Wednesday, November 01, 2006

nope, i'm not dead.

just a bizzy bee. i started a new job in the marketing department here at work, and i didn't have a computer until the end of yesterday. i've also been a bit busy after-hours...going out to eat, reading a new book i just got, etc. this job is already infinitely cooler than the other one i had here (sorry, kenny!), and it's going to be challenging and fun. so, yay me, i guess. :)

halloween totally passed me by this year. we didn't get any trick-or-treaters at the new house, but that's a good thing because we didn't buy any candy. that saved us from the effort of keeping the lights off and pretending like there was nobody home. i didn't even watch any horror movies last night! *gasp* however, as i was reading last night, chris was watching this crazy movie called "andre the butcher" starring ron jeremy (as a crazy cannibal guy that made milkshakes out of body parts, and picked off his own rotting flesh and ate it. and it wasn't even that gross, just stupid. it wasn't a porno, either, but it was just as bad, quality-wise. it involved a lot of slutty cheerleaders and a few escaped convicts, that's all i know.)

ok, regular crazy linkage and whatnot coming soon, i promise! i'm going to just sort of ease into the blogging until i get comfy here. i have to look like a dilligent worker for now. HA!

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