Saturday, August 26, 2006

i'm bound to pack it up, i'm bound to pack it up today

so, i'm taking a teensy internet break from packing all of our insane amounts of crap up for the move tomorrow. coming soon: pictures of the new house! we are not finished with the house yet, ohhhh no. not by any by any means. but, as things reach their final stages, i can share all of the hard work we've been doing for the past month or so...

here are some links i've been holding onto for the past few days:

beat generation & counterculture links. (courtesy of the marvelous pcl linkdump)

how can you not love this man? i mean, come on.

syd barrett's possessions auctioned off.

ruined music. this is a great site. i'm already working on one to send in (working on it in my head, that is. there are so many songs that have been ruined for me by various people that it will be hard to pick just one!)

this chick has two vaginas. yep. calling her blog "box set" is pretty clever, though; i'll give her that.

they eat horses, don't they?

there's a kurt cobain movie coming out. i actually have read the book that michael azerrad wrote; it's pretty good. although i read it in 1993, so maybe if i re-read it now i wouldn't be as into it. meh. it's probably still good.

and finally, a great picture of keith richards, just because.


flatlander said...

Bob Dylan is waaaay ahead of time in general.

Happy moving!

mondo retro said...

damn right he is!

thanks for the moving well-wishes. i am HURTIN' today, but we have most everything in the house now, so we can relax for a few days...ahhhhhh...