Thursday, May 31, 2007

apparently it's 50's hostage film noir night on turner classic movies!

i just watched "the night holds terror," which was pretty good--stars a young john cassavetes. now something's starting called "dial 1119," which is about a "maniac holding a group of people at bay at a bar." later, "the dark past" with william holden. i can happily stay up late to watch these flicks tonight, because i don't have to go to work tomorrow! we are leaving mid-morning to drive to virginia for my niece's graduation, and coming back sunday. and as long as i make it back by "the sopranos," all will be well with the world. if you're a soprano fan, really dig into some of those wiki articles if you have time. fun.

there's a thunderstorm right now, so here's some cool photos of storms.

ack, i can't take it anymore! i'm going to go hang out on the porch and dig on this thunderstorm. it's a big one!

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