Thursday, August 24, 2006

holy wow!

i just saw my friend mark on the local news, talking about pluto not being a planet anymore. and why was he talking about it? because he is the planetarium director at the museum! go mark!!

so, last night was the dylan show, and it rocked. we got right down front, (chris' parents were total troopers!) the set list was great ("lenny bruce"!!! what?!?!? i love you, bob.) and "not dark yet" brought tears to my eyes. i've cried at many a dylan show for many a different reason...lots of times, with bob, a song you have heard a million times takes on a really different and personal meaning if heard at the right time. and i don't know, that's what happened. i was just totally moved. and bob was in a GREAT mood, be-boppin' around that keyboard and smiling and making silly faces. AWESOME.

by the way, everyone needs to check out junior brown. that man is out of control in a really great way. LOVED HIM. i am really looking forward to seeing him again next week in upstate ny. i totally dug him.

in other "bob dylan is awesome" news, guess who's opening for him in philly in november?

THE FREAKING RACONTEURS. i love this man. seriously. i love him. ironically, after the show last night, chris and i went out for a few drinks and we started talking about our "lists," meaning 3 famous people we are totally allowed to bang if we ever got the chance. my top two? bob dylan and jack white. seriously, if quentin tarantino shows up at this philly gig, chris is SERIOUSLY IN TROUBLE.


Mazetarium said...


I am honored to be mentioned BEFORE Bob Dylan on your blog.

Just a disclaimer:

The picture of the person to the left of the paragraph that I'm mentioned in is NOT me (I wear my band aid on my index finger.)

mondo retro said...

ha. could i have found a scarier picture of jack white?? i don't think so.

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