think i did pretty well for someone that was drinking for 8 hours straight.

swinging, singing, cigars, ukuleles, beer pong, and bugs

congrats to rachel!! best divorce party ever!

Friday, August 24, 2007

check out the awesome sign dave made for me

this is for my stand at the punk rock flea market on sunday. good one, dave! oooh, you're a legend, dave...

my freaky, freaky dream

last night i had the most disturbing dream of all time. i was walking through a hospital with my boss (not rachel, who i talk about all the time, but the head of our department) and for some reason we were talking about cancer. he was all like, "well, do you want to go to the cancer ward?" i said, "sure!" so we went to the cancer ward, and i had a cup of coffee in my hand. there were all these crazy hoses and clamps and machines hooked up to the walls. people were attached to these machines, and the clamps were clamping them down and they were all screaming, and the hoses were jutting out this thick, pasty, white goo into their bodies from every orifice. like, their eyes, their mouths, etc. all the people had hospital gowns on, and dark circles under their eyes and rotting skin. when a person was finished with one of the machines, the whole wall would shift down and the next person would end up there, like an assembly line. it was like a long corridor with crazy evil hoses every few feet. throughout the entire thing these poor people were secreting this weird pink-colored substance that was thick and sticky and gooey, and it was everywhere. it got in my coffee cup, in my hair, everywhere.

my boss was laughing the entire time.

according to some dream dictionary: To dream that someone has cancer, indicates that you need to change your negative way of thinking before it creates a cancer in you. Start being more positive.

To see your boss in your dream may indicate your over-involvement or obsession with your work. Negatively, the boss in your dream may symbolize your limitations and lack of freedom/originality.

To dream that you are drinking or need your coffee, suggests that you should gain some insight and knowledge before making a decision or tackling some project/relationship. You may be acting too hasty and need to slow down. Alternatively, it may imply a need for you to change your routine.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

figwit of the conchords

how shocking, it's another flight of the conchords post! just call me mel. speaking of mel, her vlog from the other day is funny. i like her little plastic recorder. i used to have a green one. but i would pretend i was a snake charmer with it. this was about a year ago. (yah, i kid.) and, as time goes on, i am starting to REALLY love murray. a lot. he's precious. "how 'bout a bit of hay, coming out of your mouth! that would be cool!" i enjoyed murray as the goat in brit's trip, all smarmy and snarly with the beer. oh, heavens.

anyway, let's discuss the upcoming episode. oh my. :) :) :) obviously they figured out a way to incorporate the frodo song and brit's elfin (elvin? elven? meh.) past into the show. i must admit, i am not the biggest LOTR fan. i mean, i read the books a million years ago and i've seen the movies, and it's all fine and good. but it's not something that i'm "into." i just can't believe that this guy is also this guy.

only 2 shows left...and then what are we all to do?!? you can only re-watch the old ones so many times. and i've already watched them SO MANY TIMES...

here are some random fotc things that chris and i now say with considerable frequency in our every day lives:

"sixy." (or, "six," or "sixist.")

"whuh? whuh? whuh?"

"why? why? why, exactly?" (also, once in a while, "STEVE!")

"foofy fa fa...foofy FA fa fa fa faaah..." (we call the cat "foofy" a lot, so we sing it to her)

there's this guy that works at a sub shop that we like (the aforementioned beatles-themed "yellow submarine"), and he always has one of those bluetooth thingies in his ear. we went in there last friday, and we both laughed when we saw it because we both thought the same thing. i said, "sue them. just sue them."

i have issues.

bill murray still rules.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Haha, Pekka Pohjola bassossa :D

you're a tasty piece of pastry

here i am, back at work after my mini-vacation. i am not happy about it. i have no energy to look for interesting links, so i will talk about flight of the conchords YET AGAIN. last night our sixy kiwis bret and jemaine temporarily gained 2 new fans, who gave them LSD and one of them convinced them to have a threesome w/ her. le sigh...they were a little freaked out by the whole thing and didn't want to look at each other during it, but seriously. why can't a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?

we got to see lots of mel this week, and her house, and a bit of mel's husband hiding in the basement in the dark. we also learned that bret can't even have one sip of beer without running to the toilet.

i also love that the only song they ever play live is "i like to rock the party." well, except at that new zealand expo with jemaine and the tape. he added those bits about the hotties at the party shakin' their boobies and their babies shakin' their booties. you know, those little woolen boots that babies wear.

as we all know, they got picked up for a second season. huzzah! i was poking around on message boards and wikipedia (the episode details w/ musical references are good) and whatnot yesterday afternoon, and i think my obsession is somewhat mild compared to some of these chickies out there. but maybe not. i guess a lot of us are needy for a weedy shy guy.

anyway, please enjoy bret's trip:

Friday, August 17, 2007

i pay my mother ucking rent fortnightly

yesterday margaret and i got sushi and beer (and then some iced coffee and a big cookie/brownie thing) and watched 8 episodes of "flight of the conchords." we sang along and even got up and danced at one point (to "foux de fa fa," of course). it was great fun. i think margy thinks jemaine is sixy, with his transactional shi.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

one night with you

elvis died 30 years ago today, and i remember it. my mom was quite distraught, to put it mildly. so here's the hottest pic of the real elvis that i could find, and jack white as elvis. yum.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

now THIS is embarrassing

this was my bedroom, circa...i'm gonna say 1986. holy moly. what's interesting to me is the clear evidence of the burgeoning OCD even then. just check out how psychotically i spaced out the michael j. fox pinups from 16 magazine (or tiger beat or bop or what have you), which are all the exact same size. eek.

i need to find pics of my room when i discovered punk rock and other good music, just to try to get back my indie credibility. :/ hahahahaha. but i love this picture. i obviously loved my room so much that i took a picture of it. on my kodak disc camera, no doubt.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i'm on 'oliday!

i have the next 3 days off (plus the weekend, so really 5 days off) and i couldn't be happier! i plan on making as many necklaces as humanly possible for the big punk rawk flea market coming up. i also plan on doing some art, drinking many beers, eating somewhat poorly, staying up way too late, etc. oh, on friday night 2 of my nephews are sleeping over. that'll be a riot. they are 10 and 12 years old, and very cool and hilarious. they want me to take them to the beatles-themed sub shop in my neighborhood (aptly named "yellow submarine") because i made a very deliberate effort to get them into the beatles when they were teeny tiny little tykes. we also plan on playing lots of video games and staying up super-late. i am the cool aunt. i let them do whatever they want and eat whatever they want. woooooo!

let's see...what else is going on...i lost 21 pounds on weight watchers! awwww yeah!! i feel great. i didn't realize that i was such a fatass.

ummm...i watched a bunch of joan crawford movies within the past 2 weeks. there were a bunch of joan flicks on turner classic movies, so i DVR-ed most of them. i saw a few that i love ("possessed," "mildred pierce,"), a few that i've never seen before ("flamingo road," "autumn leaves," "berzerk" - i only managed to get through less than half of that piece of crap), and one that i haven't seen in years, "trog." which is the most ridiculously awesome movie ever! i am never deleting it, ever ever. sadly, they did not air "strait-jacket." which, incidentally, i gave to mark and margaret as an engagement gift. i think i have issues. anyway, i friggin' love joan crawford.

here are random pictures that i have on my computer right now.