Thursday, August 23, 2007

figwit of the conchords

how shocking, it's another flight of the conchords post! just call me mel. speaking of mel, her vlog from the other day is funny. i like her little plastic recorder. i used to have a green one. but i would pretend i was a snake charmer with it. this was about a year ago. (yah, i kid.) and, as time goes on, i am starting to REALLY love murray. a lot. he's precious. "how 'bout a bit of hay, coming out of your mouth! that would be cool!" i enjoyed murray as the goat in brit's trip, all smarmy and snarly with the beer. oh, heavens.

anyway, let's discuss the upcoming episode. oh my. :) :) :) obviously they figured out a way to incorporate the frodo song and brit's elfin (elvin? elven? meh.) past into the show. i must admit, i am not the biggest LOTR fan. i mean, i read the books a million years ago and i've seen the movies, and it's all fine and good. but it's not something that i'm "into." i just can't believe that this guy is also this guy.

only 2 shows left...and then what are we all to do?!? you can only re-watch the old ones so many times. and i've already watched them SO MANY TIMES...

here are some random fotc things that chris and i now say with considerable frequency in our every day lives:

"sixy." (or, "six," or "sixist.")

"whuh? whuh? whuh?"

"why? why? why, exactly?" (also, once in a while, "STEVE!")

"foofy fa fa...foofy FA fa fa fa faaah..." (we call the cat "foofy" a lot, so we sing it to her)

there's this guy that works at a sub shop that we like (the aforementioned beatles-themed "yellow submarine"), and he always has one of those bluetooth thingies in his ear. we went in there last friday, and we both laughed when we saw it because we both thought the same thing. i said, "sue them. just sue them."

i have issues.

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