Sunday, August 20, 2006

awesome new house purchase of the day

i can't wait to make my first big meal and eat at this BITCHIN' TABLE!!! i think i also may want to replace the chandelier with this one, in light of this new development (no pun intended).

i probably won't be bloggin' much this week...chris' parents are coming from ohio tonight and staying for a week to help us do some house stuff and get ready for the big move next week...wednesday we are going to see bob dylan (woo!), and then thursday my family and chris' parents are going to meet for the first time...ack! then on sunday we are doing the big move. could i have any MORE happening right now?!? i can't take it. i'm a hot mess.

in other news, i gave myself itty-bitty bangs yesterday when i really should have been packing:

meanwhile, gertie is still the prettiest kitty in all the land:

finally, let us take a moment to bid farewell to the 2nd pair of chucks that went to shoe heaven during this whole house experience:

goodbye, old friends. you've served me well.


top 5 drug-fueled tv appearances.

jack white's awesome house up for sale.

how does your surname rank?

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