Friday, August 18, 2006

at lassssssssssssst!!

so, lassssssst night i went to a late-night viewing of snakes on a plane. and...


it really was. i had a blast. there were pretty many people there, considering it was a late showing on a thursday (some wearing SoaP t-shirts, and exclaiming "snakes on a plane!!!!" in the lobby). when the movie started, everyone was laughing and into it immediately. there was laughter from just about everyone as soon as the title appeared on the screen. :) and, of course, when samuel l. jackson said his famous line, everybody woooed and cheered like mad. ahhhhh, so fun! there were cheers and yells for sam the first time he appears on screen, as well as at the end of the movie. and many times in between. i love it!

i won't spoil anything for those of you who are going to see it, but i will say that they don't mess around with plot or character developement too much, which was good. they were all on that plane pretty quickly. there were some really great ways that people got killed by the snakes, especially involving being in the bathroom. some of the snakes themselves were pretty cool, especially the great big huge gigantic one. oh, and guess who played the co-pilot?

champ kind! everybody laughed as soon as they saw him, too, so that's cool.

my review: i'll give it an 8 out of 10, factoring in the hype and the fun. it's definitely better quality than one of those sci-fi channel movies (like mansquito or whatever), AND it's got freaking samuel l. jackson. some of the stuff was actually pretty icky (like how people got all bloated and oozing venom from the snake bites and stuff like that). if you want to see this film, you should definitely see it in the theater because it will be a bitchin' time. i think this is the first cult film of all time that became a cult film before it was even released, so it really had that vibe about it. when we walked out of the theater, they must've been preparing for the real opening day (today), because there were snakes hanging all over the place. :)

so, go see this movie while the momentum for it is high. do as i say, and you live. :)

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as of right now, it's got a 72% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes! that i did not expect.

good ssssssssam jackson interview.

snakes on a cake!

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