Thursday, July 13, 2006

transformers - more than meets the eye

a transformer blew on my block last night. i have never heard a noise like that before! like, "BOOM! sizzle sizzle sizzle..." there was a big live wire hanging down. but, the power came back on, so no problem, right? well, another one (or the same one? who knows) blew like 2 hours later. still no power at home. booooooo! AND--the power went off just before the premiere of project runway. double booooooo!!!! >:(

would i pay k-fed to come to my party? HELL YES.

ummmm...EWWWW. eww eww eww.

mmmm...yams. this is indeed on my desktop now.

funny mr. t story.

the museum of temporary art.

more raconteurs, less white stripes.

here's ted nugent before he started sucking both musically and personally.

p.s. i am #12 on the "top of the haystack" farm aid front row ticket contest thingie. woo-hoo! if you can deal with refreshing your screen and weeding through all the other contestants until i appear, please keep voting for me! thankssssssss...


flatlander said...

I once saved the side of a box with a picture of "Yambo" printed on it. The character was like Rambo with the bandana and ammo belt, but he was a yam.

My friend salvaged it from the health food store where she worked. Alas, this was before I had access to a digital camera

But he's still out there somewhere. I am certain that Yambo lives!

mondo retro said...