Monday, October 09, 2006

good morning.

last night i (allegedly) saw kathy griffin with kenny, john, jim, isaiah, and tiff. (a.k.a. tina, as in "tina! come get some ham!") it was HI-larious. kathy looked great, too...her hair is a really crazy dark red and it made me want to dye my hair that color immediately. she talked about larry king, liz taylor, gayken (of course), oprah and gayle, starr jones, her old crazy drunk parents, was great! and i think every gay man in reading was there. :)

the posts may be few this week, as i am supposed to train some new guy that is taking my place in the department here at work. since "blogging" probably doesn't count as "training," i may be forced to do this in the evenings. also, when i start my new job in a few weeks, i won't be blogging out in the open, obviously. i will need to feel out the situation before i brazenly surf the internets as i do now. i guess i've been fortunate that my current boss likes my blog! :)

but before i go, here are some halloween crafts to get you in the mood of the season.

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