Monday, August 27, 2007

what an idiot

chris and i were watching the miss teen usa pageant on friday night, because we are cool like that. we actually had fun making fun of all those stupid, spray-tanned, overly made-up girls. none of them looked like teenagers, they all looked at least 25 with all that hideous makeup and pageant hair. they all had to do these awkward dance moves every 5 minutes as well, which we were mimicking as we watched.

then this happened. it was the best thing i've seen in a long time. chris fell asleep on the couch earlier, and i actually woke him up and rewound it for him because it was SO AMAZING.


anubis44 said...

I truly believe we should help the Iraq and South America.

Christine said...

I truly believe...that 1/5 of Americans... can't find the US on a map... because they are as dumb as Miss South Carolina. ROFL!!! How did that moderator keep from cracking up?