Thursday, May 31, 2007

apparently it's 50's hostage film noir night on turner classic movies!

i just watched "the night holds terror," which was pretty good--stars a young john cassavetes. now something's starting called "dial 1119," which is about a "maniac holding a group of people at bay at a bar." later, "the dark past" with william holden. i can happily stay up late to watch these flicks tonight, because i don't have to go to work tomorrow! we are leaving mid-morning to drive to virginia for my niece's graduation, and coming back sunday. and as long as i make it back by "the sopranos," all will be well with the world. if you're a soprano fan, really dig into some of those wiki articles if you have time. fun.

there's a thunderstorm right now, so here's some cool photos of storms.

ack, i can't take it anymore! i'm going to go hang out on the porch and dig on this thunderstorm. it's a big one!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'cause we got our recruits and our green mohair suits...

it's no secret that i love the flying burrito brothers. the mighty pcl linkdump posted the video for "sin city," and i'm gonna post it too, goshdarnit.

also, tomorrow is international talk like bob dylan day. and it's also his birthday. see ya in exactly one month, bobby boy! so tomorrow you and a friend can go sit in a field or the woods or something, and one of you can sing like bob dylan, and the other can do this. you can have yourself a little hootenanny!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

very busy today

but not too busy to share this, this, and this. and this. oh hell, and this too. (ha, nice sketch) UPDATE: chris said the sketch looked like davey and goliath's dad in blackface, and i couldn't agree more.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

birthday hoopla!

my friends rule!! i love them. i got some awesome things for my b-day... "love is..." glasses (kenny and john always gets me "love is..." glasses, and i love them for it! they also got me a cute shirt), a target gift card from jim and isaiah (woooo!), an andy warhol butterflies purse, a record bowl, an awesome set of dishes from the 50's (i think) in its original box that turns into a display for the dishes from my precious mark and, i love yard sale/flea market-type gifts! chris' parents got me a sheet of elvis stamps in a frame and 2 elvis tribute magazines from 1977. chris got me a dozen roses, took me on a shopping spree, and took me out for sushi. what a honey. let's sisters got me some gift cards, and my mom gave me 50 bucks. my sweet lori is treating me to the dylan show next month. wow, i am a very spoiled and lucky girl. this was like the best birthday ever! great day all around. woo!

i wish there were a bette davis channel.

if there were, i would watch it all the time. right now i am watching "dark victory," and it's pretty good. also featuring a young ronald reagan. he's playing a drunken party boy.

please check out k.d.'s blog for the world to see. i have known this chickie babe for 18 years. yes, i am that old.

puns. that's a funny word. say it out loud: PUNS.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

people born on this date in history

1795 - Johns Hopkins, American philanthropist (d. 1873)
1797 - Maria Isabel of Portugal, queen of Spain (d. 1818)
1870 - Albert Fish, American serial killer (d. 1936)
1890 - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese leader (d. 1969)
1925 - Malcolm X, American civil rights activist (d. 1965)
1934 - Jim Lehrer, American television journalist
1941 - Nora Ephron, American screenwriter
1945 - Pete Townshend, English musician (The Who)
1946 - André the Giant, French professional wrestler (d. 1993)
1948 - Grace Jones, Jamaican singer and actress
1949 - Dusty Hill, American blues rock singer/bassist (ZZ Top)
1951 - Joey Ramone, American musician (The Ramones) (d. 2001)
1954 - Phil Rudd, Australian drummer (AC/DC)
1968 - Kyle Eastwood, American jazz musician; son of Clint Eastwood
1973 - mondo retro, insignifigant internet blogger and frequent hair-dyer
happy birthday to me! the night is young, but so far this is the best birthday in a long time. who knew 34 would be so fun? (images courtesy of the wunnerful big happy funhouse)

Friday, May 18, 2007

"Even for the Internet, it’s … pretty shocking."

so, "office" season finale last night. this is the best show on tv, fo' sho'. i just love it so much i can't stand it. i wonder where jim and pam went on their date? awwww. :) i actually teared up. good finale all around...i also continue to be amazed at the song choices that are used in "the office" lately. "closer to fine" by the indigo girls, "lovefool" by the cardigans, and now "thank you" by natalie merchant?!?!? so awesome. just random songs that i have forgotten all about.

not "office" related: weird fortune cookie collection.

in other news, i have started weight watchers. they offered it for free for 10 weeks at work, and 20 of us are doing it, so of course i was like, "hell yeah, i could stand to lose a few pounds, i'll do it!" this is day three. i haven't gone over my points allotment at all yet. woooo, go me! on day one i hit it right on the money. on day two i was 3 points under. today, day three, i have 3 points left to go. my dilemma? tomorrow is my birthday, and rachel and i (whose birthday is on wednesday) invited like 30 people out for a big celebratory hang-out, and i will consuming large amounts of wings, beer, and fries. so i will probably be using all of my 35 flex points (the extra points you get to play with for the whole week--so if you go over your points once in a while, or you totally freak out and eat a whole pie, it's no big deal. it's factored in). no problem, though. in the cult of weight watchers, we know that the flex points are to be used and one can still lose weight. but now chris just asked me if i want to go out for my last dinner as a 33-year old, and i just can't bring myself to say no. i am so weak. i did so well for 3 whole days. all i've had since lunch (which was a whopping 13 points--damn you, arby's!) is a smoothie. a weight watchers smoothie. that i made with water. and it was NOT GOOD. i bought a whole box of them for $8 at my first meeting. i am angry. but at least it was only 1 point.

seriously, i am sounding like a cult member. i have uttered the word "points" so many times in the last three days that even i can't believe it. "i'm gonna sit at the welcome table..." AND EAT A WHOLE DAMN PIE!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mother's day.

shatner!!! woooooooo, i love me some shatner.

how to make a cootie catcher. ahhh, elementary school memories...

ahhh, a blog featuring people's lists. i am a big list-maker myself...sometimes i make lists and don't follow them and never look at them again. it's so oddly comforting...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

sorry for all the jack white stuff lately.

actually, i'm not at all sorry. because, seriously. he really is the man. i would molest him like these people molest statues, i'd have his baby regardless of my breast size, and i'd let him train me to run an arcade ANY DAY. *note: i am kidding about the molestation and baby-having, don't get all excited. but i would definitely play some old-skool video games with him.

chris and i grabbed a bite to eat at "the pit" last night, which is a biker bar with killer BBQ chicken and ribs and outdoor seating. love that place! on the way there we were listening to "stop breaking down" and even he was like, "wow. this is so good. like, really really really good." when it gets all crazy-good about 3 minutes in, i said, "man, you can't put a price on that." and chris was like, "yes you can. $525.00, to be exact." hmmmm. anyway, i guess it goes without saying that we are super amped for this show coming up.

today was a decent day. i woke up and walked about a mile to a "multi-family yard sale," which conjured images of every house for blocks and blocks with tons of stuff to sift through...but no. it was like 4 houses, and all their stuff was crap. so, i ended up taking an hour-and-a-half walk through some nice neighborhoods near was a perfect morning for it. then i cleaned the house, did a few loads of laundry, did some art, and put crazy blonde chunks in my hair. right now i'm watching "sunset blvd" and drinking some delicious coffee with my cat on my lap. ahhhhhh...these are the good moments in life.

Friday, May 11, 2007

yikes, where to begin...

the past week has been full up ups and downs. my gramma's funeral was on tuesday, and i kinda fell apart by the end of the day. i was okay at the actual funeral...i mean, i think i cried more than anyone else there, but i didn't lose it really bad or anything. it was a nice service, actually...the pastor got people involved and it wasn't super-structured, and it was truly a celebration of who she was. i saw a lot of people that i haven't seen in years. everyone just loved her so much. later on in the evening chris and i went out for a beer to take the edge off. well, one beer quickly became six, and six beers + gramma's funeral + no dinner = hysterical crying on the way home. i think it was a certain johnny cash song that set me off. but anyway...i'm a lot better now.

let's see, what else happened...i friended steven wright on myspace and he left me a comment. that was pretty cool.

oh yeah, i put those 2 extra white stripes tickets i had up on eBay, and they ended up selling for $525.00. YEAH, i know. totally insane. to celebrate, i bought a cute dress to wear to the show. yes, i realize that the show is 2 months away, but i am a woman, and women do these types of things. i'm sure i will tire of this dress by that time and end up buying something else, but hey, whatever.

also, i feel like i should mention that last week's episode of "the sopranos" was one of the most intense ones in a long time. certainly the best episode all season. i watched it twice, had an hour-long discussion with chris about our theories on where this is all going, and then i pored over message boards for like two hours, reading other people's predictions. this episode was like the old days of the show; so good that you talk back to the screen. "no, christufah! DON'T DO IT!" "uh-oh, this is NOT going to end well." "*GASP!!!!!!* NO WAY!!" good stuff.

anyway...let's have some laughs, shall we?

ha, if only!! (apparently it was supposed to say "blair resigns." someone at cnn international is SO FIRED!)

ha ha. i love these guys.

ha. ha ha ha. (thanks, kenny)

divorce rate lowest since 1970. although probably because more people are just living together instead of getting married...?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

i just don't know what to do with myself.

i am bored and restless, so i made south park characters of me and chris. note the ever-present coffee and cigarette on me (i'm trying to do better, but i smoked like a fiend today), and the ever-present stubble on chris.

amy sedaris' amazon list for entertaining. the list itself is, of course, entertaining.

grey gardens blog! if you've never seen the original film, i highly recommend that you do. it's crazy.

regular movies done up with grindhouse-style posters.

pulp muppets!

sort-of related: sad kermit. click on "audio" and listen. and weep.

whoah. sarah jessica parker's got some jacked-up feet. see, this is why i wear flats. wear 4" heels and you get 80-year old woman's feet.

if you ever wondered how much celebrity photos get retouched...wonder no more. (click on "portfolio.")

awww. nick drake is my friend, too!

ny times book review of the latest nirvana biography. (registration required.)

this is funny. and this cat looks like a fatter version of gertie.

board games based on tv shows. i had "dukes of hazzard" and "family feud." no one would EVER play "family feud" with me, and it was my favorite. i would always demand to be richard dawson, and i'd be all, "LET'S PLAY THE FEUD!!!" and i would kiss the players on the cheek and make an obnoxious buzzing sound when they got an answer wrong. hmmm, it's just become totally obvious why no one would play with me now...

the good, the bad, and the ugly

first, the bad: my sweet gramma passed away yesterday, on her 92nd birthday. i loved this woman so much; i spent so much time with her in my childhood, and a lot of time in the last few years of her life. she lived a great, full life, i know... but i am just so sad. she was totally mentally with it until maybe the last month, so that was really a blessing...but, she fell out of her chair and broke some bones and had internal bleeding, so there was nothing they could do but put her in hospice and keep her comfortable. i credit her for my love of yard sales and flea markets and farmer's markets and johnny cash. she made the best holiday dinners i've ever had...this woman would get up at 3 am and make these giant meals all by herself, and EVERYONE would come to her family, my aunt and her family, my uncle and his family, gramma's stepbrother and his family, various friends...just everyone. her house was packed all day and all night. she was really wonderful, and i've been kind of a mess for the past week because she couldn't speak or keep her eyes open, and she looked nothing like the gramma i've always known. in one of the last conversations i had with her, she told me how special i was to her, and i told her the same...we talked a lot about when i was little, how every weekend i would sleep over at her house, just because i wanted to be with her. during the summer, i would stay for weeks at a time. and i lived in the same town! i just loved being at her house, and hanging out with these 2 other girls that went to my school and lived on her block. and she spolied me rotten, of course. :)

i am thankful that she is at peace now, and finally with my pappy (who passed away in 1998 at 88 years old...he tripped and fell coming inside the house because "the price is right" was on. i shit you not. that man never missed "the price is right" a day in his life.) my 2 sisters and i are going to be pallbearers at her funeral along with chris, my sister's husband, and my cousin. that's gonna be a tough one. my mom also asked if i wanted to speak at the funeral, but i don't think i can get through it...

and now, the good...

despite my grieving state, chris and i got up at 5 am and magically whisked ourselves away to delaware ("hi...i'm in delaware...") to wait in line for white stripes tickets. it was only a little over an hour away, and there were like 50 people in line already when we got there. eek! but, after careful calculating, we felt secure that we would get some tickets, and we did! wooooooo! and we got pretty decent seats (see above photo, we are in the very front row of that side section. not too shabby!). we each bought two tickets, because we overheard that practically everyone was buying 4 (the limit), and if you bought 2, the availablity was closer to the stage. i think that the theory was correct, because this girl who was at least 10 people ahead of us in line bought 4 and came out and her tickets were in the very back. and she didn't look too pleased. at any rate, looks like 2 of our lucky friends will be going to the show with us! or, two lucky ebayers will be paying a retarded amount of $$$ for these tickets at the last minute if we can't find anyone to go.

the venue, the grand opera house in fabulous downtown wilmington, seats a mere 1,100, so there isn't really a bad seat in the house. i mean, seriously. look how small this place is!!! and the top of the bulding (in the center with the two little windows and the triangle) looks like a chicken!!

this place seems to be or once was a masonic dad's a mason...wonder if i can get him to pull some strings? "ok dad, i've never asked you to use your masonic connections ever before in my whole's the time. i need to meet jack white. make it so!!!"

the place looks totally cool inside, too. so, i'm really excited. this will be white stripes shows #5 for me (#3 for chris), and only my 2nd indoor stripes show. this is shaping up to be a good summer for me, concert-wise. bob dylan, the police, and the white stripes all in the span of one month. we also have loose plans to go back to the rock n' roll hall of fame this year, because there's a big doors thing. but also because it's awesome. we went in '03 and it was seriously one of the best times ever. and hopefully we can hit up cedar point again and get our coaster on as well.

and what is the ugly, you may ask? well, i decided to make some jell-o this afternoon. strawberry! mmmmmm. but a little boring all by itself. i have no cool whip handy, and i didn't feel like going to the store just for cool whip, you know? then i remembered when we would get jell-o in school, and it would always have bits of delicious fruit floating delicately and evenly throughout the jell-o blob. hey, i thought...i have some blackberries! that would be de-lish!!! WELL. they all sunk to the bottom of the bowl. how in the hell do you get them to float around?!? am i an idiot? what am i not understanding here? do you have to put it on its side, or add them halfway through the chilling process, or what? maybe it has to be made in like a long flat pan and not a bowl...whatEVER. eating that later is gonna be u-g-l-y...i ain't got no alibi, it's UGLY! i'd take a picture of it, but a certain co-worker of mine (accidentally) spilled an ENTIRE BEER on my camera in orlando and now it doesn't work. i'm not going to mention any names...MARTY!!!! >:(

*heavy sigh* this is all too much. i'm gonna take a nap now.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

dude, beer me that CD

God beer me strength, it's Crazy Andy's greatest hits!!! he must've gotten a lot of practice while he was a member of the prestigous a capella group "Here Comes Treble."

i love this guy. you know, in a "ugh, i totally hate him" sort of way.


from the same awesome blog: kitchen of tomorrow! (via 1967)

i've posted this before, but i don't care. LAND OF THE FEMBOTS! (or, a 1969 spiegel catalog)

top 25 underappreciated artsits, according to crappy rolling stone.