Friday, May 18, 2007

"Even for the Internet, it’s … pretty shocking."

so, "office" season finale last night. this is the best show on tv, fo' sho'. i just love it so much i can't stand it. i wonder where jim and pam went on their date? awwww. :) i actually teared up. good finale all around...i also continue to be amazed at the song choices that are used in "the office" lately. "closer to fine" by the indigo girls, "lovefool" by the cardigans, and now "thank you" by natalie merchant?!?!? so awesome. just random songs that i have forgotten all about.

not "office" related: weird fortune cookie collection.

in other news, i have started weight watchers. they offered it for free for 10 weeks at work, and 20 of us are doing it, so of course i was like, "hell yeah, i could stand to lose a few pounds, i'll do it!" this is day three. i haven't gone over my points allotment at all yet. woooo, go me! on day one i hit it right on the money. on day two i was 3 points under. today, day three, i have 3 points left to go. my dilemma? tomorrow is my birthday, and rachel and i (whose birthday is on wednesday) invited like 30 people out for a big celebratory hang-out, and i will consuming large amounts of wings, beer, and fries. so i will probably be using all of my 35 flex points (the extra points you get to play with for the whole week--so if you go over your points once in a while, or you totally freak out and eat a whole pie, it's no big deal. it's factored in). no problem, though. in the cult of weight watchers, we know that the flex points are to be used and one can still lose weight. but now chris just asked me if i want to go out for my last dinner as a 33-year old, and i just can't bring myself to say no. i am so weak. i did so well for 3 whole days. all i've had since lunch (which was a whopping 13 points--damn you, arby's!) is a smoothie. a weight watchers smoothie. that i made with water. and it was NOT GOOD. i bought a whole box of them for $8 at my first meeting. i am angry. but at least it was only 1 point.

seriously, i am sounding like a cult member. i have uttered the word "points" so many times in the last three days that even i can't believe it. "i'm gonna sit at the welcome table..." AND EAT A WHOLE DAMN PIE!!!

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