Thursday, August 31, 2006

be back soon!

upon my return from the far-reaches of upstate new york, i will share the details of the bob show and of kickin' around woodstock. hopefully the weather isn't too's not supposed to rain tomorrow night, which is good. but saturday could be a little soggy. but that's okay, because i'd much rather walk around woodstock in the rain than stand in a ballpark with thousands of other people for 6 hours in the rain. it looks like it will be a bit chilly as well...i wonder where i packed my sweaters?!?!?

anyway, i'm hoping that bob does some "modern times" stuff soon, but he hasn't played any of the tunes live all week, so maybe he's waiting for the fall tour to whip those out. and by the way, i cannot say ENOUGH about "modern times." man oh MAN, it's wonderful. the only indication as to what decade it was recorded is the alicia keys reference. otherwise, it sounds like something from my 91-year-old grandma's turntable. which suits me just fine. my first favorite song is "spirit on the water." and this song is good too, with a nice video. i desperately have to hook up the record player soon so i can see what it sounds like on vinyl. i am such a geek.

anyway, see ya in a coupla days.

(photo via big happy funhouse)

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