Tuesday, October 24, 2006

master of puppets (updated)

ok, the beck show last night was OUT OF CONTROL! i mean, i already heard about the puppets, but i was in no way prepared for how completely awesome those puppets would be! what a great show. here are some pics of the puppets in action at some other shows.

first of all, of course i made a shirt in the lobby with the iron-ons. each show had a t-shirt stand with iron-ons that are just like the stickers for the new album, and they press your new shirt for you right there on the spot. that was fun! i like being crafty. and my shirt came out pretty good, too. i'll take a picture of it later.

our seats totally kicked ass, we were right down front and on the aisle. the show opened with "loser," as it usually does. fine. we got a nice helping of stuff from "odelay" (hurrah!) and "mixed bizness" from "midnite vultures"...we got a few from "sea change," and a few from "guero." many many songs from "the information." he really mixed it up, though...the only "mutations" song was "tropicalia," i believe...which is always wonderful.

damn, those freaking puppets were so great! there was a little bitty puppet stage, and behind the puppet band there was a screen with psychedelic images on it...like the puppet stage was this alternate universe. i liked the big psychedelic puppet images displayed for us as well. everything the band did, the puppets did. at one point, beck gave the beck puppet some water, and the beck puppet gestured "thank you" to him. i had a giant smile on my face practically the entire time.

the band did the "eating dinner" thing like they did last tour, while beck did some acoustic numbers. i love acoustic beck. he did "do you realize??" and "end of the day" and some country song i didn't know that he said he just learned in nashville (by the gentry brothers or something?) and a really fun rendition of "debra." then the band started bangin' away on the tableware, and then i realized that the puppets had their own little table, too...with tiny glasses, tiny food...amazing. and he did "one foot in the grave" at this point. yay! OH! OH!! way before this point they did "minus." ?!?!?!? WOOOO, that was so cool. i love the beck.

before the encore, there was a philly-centric movie featuring the puppets. it was all about one of the guys training like "rocky," and beck was burgess meredith. SO GREAT!! the little puppet guy was training all over the city...at independence hall, at the liberty bell, running around with a cheesesteak...amazing. here's the puppet movie from the new york show that my friend matt went to. i can't wait until the philly video surfaces on youtube. the entire audience was losing it! there was uproarious laughter from everyone.

THEN, they came out for the encore in crazy suits! like, beck was in a bear suit!! and instead of a beck puppet, they had a stuffed teddy bear instead. at the end of the song, beck (in his bear suit) threw himself into the drum kit. then they came BACK OUT and played another one ("e-pro").


UPDATE: pics here! and here!! also, not sure if it was really beck in the bear suit. but i would like to pretend that it was. and... the guy who operates the beck puppet has a blog!


shankey said...

Hey Mondo - I wish I was on the floor but the view was pretty cool from above too. We were in the middle Loge, 3 rows back - good view except all the people around us were sitting 98% of the time while everyone a few rows over were standing up and generally getting into. You could feel the Loge/balcony swaying a bit too. Great show and funny too.

I see you recently watched Bloodfeast - I'm a big fan of 2,000 maniacs myself. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is good'n too.

mondo retro said...

oh yes, i am a huge fan of original "chainsaw". i am also a big herschell gordon lewis nut--the goopy ones are my favorite, but i also love "she-devils on wheels," "blast-off girls," "something weird," etc. that man made some awesomely bad movies!

one more thing about beck---he looks exactly like he did in, like, 1994, with the long hair. his face has hardly changed at all! so odd!

flatlander said...

I wish I caught that Beck show when he was here in Toronto. I've got his new disk on constant rotation!

Blood feast? Would that be an Egyptian Blood Feast (the best kind)?

mondo retro said...

i'm listening to so much beck right now it's sick. that show was just...just...i can't even explain it. i've seen him 6 times and this was by far the most amazing show ever. when i tell people about it, they're just like, "NO WAY!!"

and yes, it was indeed an egyptian feast! it hasn't been served in over 5,000 years...

ahh, that movie kicks so much ass!