Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Looks like we beat them off again, sir."

just a reminder to fire up those tivos: tcm underground, hosted by rob zombie, starts next friday, "around 2 a.m." i know i mentioned this before, but the movies are really, really great and you shouldn't miss them: october 13th we've got plan 9 from outer space and bride of the monster, both ed wood movies. october 20th we've got faster, pussycat! kill! kill! and mudhoney, both russ meyer movies. october 27th we've got good 'ol night of the living dead and the crazies, both directed by george romero. actually, all night on the 27th they've got zombie movies lined up--including "white zombie." :) anyway, i like that tcm is in cahoots with the likes of rob zombie these days. he is a pretty good horror flimmaker. i like his movies infinitely better than i like his music (except for that "thunderkiss '65" song. that was hot.) actually, one of the first "dates" me and my man ever went on was to see house of 1,000 corpses. we didn't call them "dates," we were just "hanging out." but i knew. i think i still have that ticket stub. awww. :)

anyway. it's about time that tcm truly delved into cult cinema; geeks like me are happy because the movies are uncut. it looks as if they will be doing this for a few months, so that's pretty cool. and the site itself is decent, with quotes and facts and stuff.

retrocrush interviews beverly bonner from "basket case." hope to see this one on turner classic movies someday!

ugh! how redneck can you GET?!


m&m/bosch-esque dark chocolate game. odd.

apparently jenna fischer (our beloved pam) did a piece for esquire called "10 things you don't know about women." here is the cast and crew of "the office" doing a dramatic reading of it. awesome.

roller derby injuries. (link via growabrain)

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