Wednesday, October 11, 2006

show me that smile again

so, last night i had a very long and involved dream about kirk cameron. my cat gertie and i were staying with him and his wife, for some reason, and i picked up a tabloid magazine and there were all these pictures of him in there, as a teenager, in VERY compromising positons. i will spare you the details. so i showed them to him, and he got ALL WEIRD and told me i had to leave the house while he took a "long, cold shower." ?!?!?!?
on my way out the door, i saw his wife in the kitchen. (his wife, by the way, was this chick that my boyfriend of like 13 years ago went out with a few years after me.) anyway, they had this AMAZING kitchen cabinet set-up that i have never seen in real-life was like a huge armoire with these drawer things to pull out, and that's where all the stuff was was carved in this really cool vintage-looking pattern...i think i need to draw this and have someone custom-make it for me! and i have kirk cameron's fake wife that only exists in my subconscious to thank for it.

on a completely unrelated note, chris and i saw this video the other day and were all kinds of impressed. i think you will be, too. i have no idea how old it is (at least a month or two), but i'm not exactly, you know, "with it" and stuff when it comes to the latest videos.

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