Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the world is going crazy.

this is just so awful. i am rarely moved to tears by a tragic news story, but this really got to me. not only because it was such a bizarre, horrific crime, but at the way the media is hounding the amish comminity. i saw one report last night featuring an amish guy who was sobbing, i mean really losing it, and he had 2 cameras and the reporter's microphone shoved an inch from his face. in the background were more amish, with more cameras and more reporters. these are people who don't have mirrors, don't allow their picture to be taken, don't even put faces on dolls for their children (graven images)...and they were just bombarded, hounded, plastered all over every channel. and these reporters were asking them the most pointless questions: "how does this make you feel?" "what do you think about all this?" "are you just SHOCKED by this?" well, what do you THINK they are feeling?!? anyone would be losing their mind at something like this, but these are a people that live their lives in a very peaceful, holy way. they reject our way of life, and people that live in amish areas (like me) respect that. ugh, just horrible. the local news is having a field day, because this happened not too far from where i live. one of the girls was actually flown to the hospital down the road from my house, but they flew her right out to a hospital that could better handle the situation.

ok, moving on.

how to wake up without an alarm clock. or, you could just get a cat that finds surfaces to lick psychotically so you start to lose your mind and the only thing that stops her is to get up and feed her. (preferably surfaces that make the most annoying sounds EVER, like a plastic bag or shower curtain.) welcome to my mornings. 5:30 a.m.--"SLURP!!! SLURP!! SLURP!!"


anubis44 said...

If you know mondo ask her to do an imitation of gertie licking a plastic bag. it's fun to watch.

mondo retro said...

i can also do an imitation of gertie if you accidentally step on her, even if it's ever-so-lightly...