Friday, May 11, 2007

yikes, where to begin...

the past week has been full up ups and downs. my gramma's funeral was on tuesday, and i kinda fell apart by the end of the day. i was okay at the actual funeral...i mean, i think i cried more than anyone else there, but i didn't lose it really bad or anything. it was a nice service, actually...the pastor got people involved and it wasn't super-structured, and it was truly a celebration of who she was. i saw a lot of people that i haven't seen in years. everyone just loved her so much. later on in the evening chris and i went out for a beer to take the edge off. well, one beer quickly became six, and six beers + gramma's funeral + no dinner = hysterical crying on the way home. i think it was a certain johnny cash song that set me off. but anyway...i'm a lot better now.

let's see, what else happened...i friended steven wright on myspace and he left me a comment. that was pretty cool.

oh yeah, i put those 2 extra white stripes tickets i had up on eBay, and they ended up selling for $525.00. YEAH, i know. totally insane. to celebrate, i bought a cute dress to wear to the show. yes, i realize that the show is 2 months away, but i am a woman, and women do these types of things. i'm sure i will tire of this dress by that time and end up buying something else, but hey, whatever.

also, i feel like i should mention that last week's episode of "the sopranos" was one of the most intense ones in a long time. certainly the best episode all season. i watched it twice, had an hour-long discussion with chris about our theories on where this is all going, and then i pored over message boards for like two hours, reading other people's predictions. this episode was like the old days of the show; so good that you talk back to the screen. "no, christufah! DON'T DO IT!" "uh-oh, this is NOT going to end well." "*GASP!!!!!!* NO WAY!!" good stuff.

anyway...let's have some laughs, shall we?

ha, if only!! (apparently it was supposed to say "blair resigns." someone at cnn international is SO FIRED!)

ha ha. i love these guys.

ha. ha ha ha. (thanks, kenny)

divorce rate lowest since 1970. although probably because more people are just living together instead of getting married...?

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