Thursday, August 17, 2006

"she looks like a fat minnie mouse." (ouch!!)

design*sponge. it's a good design blog, but actually the most recent post is about what a crime it was to send alison home last night on "project runway." i couldn't agree more!!! i mean, this outfit wasn't her best work, but she has a good track record. plus, VINCENT IS TOTALLY INSANE, HIS CLOTHES SUCK, AND HE JUST NEEDS TO GO! and may i say that jeffrey was totally robbed. his dress was AWESOME. he has every right to be pissed. i mean, just look at this dress. he made it out of NEWSPAPER, and it kicks @$$.

it was so much better than michael's boring piece of poo. :/

i am going to decorate every room in the house just like this. (actually we DO have a white owl lamp that we bought at goodwill, so we are not that far off)

artist trading cards.

indiana jones vs. brian jones.

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