Friday, October 20, 2006

"love me, love me, SAY that you love me..."

awww, "the office" was so good last night!! also, happy birthday, john krasinski! your b-day gift is, all the women in america are totally in love with you.

main title heaven. seeing "the fall guy" was funny...i haven't given that show a second thought over 20 years!

don't forget, tonight is "faster, pussycat! kill! killl!" on tcm underground. they're showing "mudhoney," too. wooo!

okay. you need to check out this eBay seller's stuff. they have over 23,000 items for sale. all homemeade celebrity keychains, pillowcases, mousepads, etc. all with the most AWFUL photos of the celebrities that they could find! so insane! seriously, take a few minutes and do some searches. you will be amazed at how many celebrities are covered. you can get all your holiday shopping done RIGHT HERE!!! some of my favorites?

"leif garrett: once a temptation, always a temptation." i also like this one, where leif is "hot defined." ummm, yeah, he looks pretty hot in that pic. ?!?!

and finally, here's the new beck video, directed by michel gondry. i'm going to see beck on monday. wooooo! my friend matt called me the other night from the new york show, and said it was one of the best shows he's been to in years. sweet!

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