Saturday, September 02, 2006

i see my light come shining/from the west unto the east.

who designed this highway, the artist formerly known as prince?!?

this ginormous candle has been burning in candlestock every day it's been open since 1969.

here's chris, hanging out.

here we are in front of the building where bob dylan once lived (59 tinker st. now it's a photography studio, but once upon a time it was the tinker street cafe, which was really great. before that it was the cafe expresso, and bob knew the owners and they let him crash on the top floor. he wrote "to ramona" in the cafe, in a table in the corner, as the legend goes. they had the handwritten lyrics hanging on the wall, so i guess it must be true because bob obviously gave it to them. i have pictures somewhere of those lyrics on the wall, and me sitting at the alleged "to ramona" table, and shots of the bulding from every angle...) bob also supposedly wrote "mr. tambourine man" while living here, so woodstock definitely had a nice effect on him.

woo, big pink! this is not the first time i've seen it, but it was just as great the 2nd time around. chris also grabbed a big piece of slate from the road, so we have big pink slate in our yard now.

the obligatory album shot.

there's me!

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