Sunday, October 15, 2006

something inside has died and i can't hide and i just can't fake it...

that's me there, making a boo-boo face at chris because i am sick. again. after being weak and woozy for a while a few weeks back, i now have the biggest headcold of all time. my poor little nose is SO RED (i went through a whole box of tissues this weekend). but, the show must go on:

i've said it before, and i'll say it again: bill murray rocks.

the anagram genius. or, 'mangiest harangue.'

how to draw cartman. (or, 'warm cow hand to rat.' heh.)

ever wonder what the federal govt. spends its money on? well, wonder no more.

monsterama!! this was my favorite discovery of the day.

harvard magazine personals. because over-acheiving rich snooty genius freaks of nature need love, too.

linda blair in "portrait of a teenage alcoholic," complete with singing of carole king songs. and it's dubbed in japanese!! this is seriously like the best link ever! (via retrocrush)

watch these mr. t cartoons. AND EAT YOUR GREENS!

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