Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what i'm thankful for.

i'm thankful for chris, who totally rocks and makes me laugh and is still the cutest thing ever to me. he's very good to me and somehow remains pretty mellow throughout all of my moods and freak-outs.

i'm thankful for gertie, my sweet little pussycat. she's lovey-dovey and pretty and healthy and loves to play and sleeps with me every night.

i'm thankful for my awesome family. i'm thankful that my parents totally accepted me through all of my crazy teenage phases (mohawk phase, depressed and reading bleak german philosophy phase, wearing skirts that were no bigger than a headband phase, going out and getting drunk practically every night phase, etc). i'm thankful that my 2 sisters had three amazing kids each (ages range from 3 to 17), and that they think i'm cool and fun and they fight over who gets to sit next to me at dinner. :) i'm thankful that my mom is taking me, my 2 sisters, and my 17-year old niece to nyc next week for a day of traditional holiday hoopla (radio city show, seeing the tree, shopping, etc). we women don't get together like that often enough, so it will be pretty cool. i'm also thankful for my gramma, who is still kickin' at 91 and is just such a sweet, amazing person. i spent a LOT of time with her when i was growing up, and i get my love of yard sales and flea markets from her. i am also thankful that chris has an amazing family as well, and that i have somehow fooled his parents into thinking i am a nice, respectable girl who is worthy of their eldest son. :)

i'm thankful for my awesome friends. you know who you are! i'm glad i've reached the point that i've filtered out all the crappy people in my life and am left with nothing but sweet, kind, intelligent, hilarious, and extraordinary people.

i'm thankful for our awesome new house. it's shaping up to be quite the swanky retro pad. wheeee!

i'm thankful for my new job, because i'm really happy and not stressed out (yet) and i really, really like all the people i'm working with now (because i've known them for almost 3 years since they were literally in the next room). i am *not* so thankful that i am no longer working side-by-side with kenny anymore. it's weird only seeing him here and there throughout the day. i feel so out of touch with him! :( it kinda sucks.

and finally, i'm thankful for good coffee, bob dylan, jack white, turner classic movies, good books, funky hair dye, comfy sweaters, really worn-in jeans, singing along to super-cheesy songs at the top of my lungs...and about a bazillion other things. i am a very lucky girl.

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