Saturday, September 02, 2006

by the time we got to woodstock

normally i would be snuggled up on the couch watching a movie right about now. but, this is day 7 without cable for me, and i already made a necklace with my woodstock beads, did a load of laundry, talked to my mom and kenny on the phone, and now i'm posting stuff. maybe i should give up tv forever...? oh, who am i kidding. we all KNOW that as soon as the cable's hooked up on tuesday i will not leave the house for days, except maybe to go to work. ANYWAY...

last night's bob show was awesome. we were right down front, it didn't rain, the temperature was cool, and the band sounded great. bob did "visions of johanna" and "i'll be your baby tonight" right in a row, and i was the happiest girl in the whole world.

i talked to a lot of people at the show...mostly this guy who plays blues harp in a touring band...he brought his 16-year old son to the show, his first. (i got this kid's life story, about how he "borrowed" some car owned by these "people" he was "housesitting" for, and when he brought the car back they called the cops and he got arrested. so he's on probation. plus he's in rehab. dang!) the dad, mike, told me that bob seems to play "visions of johanna" at a lot of the shows he sees, for some reason. i took that as a good sign, and sure enough bob freakin' played it. mike tapped me on the shoulder and said, "see?!! i told ya!!"

i also chatted with a nice couple about levon helm and woodstock and the whole area up there; how pennsylvania is really beautiful, but nothing can hold a candle to upstate new york. it's just so...GREAT up there. *sigh* we also talked to a guy that has been to a whole bunch of shows on this tour, and he took a LOT of great pictures. i took some crappy camera-phone pictures, but those aren't even worth showing anyone.

last night we stayed at a super 8 motel, and it was the stankiest and skankiest place i've stayed in for a loooooong time. but we didn't actually want to spend a crapload of money, either, sooo...i shouldn't complain.

it was slightly drizzling all day, but we had a lovely time in woodstock. we started off with a nice brunch at oriole 9, and then hit up candlestock, the golden notebook, the thrift stores, etc. then we said hello to big pink and headed on down the road. a very pleasant 2 days that were desperately needed. :)

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