Thursday, October 19, 2006

hobo camp!

hey. want to buy some affordable jeffrey sebelia fashions? here ya go. i want something of his. i kind of like the guy's red striped shirt with the skull on it.

oooh! jay mccarroll is going to have a line at urban outfitters! everyone who knows me is aware that i kinda have a u.o. addiction, so this is wonderful news to me. i love that guy.

i'm a little surprised, but i'm kind of interested in seeing marie antoinette. i think it's the commerical with the strokes song in it that keeps me interested. it looks visually pleasing, it's got a killer soundtrack, and i like sofia coppola a lot. plus, it's got the schwartzman. and i am all about the schwartzman. i even (finally) sat through "shopgirl" the other day because of the schwartzman. (and it really wasn't all THAT horrible. a little too chick-flicky for me, but a good lazy sunday afternoon movie. and the schwartzman was good.)

the 700 hoboes project. because i like hoboes.

dig this crazy record for download, "welcome to the beat generation."


Andyboy said...

Hey Mondo,

Driving to Charlotte, NC tomorrow for an Amy Sedaris book signing. Cooler than cool, daddy-o. Bringing this book as a gift:


Andyboy said...

Bad link - sorry.

mondo retro said...

hahaha. i'm sure she will appreciate a book like that.

give amy a big kiss for me! i LOOOOOOOOOVE her!!!