Friday, August 11, 2006

"the people it kills get up and kill!!"

dawn of the knitted dead. SO AWESOME!

why can't this ever happen to me?

ohhhhh crap. i am SO getting cancer.

probably only those who lived in the NE area of the country will appreciate this. or, if you ever heard that beastie boys song, now you know what it is. also, listeners of howard stern from about 15 years ago will remember that fred (eric) norris got one of these for his mom for mother's day. and apparently i enjoy talking about fred and the cookie puss, becasue i found a link to my own blog in my google search. so here's that.

"BUY THIS PHOTO: Click the above link to purchase this photo framed, unframed, on mugs, puzzles, tiles, greeting cards, mousepads or t-shirts." um, what?!?!?

all your snakes are belong to us. ya gotta admit, the marketing for this movie has been pretty great so far.

well, i'm covered in paint and ick, so i'm off to shower and then crash out. this weekend is going to be big as far as house stuff goes---finishing sanding the floors, painting as many rooms as possible, the unmeasurable amount of weeding that needs to be done outside...*sigh* plus, every time we go over to the house we load up the scion to the brim (i am SO GLAD i got that roomy scion!), just to make the actual moving day a little easier. which reminds me...any of my friends that want all the beer and pizza they can handle, along with our undying love, respect, and gratitude: we are moving the weekend of the 25th. so...ya know. feel free to swing by. :)


Christine Mitchell said...

..All Your Snakes...I have a tee shirt that hubby got me for Valentines day. It says:

Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
All my base
Are belong to you

I love wearing this and not explaining what it means!!!

Loved "all your snakes" link!

Will also come over when you move. I don't carry anymore but I can clean your apartment as the rooms clear out. Congrats.


mondo retro said...

woo, thanks! you don't even have to do all honesty, i'm not super-concerned with leaving my apt. in pristine condition. don't know if you remember what it looked like when i moved in there, but... :/

flatlander said...

I have ordered a complete set of mugs with photos of the worthless cheque writer dude, so that nobody will be duped by him here at Fakiegrind World Headquarters.