Tuesday, October 17, 2006

fall's must-have accessory...

wait. nooooooooooooo! oh HELL NO, they CANNOT let her do this!!

seriously, what is going on? why does everyone suddenly have this intense urge to not only adopt a child (which is a really great thing), but send out a damn press release about it? that really grinds my gears. "ohhh, everyone! look how SELFLESS and GIVING and HUMANITARIAN i am...i'm adopting a BABY! i mean, i'm rich, so, you know, i can TOTALLY take care of it and stuff...well, actually the NANNY will take care of it...i have a career, you know."


Christine said...

The hitmaker tells Ladies Home Journal magazine, "Grace says, 'I'd like a black sister or brother' - she's around my singers, and most of them are black - and I say, 'Be quiet and do your homework'. But I do think I may adopt."

Well honey, how nice of Wynona to get her little Gracie a little black baby to play with...how...plantation.

mondo retro said...

i know, i couldn't believe that statement when i read it. she's a total idiot.