Friday, December 30, 2005

happy frank year!!

this is the end...

of the year, that is. i guess i better make this post count!

the picture to the left is of these little toys that i LOVED when i was a little kid. i don't remember what i named them, but i loved them SOOO much. i snagged them on Christmas at my mom's house. there is this great big bag of toys that used to be mine that all of the neices and nephews love to play with when they go over to "mom-mom's." my little adorable 2-year old neice was playing with these 2 little guys and i was like, !!!!!!! i totally took them home with me. they originally came with this amusement park thing that had all the rides on different pieces, and the pieces connected together any way you wanted. there was a crank, and when you turned the crank, all the gears would work together and the rides would move. pretty flippin' sweet.

but, more often than not, i would play with those guys in my parents' bookcase that was filled with encyclopedias. i would make furniture for them out of clay and they lived in this labrynth-type house made from stacking the encyclopedias all crazy. ahhh, memories...


the 100 most annying things of 2005. mondo retro is not on the list.

worst sin?

i want this shirt!'s best links of the year.

wow, i can't believe that we're actually at the point of offering space tours someday.

and here's a pic of chris robinson and kate hudson shopping. i am posting this because i shall be ringing in the new year with him tomorrow night!!! well, him and like 20,000 other people or so. wheeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

shackin' up

so, right now, as we speak, my boyfriend is moving into my apartment. i told my cat gertie last night that it's no longer just the girls any more, and she seemed alright with it. that's pretty much all that's going on in mondo-land. there's really nothing exciting going on in internet-land, either.

you may be wondering if i have any new year's resolutions...or maybe you're not wondering. but, even though i don't usually do the resolution thing, i think this year i might try something. there are so many areas on which i need to improve on, so it will be hard to pick just one thing. will it be to quit smoking? exercise more? go vegetarian? vow to make at least one piece of jewelry per day, and then photograph it and put it on my jewelry blog? watch less tv? save more money? throw away all the stupid crap i am hanging on to for no reason at all?

wow, i am a totally flawed human being. i didn't realize how much there was about me that needs improvement. ok, now i'm totally depressed. bye.

oh, wait, before i go:


um, sean lennon, what the F is going on with you?!?!? (p.s. call me!)

but my lips hurt real bad!

awww, wook at those wittle penguin sweatahs!


Tuesday, December 27, 2005


they may be pleased to annouce it, but i'm sure as hell not pleased to hear it.

my hatred of phish is, like, legendary. EWWWWW! ewww ewww ewwwww. bah. oh well, i must think is definitely something cool to do for new year's, so i shan't complain too much.

Friday, December 23, 2005

ho-ho-ho to all you ho-ho-ho's out there

happy holidays to anyone reading this! i hope santa/hanukkah harry/the kwanzaa fairy/whatever is good to all of you. don't drink too much eggnog, because the hangover is no picnic. be back in a coupla days with the usual super-groovy-fun!

but before i go...

holy crap, brad renfro! what the hell happened, guy?

adam west? love him.

courtney love? i want to kick her in the face.

peace out.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

"you don't like my snowman house of horror, do you?"

ladies and gentlemen, may i present the tried and true calvin and hobbes snowman show.

vintage santa postcards.

the top 40 pictures of the year, according to reuters. i quite like the eclipse on the tongue, myself. and courtney love looking like a cracked-out whore.

the top 20 album covers of 2005.

awww, we lost some good people this year...

it's jerry time, apparently.

and in case you were wondering what linda tripp has been up to...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

happy winter solstice

go to and enjoy joe's xmasage.

i asked santa to bring me this...i hope he comes through!!

four four highlights the Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told...

are you a secret blogger? i sort of am, i guess...i mean, my family has no idea. not that they'd REALLY care, know.

stalking for beginners.

big brother IS really watching. for real!

top 50 singles of the year, according to pitchfork.

worst bombs of the year, according to rotten tomatoes.

futurama back? groovy, i say.

"girl, is your life as good as it gets?"

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

charlie brown ain't the only one depressed this Christmas

man alive, i don't know WHAT is up with me, but i am certainly in a funk. or, as chris called it, a "Fünke." he also suggested that i start seeing an analrapist. which made me laugh and eased the Fünke a little bit. i wonder if tobias would make me wear freudian slippers in our sessions?

Monday, December 19, 2005

free jimmy!!!

i don't think i can handle any more holiday parties...this weekend wiped me out. friday night i went out with my co-workers and our significant others to this biker-type bar for food and drinks and fun. this crappy band called synged were playing, and their lead singer, whom we found out was named jimmy, got arrested right before the show, so jimmy's girlfriend had to take over. FUN-NY. i'm sad that we didn't get a picture of jimmy before the cops hauled him away; it was obvious that he was arrested by the Fashion Police, as he was wearing the ugliest coat any of us have ever seen.

saturday afternoon i recovered with gertie and some bollywood.

later that night was chris' work party. it was a lot more subdued than the festivities the night before. this one was quiet and "fancy" and no one let loose at ALL, not for one second. after we left the party we went to the bar in the hotel and partied more. there was a big fly pimp-daddy guy in a shiny outfit and we were obsessed with taking his picture.

this last picture was taken just after chris fell down the stairs. bwah-hahahahahahaa!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

i wish the winter would turn into a person so i could kick its ass.

so, my car slid out of control on the ice this morning on the way to work. down a hill and into a guard rail. BOOOOO! i'm fine, no one else was involved and no one was hurt. but my car is a little messed up and now i am grumpy again.

*heavy sigh*

Thursday, December 15, 2005


i just somehow lucked into getting 2 tickets for the black crowes show at madison square garden on new year's eve! woo-hoo! also playing are my morning jacket and north mississippi allstars. i am so psyched! this is an awesome way to round out a year of seeing a lot of great shows; i was super-lucky this year. let's review: i saw the white stripes (twice!!), bob dylan, willie nelson, devo, kings of leon, beck, the shins, brendan benson, lou reed, the pixies, the killers (for like 10 minutes, but still!), interpol (also for like 10 minutes), tom petty, joan jett, john fogerty, def leppard (and they rocked, i don't care if you laugh at me!)...was there more? i can't remember right now.

anyway, the black crowes are a great live band. I've seen them 4x before. i'm not even the most rabid fan of theirs these days, but i have always have a killer time, and they really do have a lot of great songs. i used to loveloveLOVE "the southern harmony & musical companion" and "amorica" the most. although every show i've seen was good, there is one that stands out in my mind...

they played a secret show at the troc in philly in late 1994 under the name 'the o.d. jubilee band" or something like that. we found out about it at kind of the last minute, so we hightailed it down there and waited on line for like 8 hours in the bitter cold. the place only holds a little more than 800 people, and we weren't sure if we would even make it in (there must have been 2,000 people in that line). man, it was the best line i have ever waited in, EVER. all the people were so cool, and we were having a grand old time together. there was a LOT of drinking and smoking going on, it was crazy that it was right out there in the open and it seemed to be fine. there was a guy in a black crow suit dressed like uncle sam, and he threw black crowes rolling papers to the people in line.

at one point i had to pee really bad, so i walked across the street to the wawa. i was standing in yet another line to buy something so i could use the bathroom. while i was standing there, everyone started FREAKING OUT, and frantically trying to kill something with a broom. it turns out that a SCORPION escaped from this bunch of bananas on a stand right next to me. in my altered state, i was like, "!!!!!!!" it was so funny. oh, and they didn't have a bathroom, so i had to hold it for a few more hours until we got inside. ack! but we did indeed make it in and it was so worth it. i should scan the pictures i took, they are really great. i totally met chubby checker at that show, too! he was there, just rockin' out. it was great.

all these people were jumping on the stage, and then jumping off. weird for a black crowes show, but whatever. the guy i was with (see the "boo berry" post) was like, "i'm gonna do it! you have to get a picture of me onstage with the black crowes!!" i said, "sure!!" so he jumped on stage, and my only task was to take this picture, but i dropped the camera and missed it. then the guy never came back. turns out they made an example out of him and threw him out into the alley in the freezing cold. he missed nearly the whole show. when i got outside, he asked me, "well, did you at least get the picture?!?" i was like, "ermmm..." the last picture on the roll was of him giving me the finger.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

deck the halls with decapitated barbies...

...fa la la la la, la la la la.

the 1978 star wars holiday special!

really ugly cookies.

ugly light displays. which is one of my favorite things about the season. my mom, sisters and i (and whatever kids want to tag along) have this little tradition that after our Christmas Eve Party, we drive around and make fun of people's ugly light displays.

drunk santa.

sober santa.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

not so grumpy today.

my, times certainly have changed. when warhol tried to make a gay cowboy movie, the FBI got involved.

1956 better homes and gardens decorating book. yay!

the secret sex life of wombats.


i used to believe.

boo berry worship cult.

i actually have a funny/icky story about boo berry. i was dating this guy when i was 20, and one night he ate a whole box of boo berry in one sitting. he took a poo, and it was blue! he actually left it in the commode and called this other guy we knew at like 4 in the morning and told him about it. the guy was like, "i have to see this!" and he came over to see it. ahhh, how could i have let that gem of a guy get away?!?

Monday, December 12, 2005

i'm grumpy

so no post today, other than letting you know that i am too grumpy to post.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

If you've got to fight...fight dirty!

so, i'm enjoying a sonny chiba "street fighter" marathon while nursing a mild hangover. i just watched "the street fighter," and "return of the street fighter" is on now. after that we have "sister street fighter," and finally, "the street fighter's last revenge."

it's gonna be a good day.

Friday, December 09, 2005

my most embarrassing 45's

these were all purchased in the mid-80's when i was in middle school. *shudder, shudder*