Friday, October 27, 2006

along came a spider...

...and sat down beside her, and frightened miss mondo away...from the customer service department. marketing, here i come! wooooo!

on second thought, i think i want to make out with the spider. mmmmmm...fudgey licorice-legged spider...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

beck philly "rocky" puppet movie thing

also be sure to watch "do you realize??" (a little out of focus, but oh well.) oh and the bear suit action. and the "clap hands" dinner table percussion action. whoever "thefiasco" is, thanks for posting all this stuff on youtube! ;)


play this. although it kind of stressed me out more than anything.

here is a film supposedly done by jim morrison when he was in film school...but i can't bring myself to shell out $3 to watch it.

so i got this book the other day, a novel about bloggers. chris asked me what i was reading, and i told him. i said, "you know, i really should read more, instead of watching tv and being on the internet all the time." and he said, "so, you bought a book about bloggers...?" hahaha. i'm dumb.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

master of puppets (updated)

ok, the beck show last night was OUT OF CONTROL! i mean, i already heard about the puppets, but i was in no way prepared for how completely awesome those puppets would be! what a great show. here are some pics of the puppets in action at some other shows.

first of all, of course i made a shirt in the lobby with the iron-ons. each show had a t-shirt stand with iron-ons that are just like the stickers for the new album, and they press your new shirt for you right there on the spot. that was fun! i like being crafty. and my shirt came out pretty good, too. i'll take a picture of it later.

our seats totally kicked ass, we were right down front and on the aisle. the show opened with "loser," as it usually does. fine. we got a nice helping of stuff from "odelay" (hurrah!) and "mixed bizness" from "midnite vultures"...we got a few from "sea change," and a few from "guero." many many songs from "the information." he really mixed it up, though...the only "mutations" song was "tropicalia," i believe...which is always wonderful.

damn, those freaking puppets were so great! there was a little bitty puppet stage, and behind the puppet band there was a screen with psychedelic images on the puppet stage was this alternate universe. i liked the big psychedelic puppet images displayed for us as well. everything the band did, the puppets did. at one point, beck gave the beck puppet some water, and the beck puppet gestured "thank you" to him. i had a giant smile on my face practically the entire time.

the band did the "eating dinner" thing like they did last tour, while beck did some acoustic numbers. i love acoustic beck. he did "do you realize??" and "end of the day" and some country song i didn't know that he said he just learned in nashville (by the gentry brothers or something?) and a really fun rendition of "debra." then the band started bangin' away on the tableware, and then i realized that the puppets had their own little table, too...with tiny glasses, tiny food...amazing. and he did "one foot in the grave" at this point. yay! OH! OH!! way before this point they did "minus." ?!?!?!? WOOOO, that was so cool. i love the beck.

before the encore, there was a philly-centric movie featuring the puppets. it was all about one of the guys training like "rocky," and beck was burgess meredith. SO GREAT!! the little puppet guy was training all over the independence hall, at the liberty bell, running around with a cheesesteak...amazing. here's the puppet movie from the new york show that my friend matt went to. i can't wait until the philly video surfaces on youtube. the entire audience was losing it! there was uproarious laughter from everyone.

THEN, they came out for the encore in crazy suits! like, beck was in a bear suit!! and instead of a beck puppet, they had a stuffed teddy bear instead. at the end of the song, beck (in his bear suit) threw himself into the drum kit. then they came BACK OUT and played another one ("e-pro").


UPDATE: pics here! and here!! also, not sure if it was really beck in the bear suit. but i would like to pretend that it was. and... the guy who operates the beck puppet has a blog!

Monday, October 23, 2006

have you ever had...AN EGYTPIAN FEAST?!?

kenny, john and i watched "blood feast" the other night and had a gay 'ol time:

earlier that day, chris and i drove around and enjoyed the autumn leaves and went to a robot museum. it was certainly a lovely day. when kenny and john were over, i drank too much and spent all of yesterday paying for it. ugggghhh...
so, tonight's the beck show. wheeee! i still feel a bit out of it, so i hope i perk up a bit. i'm sure i will...

Friday, October 20, 2006

"love me, love me, SAY that you love me..."

awww, "the office" was so good last night!! also, happy birthday, john krasinski! your b-day gift is, all the women in america are totally in love with you.

main title heaven. seeing "the fall guy" was funny...i haven't given that show a second thought over 20 years!

don't forget, tonight is "faster, pussycat! kill! killl!" on tcm underground. they're showing "mudhoney," too. wooo!

okay. you need to check out this eBay seller's stuff. they have over 23,000 items for sale. all homemeade celebrity keychains, pillowcases, mousepads, etc. all with the most AWFUL photos of the celebrities that they could find! so insane! seriously, take a few minutes and do some searches. you will be amazed at how many celebrities are covered. you can get all your holiday shopping done RIGHT HERE!!! some of my favorites?

"leif garrett: once a temptation, always a temptation." i also like this one, where leif is "hot defined." ummm, yeah, he looks pretty hot in that pic. ?!?!

and finally, here's the new beck video, directed by michel gondry. i'm going to see beck on monday. wooooo! my friend matt called me the other night from the new york show, and said it was one of the best shows he's been to in years. sweet!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

this is what happens when people hijack your camera.

silly kenny. i can't believe i'm posting that picture of me...i look like a tired old vampire drag queen!

hobo camp!

hey. want to buy some affordable jeffrey sebelia fashions? here ya go. i want something of his. i kind of like the guy's red striped shirt with the skull on it.

oooh! jay mccarroll is going to have a line at urban outfitters! everyone who knows me is aware that i kinda have a u.o. addiction, so this is wonderful news to me. i love that guy.

i'm a little surprised, but i'm kind of interested in seeing marie antoinette. i think it's the commerical with the strokes song in it that keeps me interested. it looks visually pleasing, it's got a killer soundtrack, and i like sofia coppola a lot. plus, it's got the schwartzman. and i am all about the schwartzman. i even (finally) sat through "shopgirl" the other day because of the schwartzman. (and it really wasn't all THAT horrible. a little too chick-flicky for me, but a good lazy sunday afternoon movie. and the schwartzman was good.)

the 700 hoboes project. because i like hoboes.

dig this crazy record for download, "welcome to the beat generation."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

fall's must-have accessory...

wait. nooooooooooooo! oh HELL NO, they CANNOT let her do this!!

seriously, what is going on? why does everyone suddenly have this intense urge to not only adopt a child (which is a really great thing), but send out a damn press release about it? that really grinds my gears. "ohhh, everyone! look how SELFLESS and GIVING and HUMANITARIAN i am...i'm adopting a BABY! i mean, i'm rich, so, you know, i can TOTALLY take care of it and stuff...well, actually the NANNY will take care of it...i have a career, you know."

mmmmm...cock. (o' the walk)

cnn gives me nightmares.

did anyone else see john mark karr on larry king last night? wow...what. a. PSYCHO. i fell asleep towards the end, and then i woke up to something about the whole world blowing up because of north korea's nukes. or at least that's what i heard, in my nyquil-induced semi-coma. anyway, kim jong il said it was because he was "so rone-rey." so, i went to bed, and then dreamed of nuclear war. ugh. i've said it before, and i'll say it again: the whole world is going crazy.

in other world affairs, the guy from muse thinks 9/11 was an inside job. now whatever would make him say a thing like that?

on a lighter note:


pink is the new town.

here's blondie at cbgb's the other night. (r.i.p. cb's!) i can't wait until the patti smith video starts to surface...i wish i could've been there for that, the last show there ever. she was a perfect cherry on top of that whole era.

and finally, i think i am going to dye my hair really really red tonight. not manic panic red (see below), but quite red nonetheless.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

something inside has died and i can't hide and i just can't fake it...

that's me there, making a boo-boo face at chris because i am sick. again. after being weak and woozy for a while a few weeks back, i now have the biggest headcold of all time. my poor little nose is SO RED (i went through a whole box of tissues this weekend). but, the show must go on:

i've said it before, and i'll say it again: bill murray rocks.

the anagram genius. or, 'mangiest harangue.'

how to draw cartman. (or, 'warm cow hand to rat.' heh.)

ever wonder what the federal govt. spends its money on? well, wonder no more.

monsterama!! this was my favorite discovery of the day.

harvard magazine personals. because over-acheiving rich snooty genius freaks of nature need love, too.

linda blair in "portrait of a teenage alcoholic," complete with singing of carole king songs. and it's dubbed in japanese!! this is seriously like the best link ever! (via retrocrush)

watch these mr. t cartoons. AND EAT YOUR GREENS!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006

i stand by my decision---TEAM JEFFREY!

so, last night's episode of project runway, which is the first in the two-part finale, was completely edited to look like jeffrey did indeed cheat, and was shady and had something to hide. i just don't buy it. he obviously showed his collection at bryant park, so i would think that if he truly broke the rules and got outside help, they would disqualify him, no? unless they ended up using him as a decoy. in the previews for next week, they showed tim gunn (smooch, smooch, LOVE TIM!) telling the group that he had an announcement, and some statement like, "the rules of this show are very clear." which is a totally ambiguous statement. then they showed jeffrey putting his hands over his face with a clearly edited-in crying sound (booo, bravo!), and uli hugging him. no way are they making it that easy!! they made it look like there is no doubt that jeffrey cheated and he broke down in tears. i personally think that he was relieved and uli hugged him because she was totally defending him when laura made this "announcement." LAURA SUCKS!!! what a tired old drama queen.
although...condisering the way "reality tv" seems to it possible that this is all just a preconceived "plot twist" to stir up controversey and ratings and such? PRODUCER: "okay laura, you accuse jeffrey of cheating. america hates him. then we can have an investigation, and we'll break up the finale into TWO PARTS, and the cliffhanger of the first episode will be tim about to reveal the results of the investigation!!!" i mean, would that be such an impossibility? they never split the finale into 2 episodes before. ANNNND, what is UP with her saying that she had no money to start her own line, so this $100,000 would really help her?!? SHE'S LOADED!!! well, at least her husband is. did you SEE her apartment?!?!? ugh. she's a snooty old rag. i hope one of her kids puts turtle poop in her coffee.

i will say that uli's collection was a lot nicer than laura's or michael's. michael's stuff was a hot mess, i'm sorry. i really, really like the guy's personality; he seems really great. but zzzzzzzzzzzz...he ain't winnin' squat. laura's stuff would only appeal to the middle-aged upper-east side-cocktail-party set. she's not even a possibility. there is just something about uli that kinda rubs me the wrong way...she's got CRAZY in her eyes or something. there is just something a little off about her...

jeffrey's stuff is awesome. jeffrey should win. i don't care if you think he's a big fat jerk; he's the best designer out of those 4 and he should win. i saw all the collections weeks ago, along with all the other obsessive "runway" peeps, and seeing them on the show only cemented my decision that jeffrey should win. the end. those stripes are HOT.

please refer to blogging project runway and project rungay for recaps and whatnot. damn, i love this show!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


"grindhouse" trailer!!!

this looks so, so awesome.


we all know how much i love awesome old found photos, so here's another site that features such things.

all the godzilla movie music and sounds you will ever need.

show me that smile again

so, last night i had a very long and involved dream about kirk cameron. my cat gertie and i were staying with him and his wife, for some reason, and i picked up a tabloid magazine and there were all these pictures of him in there, as a teenager, in VERY compromising positons. i will spare you the details. so i showed them to him, and he got ALL WEIRD and told me i had to leave the house while he took a "long, cold shower." ?!?!?!?
on my way out the door, i saw his wife in the kitchen. (his wife, by the way, was this chick that my boyfriend of like 13 years ago went out with a few years after me.) anyway, they had this AMAZING kitchen cabinet set-up that i have never seen in real-life was like a huge armoire with these drawer things to pull out, and that's where all the stuff was was carved in this really cool vintage-looking pattern...i think i need to draw this and have someone custom-make it for me! and i have kirk cameron's fake wife that only exists in my subconscious to thank for it.

on a completely unrelated note, chris and i saw this video the other day and were all kinds of impressed. i think you will be, too. i have no idea how old it is (at least a month or two), but i'm not exactly, you know, "with it" and stuff when it comes to the latest videos.

Monday, October 09, 2006

nice braces.

good morning.

last night i (allegedly) saw kathy griffin with kenny, john, jim, isaiah, and tiff. (a.k.a. tina, as in "tina! come get some ham!") it was HI-larious. kathy looked great, too...her hair is a really crazy dark red and it made me want to dye my hair that color immediately. she talked about larry king, liz taylor, gayken (of course), oprah and gayle, starr jones, her old crazy drunk parents, was great! and i think every gay man in reading was there. :)

the posts may be few this week, as i am supposed to train some new guy that is taking my place in the department here at work. since "blogging" probably doesn't count as "training," i may be forced to do this in the evenings. also, when i start my new job in a few weeks, i won't be blogging out in the open, obviously. i will need to feel out the situation before i brazenly surf the internets as i do now. i guess i've been fortunate that my current boss likes my blog! :)

but before i go, here are some halloween crafts to get you in the mood of the season.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Looks like we beat them off again, sir."

just a reminder to fire up those tivos: tcm underground, hosted by rob zombie, starts next friday, "around 2 a.m." i know i mentioned this before, but the movies are really, really great and you shouldn't miss them: october 13th we've got plan 9 from outer space and bride of the monster, both ed wood movies. october 20th we've got faster, pussycat! kill! kill! and mudhoney, both russ meyer movies. october 27th we've got good 'ol night of the living dead and the crazies, both directed by george romero. actually, all night on the 27th they've got zombie movies lined up--including "white zombie." :) anyway, i like that tcm is in cahoots with the likes of rob zombie these days. he is a pretty good horror flimmaker. i like his movies infinitely better than i like his music (except for that "thunderkiss '65" song. that was hot.) actually, one of the first "dates" me and my man ever went on was to see house of 1,000 corpses. we didn't call them "dates," we were just "hanging out." but i knew. i think i still have that ticket stub. awww. :)

anyway. it's about time that tcm truly delved into cult cinema; geeks like me are happy because the movies are uncut. it looks as if they will be doing this for a few months, so that's pretty cool. and the site itself is decent, with quotes and facts and stuff.

retrocrush interviews beverly bonner from "basket case." hope to see this one on turner classic movies someday!

ugh! how redneck can you GET?!


m&m/bosch-esque dark chocolate game. odd.

apparently jenna fischer (our beloved pam) did a piece for esquire called "10 things you don't know about women." here is the cast and crew of "the office" doing a dramatic reading of it. awesome.

roller derby injuries. (link via growabrain)

Friday, October 06, 2006

''Another Bionic Eye''

i want to hire bj novak (ryan from "the office") for my new year's eve party. so, everyone chip in, mmmmkay?

danielle steele title generator. my first one was called "My Hidden Aunt." HA!

i love mcphee.

i do. i love them. i have decided to make a wishlist of all the wonderfully insane items that i would like for the upcoming holiday season. ya know, my mom asked me just last night what i would like for a housewarming gift. any of the below items would more than suffice.

evil clown nesting dolls. would look adorable on the mantle.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

i'm done ripping myself off

oh no, i'm feeling faint...

"wait--for--the gotta leave your name, you gotta leave your number..."

in case you missed it in the comments of one of my posts, check out this wendy's training video. it's totally incredible. (link via the mighty flatlander)

"nobody's hooooomme...nobody's hoooooooome." you will totally remember this. (thanks, blast-off girl!)

did anyone catch the project runway reunion show last night? keith michael is just SUCH an ass! ugh. what a baby. anyway, i thought it was a great show. but i just can't stand it; they are making us wait 2 weeks to find out who won?!? ugh. i'll say it again, i am TEAM JEFFREY ALL THE WAY, baby. even if he let rip the biggest fart ever, even grossing out the most vile man whom ever walked the earth. (vincent--he probably "got off" by the whole thing. heh.) and as far as laura accusing jeffrey of cheating...i think she's just desperate because all she has in life is her 26,000 children, plus she's hugely pregnant. she probably got overwhelmed trying to get her collection together, and was pissed because jeffrey was ready for fashion week and she wasn't. that is what i choose to believe.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

kenny and i are so close...

...that we are slowly morphing into each other. kenny looks like a lost member of spinal tap!!! i mean, BWAAAAAAH-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

here is the original version:

(dave, you're a genius!)

duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-NUH-nuh, you say it's your birthday!

faster, pussycat! kill! kill! is going to be on turner classic movies on october 20th at 2 a.m. set your tivos!!! also of note: plan 9 from outer space is on october 13th at 2 a.m.

and finally...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENNY!!! i heart you. i hope you enjoyed your insane desk decorations this morning.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

more links, because i love you.

that's my secret lover to the left there. who is your secret lover?!

i wish they still made halloween costumes like they used to...with the weird papery-plasticy masks...

george "the animal" steele is a busy guy...motivational speaker?!? oooookay...

does this ever end?! let me know...i got bored with it pretty quickly.

beck's "the information" has arrived. i've been listening to it for about a week (thanks, internet!) and i lurve it. but i will indeed buy it tonight, so i can have fun with the stickers. there are 4 different sets to choose from. wheeee!

the world is going crazy.

this is just so awful. i am rarely moved to tears by a tragic news story, but this really got to me. not only because it was such a bizarre, horrific crime, but at the way the media is hounding the amish comminity. i saw one report last night featuring an amish guy who was sobbing, i mean really losing it, and he had 2 cameras and the reporter's microphone shoved an inch from his face. in the background were more amish, with more cameras and more reporters. these are people who don't have mirrors, don't allow their picture to be taken, don't even put faces on dolls for their children (graven images)...and they were just bombarded, hounded, plastered all over every channel. and these reporters were asking them the most pointless questions: "how does this make you feel?" "what do you think about all this?" "are you just SHOCKED by this?" well, what do you THINK they are feeling?!? anyone would be losing their mind at something like this, but these are a people that live their lives in a very peaceful, holy way. they reject our way of life, and people that live in amish areas (like me) respect that. ugh, just horrible. the local news is having a field day, because this happened not too far from where i live. one of the girls was actually flown to the hospital down the road from my house, but they flew her right out to a hospital that could better handle the situation.

ok, moving on.

how to wake up without an alarm clock. or, you could just get a cat that finds surfaces to lick psychotically so you start to lose your mind and the only thing that stops her is to get up and feed her. (preferably surfaces that make the most annoying sounds EVER, like a plastic bag or shower curtain.) welcome to my mornings. 5:30 a.m.--"SLURP!!! SLURP!! SLURP!!"