Wednesday, August 30, 2006

greetings from day 3 in the new house.

i took the day off from work today so i can make this place look like someone actually lives here, and find things we need (like pots and pans and junk.) i was up until 1 am this morning putting curtains up, finding the 2 guitars, 2 ukes, and accordian proper homes, getting the pictures out and about so i am motivated to hang them...etc. i'm enjoying my morning coffee right now, waiting for 10 am so i can get my dylan tickets. *le sigh*

i am also slightly bummed out that we won't have cable until tuesday...the raconteurs are playing all over the VMAs tomorrow or whenever it is. i assume i guess i can watch it online, but still. i am missing all kinds of good tv lately.

so, here are some links from other people's blogs. i can't seem to find anything good on my own this morning. :/

that murray wilson...oh boy. (via boing boing)

awesome beck interview. (via pop candy) i love beck. he is one of the few musicians out there that really tries to be creative and innovative with his music. he truly sees music as art. and in beck's case, it really is art.

at around 1:38 into this interview, paula abdul can no longer keep it together. i love it. (via a socialite's life)

POST TICKET-PURCHASE UPDATE: well, i'm not as close to the stage as i'd like to be (and usually am). i got row 1 in section 106. basically, if i am not at least 20 feet from bob dylan, i'm disappointed with my seats. i guess you could call me a "bob snob." oh well, maybe i can get better seats when the next presale goes down. but these seats are pretty sweet. and hey. at least they're on the floor.

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flatlander said...

I heard Beck's new song "Nausea" on the radio the other day. He's still got it!