Tuesday, January 31, 2006

more mondo muckity-muck

behold my "dukes of hazzard" lunchbox from when i was in love with john schneider while attending elementary school. dig the puffy little lulu stickers, itty-bitty e.t., and glorious rust inside! WOW.

before the duke boys, i loved mork. desperately.

currently, i love monkeys (and frida "monobrow" kahlo).

and shrunken heads.

and this rad robot i picked up on vacation last year.

and grimace.

and ambiguously gay barbie dolls that date sock monkeys, blue meanies, and guy smiley.

and simpsons guys, especially the director of "oh, streetcar!" p.s. don't take any wooden nickels!

all of these items are displayed in my bathroom. so, when you take a pee at my place, it's fun! wheeeee! peeeeee!

"Chuck Norris's tears cure cancer, too bad he has never cried"

OH, YES HE HAS! you know, i really think chuck norris is the new hasselhoff.

random chuck norris facts.

chuck norris responds to chuck norris facts.

chuck norris mania!

i will so never read this book.

plus: it's supercar!

free sci-fi movies!

and now (drumroll, please)...mondo's oscar picks! please note that of course i haven't seen all of these films or anything like that. these are just the people that i like. i really need to see "good night and good luck," "capote," and "a history of violence."

picture: brokeback mountain. it just seems like this will win it.
actor: philip seymour hoffman. because i heart him. i heart joaquin, too, but philip will win. although i would probably actually cry a little bit if joaquin won, what with me forever loving johnny cash and all. ugh, i am torn.
actress: i'll pick reese witherspoon, but felicity huffman may just get it.
supporting actor: i'll say matt dillon, just because i loved him very much in the 80's ("over the edge"!!!!) but i like me some clooney and some jakey and some giamotti, too! tough one.
supporting actress: frances mcdormand, because she's awesome.
director: ang lee. his movies are always good. well, almost always (hello, "hulk!")

i don't care about the other categories. except maybe animated feature, which is a toss-up between "corpse bride" and "wallace and grommit."

Monday, January 30, 2006

mid-afternoon monday linkage

the raconteurs site has gone live. and it's old-skool-a-riffic!

almost naked animals.

this cat looks like brains!

some interesting bob dylan links.

watch glen or glenda! (link via pcl linkdump)

A dinosaur Victrola/list'ning to Buck Owens...

things other people accomplished when they were your age.

i am making this for dinner tonight.

monobrow - celebrating the unity of your eyebrows.

70's live action kid vid. (link via bubblegum fink)

teenage horror factory.

herve's foyer. ahhhh, herve...what is it about him that i love so much?!

buck owens mp3s. (link via aquarium drunkard)

edit: my sweet boyfriend just emailed me: "monobrow's got nothing on MONDOBROW!!!" nice. even nicer that he chose a pic of me without makeup. booo! >:(

Sunday, January 29, 2006

oh, what a night...

so, i was taking some pics of my favorite things around my pad, and i feel one item in particular is so precious to me that i decided to write about it. i discussed all the shenanigans on the now-defunct mondo-retro.com, but here it is again. the jack daniels bottle you see is not part of the story, but has a great story of its own: i saw the damned just before halloween in 2001 at the north star bar in philly, which is a teeny tiny place, and i was practically on stage with them--i was standing on the steps leading up to the stage, literally 2 feet in front of captain sensible the entire time. during "smash it up," dave vanian held my hand and sang a few lines to me--i kid you not. i thought i was going to have a heart attack. anyway, at one point the band and all the people in the front were swigging from a bottle of jack like old drinking buddies---and i ended up with the empty bottle. :)

but here's the story of the dead flowers inside the bottle, taken from what i wrote when i got home from the strokes/white stripes show at radio city music hall in august of 2002:


i have to get this all down before i forget the amazing details. this was, by far, one of the most magical rock-n-roll evenings of my entire life. everyone who knows me is aware of how into both these bands i am. the fun started before we even got in radio city music hall--fabrizio stuck his cute, curly head out of the dressing room window, and we snapped some pics of him and albert, and waved and stuff. very cool. little did i know my MIND WAS ABOUT TO BE BLOWN!!! wheeeeeeeee! oh, and as i was staring at fab, who should walk into the stage door DIRECTLY BEHIND ME but meg white!!! she looked very chic and beautiful, of course.

the white stripes were amazing. really, really amazing. they did "isis"!!! i can't remember all the songs or the order, but this is what is coming to mind right now:"dead leaves...", "hotel yorba", "apple blossom", "offend in every way"...sheesh, my mind is mush. oh, "we're going to be friends", complete with audience handclaps. nice.

by the time the strokes hit the stage, people were just completely losing it with glee. the vibe at this show was AWESOME. they plowed through practically all of "is this it?", plus "meet me in the bathroom," "you talk too much," and "ze newie."it was one of those few times that i was completely, absoloutely, honestly MOVED by music. the build-up to the end of "alone,together" was like the greatest, most electrifying moment, man...i rocked out like i haven't rocked out in YEARS. the strokes just totally do it for me, man. it was just one of those shows. poor jules had to sit on a stool the entire time, since his knee is not better yet, but it did NOTHING to hinder the energy WHATSOEVER. jack joined them for "new york city cops", which may have been the most insane moment of the entire night. or so i thought...

as we were leaving, we walked by the same window that fab had been leaning out of earlier. i saw the top albert's 'fro peeking out above the sill, and we realized, "hey, they're in there!!" so, we (along with a bunch of other people) walked over to the window, and ALL OF THE STROKES and JACK AND MEG leaned out of the window, waving, talking to us...and everybody was screaming like they were the beatles. it was amazing. they/we stopped traffic on 51st street and everything. i was lucky enough to be right below the windows, and they just started tossing stuff down at us---first it was guitar picks and stuff, and then jack leaned out of the window with a bottle of champagne, and poured it into our mouths and on our heads...and down my dress, actually. it was amazing. he threw down flowers (yes, i got flowers, too!), chopped vegetables from their backstage trays, albert threw julian's (i think) shirt, jack took his shirt off and threw that, meg was tossing ice down to the sweating masses...people, it was MAGIC. then fab sat on the ledge as if he was going to throw himself out of the window, and everyone outstretched their arms and began chanting, "jump! jump!" it was a riot. they were LOVIN' it. another hilarious moment was when matt came to the window, and, as he was wearing a red t-shirt also, everyone thought he was fab. so, people were losing it, screaming, "fab! fab!" and then fab slowly rose up from underneath the window, and pointed at us and laughed, like "GOTCHA!" what a scream. oh, what a night. if you all could see the looks on their faces...they were all in complete fantasy rock star land, and seemed genuinely happy, elated, surprised, and flabbergasted that we just all stood there, telling them how much they rocked, how much we loved them, etc. WOW. i am still totally losing it. i can go to sleep tonight (well, this morning), with the satisfaction that jack white essentially showered me with flowers and champagne, and jules waved at me. like, right at ME. wheeeeeee! i seriously think i'll be telling my kids that.

(ed. note: the photo, taken by the guy i was with at the time, shows jack mid-pour. i was directly under the stream. the photo next to it was taken inside the dressing room by some professional photographer-type guy.)

next day: i am (slightly) more coherent than last night. i heart the strokes!! i heart the stripes!! what a genuine moment the whole show was. i predict some write-ups about this show all over the place. and of course i will provide that info to all of you. yes, you. THE MASSES. i have it in my head that people are actually following my escapades...oh, and if the sweet couple i met at the show, whom we were going to hang with after the show---i'm sorry we lost you guys! after all that hub-bub...well, you know. you guys were so nice. they pointed out the fact that ellen barkin was there, only a few rows in front of us, and looking SMASHING!

ahhhh, memories. :) i still have that damn carrot in my freezer. oh, and two days after that show, i had 4th row beck tickets for his tiny solo acoustic warm-up tour, and after the show i met and hugged him. man, that was one bitchin' weekend...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

it was the best of times, it was the blurst of times...

aside from the pictures at the bottom of me and gertie (and this rad nymph-with-harp thing i bought at a flea market for $2 that i love so much and i just had to share), the following are images from some of my more recent-ish journals. i never really write anything in these journals; instead, i just collage things that i find or that i’m into at the moment, with some concert tickets and such thrown in. here are a few images; more to come some other day. enjoy!

good morning, starshine!

it's a warm, sunny saturday morning, and i'm feelin' pretty groovy. i don't normally wake up in a good mood (usually i am cranky and confused), but today i did. it seems that it will be warm enough today that it warrants a comfortable stroll around the neighborhood...get coffee, go to the record store, the bead store, etc. i flipping *hate* winter, so any january day where the temp. is in the 50's is a-ok by me. but, to be on the safe side, let's see what the karma generator has to say..ooh, my karmic mood is: funny. great, now i totally have to deliver with my links, eh? stupid karma!!

bruce vilanch and his many t-shirts. (thanks, yuppie punk)

i seriously don't know who's more pathetic, james lipton or k-fed.

here's a site devoted to the kind of food that you win a trophy if you can finish it.

60's japanese guide to sex. hahahahahahaha!!

the village voice features hello kitty slideshow.

i would definitely see a film nick cave made.

ask a philosopher!

evil science.

and speaking of scientists...

Friday, January 27, 2006

a-a-a-a-a-a-oooooo: apparently, it's a word.

a study shows that more smokers quit successfully on a whim. unfortunately, that whim hasn't hit me yet.

maybe this will work for me...? (via boing boing)

the raconteurs on myspace.

"if everybody had a toilet/across the USA..."

i could psychotically build these shleves for hours and hours and hours...

strange and unusual dictionaries.

buy, sell, or trade me! well, this blog, anyway.

hope everyone has a good weekend! i know i will, because i don't have squat planned, except for chilling out. and i have strokes tickets, so all is right with the world...


i can't believe i actually just scored these tickets through regular, non-presale and non-illegal means! i suppose sitting here at my desk, not working, psychotically refreshing the screen before 11 am actually paid off! yessssssss!

tra-la-la-la, so happy! so, so happy!!!

update: oop, just checked and they added another show on saturday, and it's sold out already. i feel so lucky and happy!

last night we watched...

squirm! oh man, was it ever awful. but in a good way. it got off to a very slow start, but it actually got sufficiently icky as the movie went on! yay worms!

so, this morning i am going to try to get strokes tickets for the hammerstein ballroom show, where they are kicking off their tour. i'm gonna need all the luck in the world, so if all of you would say a little prayer or do a little dance or make a little love or whatever one might do to send good luck someone's way, mondo really needs it this morning at 11 a.m. EST.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

okay, i did some web-scouring...

...and this is what i came up with:

list of films ordered by uses of the "f" word.

dismember this purple-haired naked lady. is this NSFW? not sure. meh. it's not that great anyway.

statue molesters! fun!

pooh goes apeshit. ok, i admit i didn't actually read it. but it sounds funny!

unusual ways people have died.

picture pages, picture pages, open up your picture pages...

there is, like, nothing going on on the internets today. so, here are some random images from mondo's vault...

p.s. stream the new belle and sebastian here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Your cattle is waiting for phosphate fodder."

plan59's gallery of demonic tots and deeply disturbing cuisine. (via presurfer)

weezer become the velvet underground. ha, they wish they were that good.

stupid finnish advertisements.

stephen colbert played d&d.

porn star, or my little pony? i got 3 out of 10. :(

video of k-fed jamming to "PopoZao." you don't have to thank me.

pics of jack black in "nacho libre." awwwww yeah.

dance, herve! dance!!

i was just informed of something else.

chris penn is dead. :(

in his honor, i would like to encourage a "reservoir dogs" quote-fest in the comments section. (or "footloose." *shudder, shudder*) i'll start:

"how would you feel, every time you took a piss you had to do a handstand?"