Thursday, October 05, 2006

"wait--for--the gotta leave your name, you gotta leave your number..."

in case you missed it in the comments of one of my posts, check out this wendy's training video. it's totally incredible. (link via the mighty flatlander)

"nobody's hooooomme...nobody's hoooooooome." you will totally remember this. (thanks, blast-off girl!)

did anyone catch the project runway reunion show last night? keith michael is just SUCH an ass! ugh. what a baby. anyway, i thought it was a great show. but i just can't stand it; they are making us wait 2 weeks to find out who won?!? ugh. i'll say it again, i am TEAM JEFFREY ALL THE WAY, baby. even if he let rip the biggest fart ever, even grossing out the most vile man whom ever walked the earth. (vincent--he probably "got off" by the whole thing. heh.) and as far as laura accusing jeffrey of cheating...i think she's just desperate because all she has in life is her 26,000 children, plus she's hugely pregnant. she probably got overwhelmed trying to get her collection together, and was pissed because jeffrey was ready for fashion week and she wasn't. that is what i choose to believe.


Andyboy said...

Hey there,

Wasn't sure if you knew but Tim Gunn has a podcast recapping the previous PR show and also adds his own insights - it's terrific.


iTunes Link:

mondo retro said...

sweet! i *love* tim gunn. that little montage last night of his extensive vocabulary was great.

viva la tim!