Thursday, October 12, 2006

i stand by my decision---TEAM JEFFREY!

so, last night's episode of project runway, which is the first in the two-part finale, was completely edited to look like jeffrey did indeed cheat, and was shady and had something to hide. i just don't buy it. he obviously showed his collection at bryant park, so i would think that if he truly broke the rules and got outside help, they would disqualify him, no? unless they ended up using him as a decoy. in the previews for next week, they showed tim gunn (smooch, smooch, LOVE TIM!) telling the group that he had an announcement, and some statement like, "the rules of this show are very clear." which is a totally ambiguous statement. then they showed jeffrey putting his hands over his face with a clearly edited-in crying sound (booo, bravo!), and uli hugging him. no way are they making it that easy!! they made it look like there is no doubt that jeffrey cheated and he broke down in tears. i personally think that he was relieved and uli hugged him because she was totally defending him when laura made this "announcement." LAURA SUCKS!!! what a tired old drama queen.
although...condisering the way "reality tv" seems to it possible that this is all just a preconceived "plot twist" to stir up controversey and ratings and such? PRODUCER: "okay laura, you accuse jeffrey of cheating. america hates him. then we can have an investigation, and we'll break up the finale into TWO PARTS, and the cliffhanger of the first episode will be tim about to reveal the results of the investigation!!!" i mean, would that be such an impossibility? they never split the finale into 2 episodes before. ANNNND, what is UP with her saying that she had no money to start her own line, so this $100,000 would really help her?!? SHE'S LOADED!!! well, at least her husband is. did you SEE her apartment?!?!? ugh. she's a snooty old rag. i hope one of her kids puts turtle poop in her coffee.

i will say that uli's collection was a lot nicer than laura's or michael's. michael's stuff was a hot mess, i'm sorry. i really, really like the guy's personality; he seems really great. but zzzzzzzzzzzz...he ain't winnin' squat. laura's stuff would only appeal to the middle-aged upper-east side-cocktail-party set. she's not even a possibility. there is just something about uli that kinda rubs me the wrong way...she's got CRAZY in her eyes or something. there is just something a little off about her...

jeffrey's stuff is awesome. jeffrey should win. i don't care if you think he's a big fat jerk; he's the best designer out of those 4 and he should win. i saw all the collections weeks ago, along with all the other obsessive "runway" peeps, and seeing them on the show only cemented my decision that jeffrey should win. the end. those stripes are HOT.

please refer to blogging project runway and project rungay for recaps and whatnot. damn, i love this show!

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