Tuesday, September 26, 2006

jack white rocked me so hard that i passed out...twice.

yes, i am totally serious. read on:

the raconteurs show was great, wonderful, i had a blast. the triple-threat of "store bought bones"/"bang bang (my baby shot me down)"/"broken boy soldier" was some of the most unbelievable live stuff ever. i was totally in another place. all i could say was, "WOW!" so so so so great. jack white is just so out of control. i loved it. he was wearing a nice vest and tie combo as well. chris was a little underwhelmed, but i was so into it. woo!
so, the show is over, we are all outside talking, smoking cigarettes, discussing where we should head off to next...everything was fine...then all of a sudden, i felt kind of faint. so i walked over to chris and put my hand on his shoulder for support. i remember saying to him, "i don't feel very well..." and the next thing i knew i was FLAT ON MY BACK outside roseland ballroom, and chris was talking to me, saying "honey? hon?? are you okay?" and i heard his voice but i had NO IDEA what was going on. he said my eyes rolled back in my head and everything. so bizarre! please keeep in mind that i drank a mere 4 1/2 beers over the course of like 3 hours or more, so i wasn't drunk. not at all. also, we didn't even get to the show until after 8, so i wasn't standing in the crowd for hours or anything like that. maybe i was hungry? nooooo, i had JUST EATEN 1/2 of a chick parm sammich on foccacia bread and a few bites of a cheesecake brownie.

anyway, people were just stepping over me as i lay there in the middle of the sidewalk, as if all this was no big deal. my friend matt, whom i have known for 12 years or so, was like, "oh, she does this all the time." which may have been true when i was in my early 20's, but not at the ripe old age of 33. at 33, i am concerned when i pass out for no good reason.

anyway. as soon as i realized what happened, i shot up and was like, "i'm fine!!! i'm fine!!!" and chris was all like, "wow, you are SO not fine." i was *so mortified* that this happened to me that i just wanted to stand up and pretend like it never happened. so i tried to stand up, and that didn't work out so well. i walked over to the bulding and sat up against the wall, and I PASSED OUT AGAIN. !!!!!! so bizarre! but when i came to from that one i was really and truly fine, i totally knew what was going on, i didn't feel sick or anything. we even went out for another drink after the show! (i had diet coke) man...just so WEIRD!!

today i feel like complete and total crap. and i mean CRAP. i feel all weird and hungover-ish, my eyes are all red, i'm a trifle shakey...maybe i am getting the flu? maybe my blood pressure is low? who knows. all i do know is, i am so glad that i don't have to go to work today.

so that is the story of how jack white rocked me so hard that i passed out twice. there's no other real explanation for it, other than i was just ROCKED SO HARD.

(image lifted from 'sup mag, whom was also there and got a lot of great pictures. no word if they passed out from the rock...)

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