Saturday, May 05, 2007

i just don't know what to do with myself.

i am bored and restless, so i made south park characters of me and chris. note the ever-present coffee and cigarette on me (i'm trying to do better, but i smoked like a fiend today), and the ever-present stubble on chris.

amy sedaris' amazon list for entertaining. the list itself is, of course, entertaining.

grey gardens blog! if you've never seen the original film, i highly recommend that you do. it's crazy.

regular movies done up with grindhouse-style posters.

pulp muppets!

sort-of related: sad kermit. click on "audio" and listen. and weep.

whoah. sarah jessica parker's got some jacked-up feet. see, this is why i wear flats. wear 4" heels and you get 80-year old woman's feet.

if you ever wondered how much celebrity photos get retouched...wonder no more. (click on "portfolio.")

awww. nick drake is my friend, too!

ny times book review of the latest nirvana biography. (registration required.)

this is funny. and this cat looks like a fatter version of gertie.

board games based on tv shows. i had "dukes of hazzard" and "family feud." no one would EVER play "family feud" with me, and it was my favorite. i would always demand to be richard dawson, and i'd be all, "LET'S PLAY THE FEUD!!!" and i would kiss the players on the cheek and make an obnoxious buzzing sound when they got an answer wrong. hmmm, it's just become totally obvious why no one would play with me now...

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