Wednesday, August 15, 2007

now THIS is embarrassing

this was my bedroom, circa...i'm gonna say 1986. holy moly. what's interesting to me is the clear evidence of the burgeoning OCD even then. just check out how psychotically i spaced out the michael j. fox pinups from 16 magazine (or tiger beat or bop or what have you), which are all the exact same size. eek.

i need to find pics of my room when i discovered punk rock and other good music, just to try to get back my indie credibility. :/ hahahahaha. but i love this picture. i obviously loved my room so much that i took a picture of it. on my kodak disc camera, no doubt.

1 comment:

MixJagger said...

Nothing wrong with M.J.Fox.

What hasn't changed is your love of pictures.