Friday, July 14, 2006

"they're all gonna laugh at you!!!!!"

top 10 worst comics ever, as a slide show, according to maxim.

i guess christian bale lost all that weight in "the machinist" for nothing. and here he thought he was going for authenticity.

how could you not have a good day when you eat this for breakfast?

young girls are so dumb. i should know, i was one once.

what's hiding in owen wilson's shag?

bird's eye views of famous homes.

"the office" has web shows now. woo!

info about gram parsons, and the film about him that's now out on DVD.

carrie: the musical. AWESOME!

i forgot to mention that i got my dylan tickets on wednesday. fan club pre-sale, and we get to go in the stadiums 1/2 hour before everybody else, because we're special. got tix for the reading show (of course) and also to the fishkill show, which is in upstate new york. which is near woodstock. which at one point in my life was my absolute favorite place on the planet. so, the day after that show we will be kickin' it in woodstock, and i am *SO* happy. i haven't been there in a few years, so i am kinda worried that things have changed. one time i went up there and *BAM* the tinker street cafe, which is practically a landmark, was closed. just gone. poof. bought by the photography studio that inhabited the upstairs (which is where bob dylan used to live). i was really sad. i plan on a comprehensive woodstock post soon, because it is such a great place and i have such great memories, pictures, and stories from that place.

here's a teaser: levon helm of the band kissed me in woodstock at the joyous lake. and i have photos. :)


anubis44 said...

Now I know why I don't read Maxim...Kathy Griffin one of the worst comedians? WTF?

mondo retro said...

i know!!! fools!

p.s. there's a liger over there...